Sergeyenko elected First Deputy Chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of Union State of Belarus and Russia

Igor Sergeyenko has been elected First Deputy ...

Parliamentary Assembly , sergeyenko

Sergeyenko: Belarus ready to develop balanced relations with partners across various regions

... of the National Assembly Igor Sergeyenko during his meeting with the ... civilians do not die,” Igor Sergeyenko said. The Speaker of the ... as soon as possible,” Igor Sergeyenko stressed.

Belarus , Palestine , Sergeyenko

Chairman of Belarus’ House of Representatives: we condemn fascism in all its manifestations by establishing new facts of genocide

... of the National Assembly, Igor Sergeyenko, made a statement “By establishing ... was happening in reality,” Mr. Sergeyenko said. According to the Chairman ...

genocide , historical memory , sergeyenko , Shved

Sergeyenko: Western intelligence agencies today view our people, especially youngsters, as recruiting material

... of the eighth convocation Igor Sergeyenko during a working meeting with ... of their loved ones,” Mr. Sergeyenko underlined. “Attempts to shake up ...

Sergeyenko , Belarusian People’s Congress

Sergeyenko: Belarus, China stand for co-operation of all countries in settling modern problems

... of the National Assembly Igor Sergeyenko during today’s meeting with ... Party During the talks, Igor Sergeyenko recalled that mutual support in ... Kong, Tibet and Taiwan,” Mr. Sergeyenko asserted. China, in turn, supports ...

Belarus , China , Sergeyenko , co-operation , partnership

Sergeyenko: it’s important now to maintain solidary style of parliamentarians’ interaction with all branches of power

... the House of Representatives Igor Sergeyenko at today’s meeting of ... in the authorities,” asserted Igor Sergeyenko. The Chairman of the House ...

Belarus , House of Representatives , Sergeyenko , deputies

Igor Sergeyenko elected Chairman of the House of Representatives of eighth convocation

Igor Sergeyenko has been elected Chairman of ... invalid ballots were registered Igor Sergeyenko was born in 1963 in ... 2006. In 1989-2010, Igor Sergeyenko worked in different positions at ... Activities. In 2014-2019, Igor Sergeyenko worked as KGB First Deputy ...

sergeyenko , house of representatives

Sergeyenko: Belarusian citizens support the course of the state and President

... the Belarus’ President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, after his today’s meeting ... for Strategic Studies (BISS) Igor Sergeyenko stressed that the Belarusian Institute ... prepared by the Institute.” Mr. Sergeyenko added that the study of ...

sergeyenko , President

Sergeyenko's report to Head of State focused on Single Voting Day, Belarusian People’s Congress and personnel issues

... the Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, has shed light on some ... , Aleksandr Lukashenko According to Mr. Sergeyenko, the election campaign and preparations ... of Single Voting Day.” Mr. Sergeyenko also presented the proposals to ... agenda and other events,” Mr. Sergeyenko said, adding that Aleksandr Lukashenko ... upon the personnel issue, Mr. Sergeyenko stated that recruitment is one ...

Lukashenko , sergeyenko

Lukashenko discussed preparations for elections and personnel issues with Sergeyenko

... of Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, BelTA reports photo: www.president ...

Lukashenko , Sergeyenko , elections

Sergeyenko: Our Children is wonderful tradition that is gaining momentum every year

... of the President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, has taken part in the ... ideas, words, and creativity.” Mr. Sergeyenko emphasised that the boarding school ... after the festive performance, Mr. Sergeyenko noted that a wonderful tradition ... be ignored these days. Mr. Sergeyenko added that, over the years ... our higher education institutions,” Mr. Sergeyenko noted, adding that the staff ...

our children , sergeyenko , charity

Sergeyenko: to win war of meanings for us is to prevent new all-out war

... the Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, at the international scientific and ... the President Administration stressed. Mr. Sergeyenko recalled that about 200 Belarusian ... further then,” he said. Mr. Sergeyenko also voiced the well-known ... the Presidential Administration said. Mr. Sergeyenko urged everyone to remember and ...

sergeyenko , genocide , memory

Sergeyenko on Lukashenko's schedule for 2024: it will be very eventful

... of the President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, after his today’s meeting ... : Mr. Sergeyenko noted that the President's ... actively, including journalists," Mr. Sergeyenko summed up.

Lukashenko , sergeyenko

Sergeyenko’s report to the President tackled personnel policy, elections, Presidential schedule

... the Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko Photo: www. ... According to Igor Sergeyenko, during the meeting they discussed ... the Great Patriotic War, Igor Sergeyenko recalled that the country has ...


President Administration Head reported to Lukashenko

... of the President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, BelTA reports photo: www.president ... during his meeting with Mr. Sergeyenko. These included the planning of ...

Lukashenko , sergeyenko

Sergeyenko: open and systematic dialogue is important more than ever in situation of global instability

... of the President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, to the participants of the ... . It was noted by Mr. Sergeyenko in his address that the ...

sergeyenko , politics

True answers to questions of history

... Belarus,” the message reads. Igor Sergeyenko Belta During the discussion, it ... understanding of our history, Igor Sergeyenko emphasised, “One can single out ... answers, without political fraud.” Igor Sergeyenko emphasised that history has been ... development of Belarusian statehood,” Igor Sergeyenko explained. Second — the promotion ... support for historical policy Igor Sergeyenko emphasised the need to intensify ... public associations According to Igor Sergeyenko, the national public association Belarusian ...

Minsk , conference , history , Sergeyenko , State Policy in the Sphere of History

Sergeyenko: National Unity Day accumulating its own traditions while taking root in Belarusians’ minds

... of the President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, Director of the National Historical ... Administration. Opening the exposition, Mr. Sergeyenko noted that holding of exhibitions ... many Belarusians in general.” Mr. Sergeyenko added that, from 1921 to ... 9 th [Victory Day],” Mr. Sergeyenko stressed.

sergeyenko , national unity day , exhibition , President Administration

Sergeyenko: Belarusian people’s unity is its cementing force

... of Belarus’ President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, commented on the significance of ... the external political circuit,” Mr. Sergeyenko said. The Head of the ... of State.” According to Mr. Sergeyenko, the question of which day ... ’ dates in our calendar,” Mr. Sergeyenko stressed. To make the conversation ...

sergeyenko , national unity day

Sergeyenko: Kupala Night in Alexandria celebrates Belarusian-Russian friendship

... of Belarus’ President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, proposed an interesting alternative to ... it Alexandria Gaining Momentum,” Mr. Sergeyenko smiled. “I remember perfectly well ...

sergeyenko , kupala night , Alexandria gathers friends

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