Posted: 20.02.2024 11:05:00

People in the countryside deserve the best

The Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies (Belkoopsoyuz) remains the largest trade operator in the country, yet its work can hardly be called satisfactory in recent years. Topical issues were brought to the level of the Head of State more than once, and the Belarusian leader repeatedly gave this structure a new chance and support. The recent general meeting of the Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies with the participation of Aleksandr Lukashenko has become a tough conversation.


The President takes a principled stand — people working on the land should not be in need of anything. Such a giant as Belkoopsoyuz has a special role in this respect, the Head of State stressed, “The work of Belkoopsoyuz is not only about economic indicators. This is a political issue. Today, every third resident of the country is covered by your services. They are mostly rural residents. And it is for a reason that I reiterate — if we lose the village, we will lose the country. Our people, whom we provide service in the countryside, deserve the best. In the wake of the current Year of Quality, we simply do not have the moral right to do anything carelessly or let things slide. It is necessary to set concrete goals and achieve them.”
The President clearly outlined a number of problems specific to consumer co-operation, and instructed the Government, personally the Prime Minister, and the State Control Committee to take special control over the implementation of all decisions taken following the meeting.
First. Trade: the state will lend a shoulder, yet people in charge must come up with initiatives, too.
Second. Catering: it is necessary to develop our own brands.
Third. Procurement activity: the growth rate is nothing short of ‘turtle-like’, it is crucial to accelerate.
Fourth. Co-operative industry: the more domestically produced goods are available on the market, the better.
Fifth. Fur farming industry: high added value products must be produced.


Aleksandr Lukashenko considered it necessary to state his opinion on the specifics of the current moment at the recent event, “You see what is going on around us. Yet, you do not know the full picture. I will give you some general information without going into details. We will provide more information on all these issues soon. Everyone in the West today, with our self-exiled opposition in the vanguard, wants Russia’s defeat in the war with Ukraine.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko quoted from the talks between Belarusian fugitives and some individuals in the West, “Poland has the right to claim the western lands of Belarus. And in case of Russia’s defeat, Belarus will expand its territory at the expense of Russia’s western lands.”
“In other words, they mean that some territories of Smolensk, Bryansk, maybe Pskov Regions will be added to our land while we must cede western Belarus up to Minsk (as you know, there used to be a border) to Poland. This is how the new ‘democratic government holds negotiations’ in the West. Which of you can agree with this? Maybe somebody could, but I will never agree, under no circumstances. We will fight for our lands till the last breath. Moreover, we do not cause problems for anyone. We do not claim Wilno, or Białystok Region, or Russian or Ukrainian lands. We have enough land that we got over the course of history. These are our Belarusian lands,” the President emphasised.
Aleksandr Lukashenko also announced another fact related to the situation in the Ukrainian direction. 
“It was reported to me this morning that several saboteurs were detained on the Ukrainian border today [February 16th, 2024]. Some Ukrainian citizens crawled through the swamps to our border using drones, and brought explosives to commit sabotage operations, primarily on the territory of Russia and Belarus. A counter-terrorism operation has just ended, and you have not even noticed it. And this is good because it should not be your concern. You need to work calmly, do your job. All the saboteurs were detained. There were Belarusians among them, too. Similar facts take place nearly two or three times a week,” the President noted.
The Head of State underlined that complacency cannot be allowed in such an environment, 
“It is very important for us — for me as President and for the government — to have the support of our people and to stay united. We are decisionmakers. Everything depends on us. If we are united as a monolith, the people will be united as a monolith, too. After all, the overwhelming majority of Belarusians have realised what could have happened and what must not be allowed to happen. Therefore, I keep telling the authorities not to lower their guard so as not to lose the country. If anyone thinks that we will be better off separated and scattered as parts of other countries, they are mistaken. If it had been so good in the 1920–1930-ies [when some regions of Belarus were part of Poland], we would not have fought for our independence. Therefore, let’s do everything to ensure peace on this land.”
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