St. Petersburg Governor thanked Lukashenko for preserving common historical memory

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, thanked President Aleksandr Lukashenko for the work being done in Belarus to preserve and defend the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War, BelTA reports Photo: The Russian Governor mentioned that, on June 22 nd , the two states celebrated a mournful date: the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. "I would like to say words of great gratitude to you on behalf of the residents of our city and all Russians for the ...

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Lukashenko: Belarus, Russia will reach necessary level of co-operation in near future

... and 2023, Belarus and Russia will reach the level of co-operation ... meetings with the President of Russia, we always talk a lot ...

lukashenko , russia

800+ Ukrainian soldiers surrendered near Lugansk

... People's Republic Photo by Russia’s Defence Ministry / www.tass ...

russia , Ukraine

Belarus, Russia are example of new world order creation, Belgian expert asserts

... . As a result, Belarus and Russia are becoming an example of ... TV channel, the expert noted, “Russia and Belarus are an example ... the West against the East. Russia and Belarus have now taken ... the structure of their economies. Russia is much stronger militarily than ... the latter already see this. Russia is fighting against NATO.” Mr ... North Atlantic Alliance is provoking Russia to certain responses by supplying ... no doubt who will win. Russia and its closest ally Belarus ...

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Kuleba: Ukraine may discuss pre-February 24th borders with Russia

... ’ borders could be discussed with Russia in his talk with La ... Ukrainian terms of negotiations with Russia, but each point could be ... the presidents of Ukraine and Russia. When asked whether the offer ... stabilise the front in Donbass’. “Russia is stronger," he stated.

russia , ukraine , kuleba

Peskov: Russia is determined in situation with Kaliningrad’s transport blockade

... ’s blockade created by Lithuania, Russia is determined, but it is ... secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, TASS reports Photo ... , there is no need to rush with retaliatory measures, but Moscow ... as well. Earlier, Lithuania notified Russia’s Kaliningrad Region on termination ...

peskov , russia , lithuania , kaliningrad

Defence ministers of Belarus and Russia discussed preparation for Union Shield 2023

... Viktor Khrenin, has met with Russia’s Defence Minister, Army General ...

belarus , russia , defence ministry

Nebenzia: Russia guarantees safe exports of Ukrainian grain

Russia has guaranteed safe passage for ... .ru According to the diplomat, Russia's guarantees on the issue ... commented. "The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said we would ...

russia , ukraine , grain

Ukraine declares ineffectiveness of West’s anti-Russian sanctions

... .com According to Mr. Kachka, Russia's resistance to sanctions is ... of energy resources. “It seems Russia is more resistant to sanctions ... materials ensures the stability of Russia's public finances," he ... Western countries tighten sanctions against Russia and ‘get rid’ of not ...

ukraine , russia , sanctions

Lukashenko is on a visit to Russia, substantial talks with Putin planned

... , is on a visit to Russia – as reported by the Pul ... diplomatic relations between Belarus and Russia.

Lukashenko , putin , belarus , russia

US says Ukraine monthly spends $5-6bn on armed conflict

USAID Head Samantha Power said Kiev spends about $5-6bn a month during the ongoing armed conflict – as reported by the World Bank Photo: Such ‘staggering’ figures, as she noted, were made public during a conversation with the World Bank’s Head. Meanwhile, in late May 2022, Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said two-thirds of the country's budget depend on international support, while the Ukrainian budget monthly deficit was estimated at $5bn. In early May, Volodymyr ...

Ukraine , russia , military operation

Germany secretly contacts Russia on Ukrainian issue, media reports

... Ukraine – as stated by Peter Rough, a senior fellow at Hudson ... ‘secret negotiations’ between Germany and Russia speak of the change in ... rumours of secret negotiations with Russia suggest Germany would prefer to ... disappoint Ukraine than humiliate Russia – whatever that may mean,” he ... said. Mr. Rough shared his opinion that German ...

russia , ukraine , germany

Putin: Sarmat will enter combat duty by end of 2022

Russia’s first Sarmat intercontinental ballistic ...

putin , russia , sarmat

Mishustin: Russia appreciates allied relations with Belarus

... the governments of Belarus and Russia work in this direction steadily ... is to cut Belarus and Russia off from the international financial ... Prime Minister emphasised that Belarus-Russia trade and economic co-operation ... of Regions of Belarus and Russia with the presidents’ participation will ...

Mishustin , russia , Belarus

Lavrov: Stinger and Javelin supplied by the West to Ukraine already sold on black market

The Stinger and Javelin missile systems, that the Kiev regime has received from the collective West, are already being sold on the black market – as stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Lavrov also expressed hope that the Western military are aware of the risks related to supplies of heavy weapons to Ukraine. “I really hope that – apart from politicians who irresponsibly demand to supply Ukraine with everything it wants – there are ...

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Meta ban in Russia recognised lawful

The Moscow City Court declared the ban of Meta for its extremist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation lawful, TASS reports Photo: As noted by the judge, the decision of the court of first instance was recognised as lawful and justified. Accordingly, the complaint of Meta representatives has not been satisfied. The court's decision has entered into legal force. Meta Corporation is recognised as an extremist organisation in Russia.

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Russia delivered ultimatum to Lithuania

Russia obliges the Lithuanian authorities to ... the territory of Lithuania to Russia’s Kaliningrad Region. If the ... to the Foreign Ministry of Russia, a strong protest has been ... in the near future, then Russia reserves the right to take ...

russia , lithuania

Putin: Russia is not threatening anyone with nuclear weapons

Russia is not threatening anyone with ... Putin noted that statements about Russia’s alleged threats regarding the ... our words and say: ‘Look, Russia is threatening [us]’. We are ...

russia , Putin

Russian State Duma may recognise withdrawal of several countries from USSR illegal

Russia may withdraw the recognition of ... countries. As Mr. Fedorov clarified, Russia will not reconsider the recognition ...

russia , ussr , lithuania , latvia , ukraine , estonia

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey created emergency communication channel for grain exports

... reference to the Turkish media, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey have formed ...

russia , ukraine , turkey , grain

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