Politico: anti-Russian sanctions failed to change the course of the conflict in Ukraine’s favour

... of them came into force – Russia for the first time in ... to buy and export to Russia through various intermediaries,” the article ...

Politico , Russia , West , Europe , sanctions , Ukraine

Russian FM: NATO undermines security in Europe

... to achieve military superiority over Russia, and such actions undermine regional ...

russia , NATO , poland

Lukashenko approved amendments to agreement with Russia on enforcing alimony court orders

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, signed Decree No. 385, by which he approved – as a basis for negotiations – the draft protocol on amending the Belarusian-Russian agreement on the procedure for mutual execution of court decisions in cases of alimony collection dated March 3rd, 2015 – as reported by the Belarusian leader’s press service This international document envisages the possibility of sending enforcement documents by collectors and enforcement authorities to the authorised ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Russia , decree , alimony orders

Putin convinced Russian genome keeps ‘good information’

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the Russian genotype has ‘good information’, since much has been mixed within it, TASS reports photo: Speaking at a meeting with participants of the 3 rd Congress of Young Scientists, Vladimir Putin focused on the distinctive features of the Russian genome. “It seems to me that the reference indicators [of the country's genome] are generally clear," he said as he talked with Alina Demkina, a researcher at the Biotechnological ...

russia , Putin , science , genome

Russia declared indisputable evidence of toxic chemicals transfer from US to Kiev

Russia has indisputable evidence that the ... associates are striving to oust Russia from the OPCW Executive Council ...

Russia , US , OPCW , Ukraine

Belarus’ PM: external attempts to disorganise Union State construction obviously failed

... have failed, while Belarus and Russia have joined forces to confidently ... have many others. Belarus and Russia have united forces, and they ... states. The macroeconomic indicators of Russia and Belarus confirm that the ...

Belarus , russia , Union State , golovchenko

US expressed interest in discussing nuclear issues with Russia

The US administration is interested in discussing issues related to the nuclear sphere with the Russian Federation, and proceeds from the fact that Moscow is aware of Washington's position – as stated by the Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Bonnie Jenkins, TASS reports Photo: Ms. Jenkins commented on the statement by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov that the dialogue on strategic stability between Moscow and Washington is ...

russia , usa

Media: US threatens Turkish business due to its relations with Russia

... of their trade ties with Russia, TASS reports Photo: www.pixabay ... to discuss restrictive measures against Russia.

US , Turkiye , Russia

MP: Belarus-Russia trade turnover reached $35.5bn in nine months of 2023

... trade turnover between Belarus and Russia amounted to $35.5bn, which ... , including at the expense of Russia’s credit funds. These enterprises ... both in Belarus and in Russia. The heads of our states ... of Regions of Belarus and Russia makes a worthy contribution to ...

russia , Belarus , trade turnover

Nebenzia: Syria on verge of being drawn into Middle East conflict

... East conflict – as stated by Russia’s Permanent Representative to the ... convinced. He also noted that Russia supports the resumption of the ...

Nebenzia , Syria , Russia , UN , Palestine , Israel

Peskov said NATO was established to contain Russia

... Peskov noted that NATO considers Russia an adversary. According to him ... abandoned its plans to contain Russia and, in fact, to use ... lamb in the fight against Russia,” said Dmitry Peskov. He also ...

Russia , NATO , Kremlin , Peskov

Russian Defence Ministry: US military-biological activity gaining momentum

... the Deputy Defence Minister of Russia, Aleksandr Fomin, TASS reports Photo ... region and provoke an arms race’. “These countries are expanding the ...

usa , russia , NATO , threat

Expert: Kiev’s war crimes are enough for several ‘Nuremberg trials’

... noted, despite Kiev’s actions, Russia should continue to achieve its ... ‘Nuremberg trials’. I believe that Russia’s task is to continue ... expert, they want to provoke Russia into opposite actions. “That is ... force actions and so on. Russia shouldn’t give in to ...

Ukraine , Russia

Russian President’s Aide: we see how valuable our allied relations with Belarus are

... Aide to the President of Russia, Yuri Ushakov, at the Primakov ... the Union of Belarus and Russia in April 1997. According to ... of relations between Belarus and Russia at the present stage, “In ...

ushakov , Union State , russia , belarus , putin , Lukashenko

Czech Republic announced EU preparation for high-intensity conflict

Russia is the main threat to ... Republic, but also NATO perceive Russia as the number one threat ...

eu , russia , Czech Republic

American expert said US hegemony in the world is over

... large states in the world: Russia, China, India, and they have ...

usa , russia , india , china

Opinion: Russia and Belarus, rather than Western countries, will restore Ukraine

... our East Slavic space, so Russia and Belarus, who are interested ... a blow to Belarus and Russia. “This region will eventually have ... is not in their interests. Russia and Belarus will provide all ... make friends with closest neighbours. “Russia has long tried to stop ...

Belyaev , Ukraine , Russia , Belarus , West

Charles de Gaulle's grandson plans to get Russian citizenship

... Russian citizenship.” According to him, Russia offers great opportunities. "I ...

russia , citizenship

Krutoi: $116bn of foreign investment injected in Belarus’ economy in a decade

... by Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoi at the opening ... participants in the capital of Russia, Dmitry Krutoi drew attention to ... ) and a passenger car plant, Russia is seen as a priority ...

Krutoi , Belarus , Belarusian Investment Forum , Russia , economy

Slovakia did not support EU sanctions on Russian fuel for nuclear power plants

... package of EU sanctions against Russia, TASS reports PHOTO: www.PIXABAY ...

slovakia , russia , sanctions

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