Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia completed joint tactical flight exercises

... Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia have been complete – as reported ...

Belarus , Russia , Union State , exercises

Lavrov: all wish the end of Ukrainian conflict, but the time factor is not the key

... talk with RIA Novosti and Rossiya 24 TV channel Photo: www ... . Meanwhile, Mr. Lavrov stressed that Russia does not refuse to hold ...

lavrov , russia , Ukraine

Sykes supported IOC in its quest to return Russians and Belarusians to international competitions

... desire to return athletes from Russia and Belarus to international competitions ...

IOC , sports , US , Russia , Belarus , Sykes

Vucic said Serbia won’t send weapons to Ukraine

... do not sell weapons to Russia or Ukraine, but we will ... the issue of sanctions against Russia. Aleksandar Vucic has repeatedly noted ...

Serbia , West , Russia , sanctions , Ukraine

Russia at UN warned about risks of armed clash of nuclear powers

... civilians in Donbass, increases the risk of a clash of nuclear ...

Russia , UN

Opinion: thanks to the President, Belarusians understood the power of integration processes

... liberal forces there were in Russia who tried to distort the ... idea was picked up by Russia, when in fact the Russian ...

Avdonin , Belarus , Russia , Union State , integration

Golovchenko: co-operation between Belarus and Nizhny Novgorod Region has all conditions for further development

This was stated by Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko during his meeting with the Nizhny Novgorod Region Governor Gleb Nikitin The Belarusian Head of Government stressed that the parties have no issues that are problematic or controversial and need to be resolved. “This, indeed, characterises the degree of involvement of business, enterprises, and the governments of Belarus and the Nizhny Novgorod Region in solving those tasks that are planned to be settled within the framework of the documents that ...

Golovchenko , Russia , co-operation

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

... readiness for a clash with Russia are not just a threat ... for a direct confrontation with Russia. The military leader said that ... a potential direct confrontation with Russia, especially when it believes that ...

China , Russia , Ukraine , NATO

Media: Russia transports record volumes of oil by sea

After the introduction of Western sanctions against the Russian Federation, the latter began to transport large volumes of its flagship Urals brand oil by sea, reports PHOTO: w WW.PIXABAY.COM According to Bloomberg, a record of 14m barrels is likely to be set in January. Based on tanker tracking data, a total of 19m barrels of crude oil are likely to be transported by sea this month and in 2022. Due to restrictions on Russian oil imports, as well as on the price of its purchase in the EU ...

russia , oil

In 2022, Bellesbumprom enterprises increased exports to Russia by 1.5 times

... enterprises increased their exports to Russia 1.5 times last year ... ’s press secretary Svetlana Shiyan, Russia is one of the key ...

Belarus , Russia , Bellesbumprom , exports

Precedent rule

... Olympic Games cannot transpire without Russia’s participation.” Here is the ... in an official invitation to Russia and Belarus to take part ...

IOC , Belarus , Russia , Asian games

North Korea warns US over spreading rumours about its arms sales to Russia

... about the arms trade between Russia and North Korea, it would ... by the US actions harming Russia’s security interests as well ...

DPRK , US , Russia , weapons , Ukraine

Opinion: Germany suffers from anti-Russian sanctions, but is not ready to lift them yet

... calls to lift sanctions against Russia in Germany are regarded as ...

Germany , Russia , sanctions

Defence Ministry: units of 11th Mechanised Brigade continue to be put on alert

... troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia, the material support units of ...

Belarus , Russia , Defence Ministry , military

Opinion: new development centres being formed in the world, and Belarus already part of them

... and strengthen its alliance with Russia, which remains the most important ... one for the republic, “Russia is one of the largest ...

belarus , russia , india , china , co-operation

Hungary to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power

Hungary intends to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power organisations and enterprises – as stated by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, TASS reports Photo: Commenting on the preparation by the European Commission of the next package of anti-Russian sanctions, Viktor Orban noted, “Plans for new sanctions are being developed in Brussels, with nuclear energy being on the agenda.” Orban also stressed that he ‘expects a big fight on this issue, but the Hungarian ...

Russia , Hungary , EU , sanctions , veto , Orban

Media: US demands Turkiye to stop allowing flights from Russia

... that Turkish individuals are at risk of jail time, fines, loss ... planes flying to and from Russia and Belarus in violation of ... a long-term isolation of Russia, or whether the Russian Federation ...

russia , turkiye , usa , aviation , aircraft

Flight tactical exercises of armies of Belarus and Russia entered active phase

... aviation units of Belarus and Russia. A wide range of tasks ...

Belarus , Russia , army , exercises

Russia, Belarus invited to participate in Asian Games

... of Asia invited Belarus and Russia to take part in the ...

Sports , Asia , Belarus , Russia

Parkhomchik: we’re not limited solely to Russian market

Exports of Belarusian goods to the Russian Federation increased 1.4 times, but this does not mean that our country is abandoning other markets – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy PM Piotr Parkhomchik during his talk with ONT TV channel Piotr Parkhomchik reminded that some foreign companies left the Russian market. “Opportunities have opened up for Belarusian industrial enterprises, and we were able to quickly reorient ourselves to the Russian market. The Russian market was ready to consume everything ...

Belarus , Russia , exports

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