Russian FM representative: most countries share our rejection of neo-Nazism

During the History for Future: Russia and Belarus forum held in Minsk last week, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the recent scandal with an SS man in Canadian Parliament “We believe that it is never too late to repent for friendship with Nazi collaborators, xenophobes and extremists. It is only necessary to do this sincerely, even if 40 or 70 years have passed. It is questionable, whether we have any illusions about possible words of ...

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Guest from Warsaw: Polish authorities’ attempts to rewrite history should never yield result

Yaroslaw Augustina, from the Polish Society of WWII Veterans, has come to Belarus from Warsaw to attend an event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Lenino The man follows Poland's attempts to forget military history with pain in his heart. “I feel very bad about it. It is impossible to divide the blood that was shed for a common victory in the east and in the west. From here, from Belarus, soldiers went to liberate Poland. The fraternity with Belarusians, Russians and Poles began ...

lenino , historical memory , poland

Mezentsev: Belarus-Russia shared past makes us stronger

The shared past of Belarus and Russia makes us stronger and convinces us that we have been walking together step by step for centuries, State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev told reporters before the start of the international forum – History for the Future: Russia and Belarus – underlining that this event will be a meaningful contribution to the enormous work carried out by the Russian and Belarusian sides to form a common view of our shared past “Of particular importance are the ...

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Historian explained how Poles treated Western Belarus residents

The Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dean of the History Department at the Belarusian State University, Professor Aleksandr Kokhanovsky, explained what the recently celebrated National Unity Day is historically based on “National Unity Day is a quite young holiday for Belarus, but it has already become a landmark date for a significant part of society,” Mr. Kokhanovsky said. “When the world's political forces are trying to divide us, we need a unifying force, and this holiday is among its ...

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NOC President Viktor Lukashenko: it is necessary to honour memory of those killed so that the tragedy does not happen again

On June 22 nd , National Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of Belarusian People, the President of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee, Viktor Lukashenko, and the NOC staff paid tribute and laid flowers at the Masyukovshchina memorial complex “Today is one of the most mournful and tragic days in the history of Belarus. More than 80 years ago, our soldiers, officers and civilians managed to withstand and survive in those conditions when the enemies tried to ...

historical memory , June 22nd , memory , noc

Opinion: it’s Belarus’ sacred duty to cherish the memory of Great Patriotic War victims

... , noted the importance of preserving historical memory in the name of a ...

Eismont , Great Patriotic War , victory , historical memory

Sergeyenko: recommendations on unified state policy in the field of historical memory needed

... State on the preservation of historical memory which he voiced in his ... President called the preservation of historical memory one of the conditions of ... instruction [on the preservation of historical memory] has been formulated for us ... policy in the field of historical memory and the organisation of work ... , 2022 – which was Year of Historical Memory. It includes humanities scientists, public ...

sergeyenko , historical memory

Syrian Ambassador: world must unite in the face of fascism so that the tragedy of Khatyn never happen again

Representatives of the diplomatic corps have taken part in today’s commemorative events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the tragedy in Khatyn The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Syria to Belarus, Mohammad al-Umrani, called the events in Khatyn a terrible tragedy. “We hope tragedies of the kind will never happen again. However, eighty years after the tragedy, we see that history is cyclical. Unfortunately, fascism is showing up again somewhere. We believe the world must unite ...

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Kochanova: Belarusian statehood approached moment of truth

... times when the Year of Historical Memory passed the baton to the ... held during the Year of Historical Memory. She expressed confidence that two ... lesson on Knowledge Day entitled Historical Memory is Road to the Future ...

kochanova , historical memory

Opinion: Belarusians remember lessons of the past and learn from their ancestors’ experience

... a split of society. Actually, historical memory creates an ideological basis for ...

historical memory , ideology , opinion , Danilovich

Moscow’s delegation of Historical Memory Preservation Foundation visited Belarus

Representatives of the Foundation of Historical Memory Preservation and Support of Patriotic ...

historical memory , Mogilev

Sergeyenko: Belarus is forming a generation of people who appreciate and understand their history

The Republican Council for Historical Policy has met today at the National Academy of Sciences – led by the Head of the Belarus’ President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko Speaking of the issues under consideration, Mr. Sergeyenko commented, “These include the issues of school historical education. Probably, one of the main tasks is that the teaching of history should have two functions: educational and disciplinary. By studying certain stages of our past, getting acquainted and delving deeply, ...

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On September 1st, the President will hold a lesson for schoolchildren and students

The first lesson in Belarusian schools on the Day of Knowledge will be dedicated to a single topic. This day will become special for 10th-11th graders, students of vocational, secondary specialised and higher educational institutions, with President Aleksandr Lukashenko conducting a history lesson for them. Belarus’ Education Minister Andrei Ivanets noted at the Minsk pedagogical forum, “This year, September 1st will be a special day: the Head of State will hold a history lesson, that will be ...

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Kochanova: historical memory is our spiritual bond

No present and good future are possible without the memory of the past – as stated by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Natalya Kochanova, in her talk with the STV TV channel Ms. Kochanova noted that the events taken place not so many years ago are a memory for Belarus, and our citizens should pass it on from one generation to another. “This is the foundation for our country’s preservation. This is a spiritual bond that holds us together. We know what is ...

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Kochanova: system of consistent decisions needed to preserve historical truth

... parliamentary conference devoted to the historical memory photo: www.belta.by Ms ...

kochanova , historical memory

Sergeyenko: Western ideologists long crossed all possible boundaries

... ’s plenary session of the Historical Memory: Great Victory Won by Unity ...

sergeyenko , historical memory

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