Lukashenko on 2024 elections: it will be the largest campaign over recent years

The upcoming elections in 2024 should be held ... both voters and members of election commissions. “The need to change ... up. We must hold the elections in 2024 according to the ...

Lukashenko , Belarusian People’s Congress , elections

Date chosen for early presidential elections in Kazakhstan

Early elections of the President of Kazakhstan ... document to hold early presidential elections in Kazakhstan on November 20 ...

kazakhstan , elections

Sniper from Georgia discloses sabotage groups’ plans during protests in Belarus

... in protests after the Presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020 ... an eye on the Presidential elections in Belarus, he and other ...

protests , sniper , US , elections

‘This Constitution is in the people’s spirit’

The plebiscite took place, the Belarusian people made their choice. Changes and additions to the Constitution proposed by the Head of State were supported by 82.86 percent of citizens who came to the polling stations (according to preliminary data). On February 27th, after voting, Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke with journalists on topical issues that concern not only Belarusians but also the world community these days. Speaking about why the country needs an updated Constitution, the President said ...

Constitution , elections , norod , voting

Yermoshina comments on Belarusians’ readiness to vote for political parties

... former chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Lidia Yermoshina, shared her ...

yermoshina , elections , party

Referendum polling stations ready in Belarus

... of the Central Commission on Elections and Holding Republican Referenda, Igor ... back to the 2020 Presidential elections, 5,723 stations were organised ...

Referendum , elections

Federation Council reports on West’s attempts to change Russian government

... , attempts to interfere in the elections to the State Duma this ... , to influence the 2024 presidential elections. In addition, the report states ... to interfere in the election campaign. The Central Election Commission has recently ... stated that, during the last election process, 25 hacker attacks from ...

russia , elections

Belarus to observe presidential elections in Uzbekistan

... observation of the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan – as informed by ... mission will monitor the presidential election campaign in the Republic of ... National Assembly and the Central Election Commission of Belarus, as well ... Republic of Uzbekistan. The presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be held ... are taking part in the election campaign, including the current Head ...

uzbekistan , elections

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