CEC Chairman: decision on holding Presidential elections to be made by House of Representatives

... on the appointment of Presidential elections will be made by the ... the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Igor Karpenko, in ... , formed both houses of Parliament, elected delegates of the Belarusian People ... preparatory period of the Presidential election campaign,” the Chairman of the ... Central Election Commission said. “In short, ... Mr. Karpenko stressed that the election of the President will be ... with that decision – the Central Election Commission will approve a calendar ...

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Belarusian expert: Peter Pellegrini's victory in presidential elections means strengthening Slovak statehood

... Pellegrini, won the Slovak presidential elections. Earlier, he had already announced ... that if elected as head of state, he ... 's victory in the presidential elections in Slovakia is a strengthening ... there are practically no democratic elections in Europe, “We understand that ... there had been truly democratic elections in France, Germany, and Poland ...

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First day of voting in presidential election kicked off in Russia

The Russian presidential election will be held on March ... across Russia. The country's Election Commission said that the turnout ... in the presidential elections as a whole across the ...

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Single Voting Day: main results and trends

... 29th convocation have been elected. The Central Election Commission established the official ... district and 5,411 precinct election commissions. There were initially ... were refused registration by district election commissions, and eight people withdrew ... were accredited from the central election authorities of Azerbaijan, Armenia, ... OSCE observers to the parliamentary elections. Their presence would create ... legitimacy of the elections. The mission recognises the elections as transparent, legitimate ...

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The tradition of popular sovereignty

Participation in elections is a guarantee of both ...

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No radical scenario will work in Belarus

... observers and members of the election commission, received the ballots, ... would participate in the presidential elections as a candidate next ... be rocked until the presidential elections, and that the latter ... to go before the presidential elections, and a lot can ... we will approach the 2025 elections with.” The President added ... does not participate in the elections as a candidate — you ... the same manner until the elections — at this.” In his ... Single Voting Day and our elections. We will elect absolutely ...

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MP: Single Voting Day drew a line under Belarus’ political cycle

... 2017, when the county held elections to local councils of deputies ... and the MPs were later elected. In 2020, the life- ... defining presidential elections took place, and we then ... , our people were actually electing not deputies of all levels ... by the turnout at the elections and their results. People demonstrated ... country has changed after the elections, “Everything that we have ... MP – were delighted with the elections. With this in view, ... teach Europe how to hold elections. “In turn, we will ...

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Russia’s State Duma Chairman: Single Voting Day results proved Belarusians’ absolute support of Aleksandr Lukashenko

... on the victory in the elections held in the country, sb ... accordance with the updated Constitution, elections in Belarus were held on ... Russia. The results of the elections to the Parliament and local ... as observers at the recent elections in Belarus. In their statement ... Duma deputies noted that the elections had been held openly, competitively ...

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Russian FM: Moscow stands in solidarity with high assessment of observers to Belarus’ elections

... organisation of voting during the elections of deputies in Belarus, sb ... states have recognised that the elections in Belarus met national legislation ...

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Lebedev: Belarus' decision not to invite OSCE observers was logical and justified

... invite OSCE observers to the elections was logical and justified – as ... and reproaches for the ‘undemocratic’ elections while the latter were in ... of State declared that the elections in Belarus had allegedly been ... well-organised conduct of the elections.”

Lukashenko , Lebedev , elections , osce

EEC Board Chairman on Belarus’ elections: highly positive assessment

... who participated in monitoring the election campaign in Belarus, in particular ... the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan, Deputy Secretary ... went well and calmly on election day.”

Lukashenko , eec , elections

International observer: Belarus has serious competition in elections

... struggle for power in this election campaign. “There were at least ...

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CIS mission observer: Belarus is example for Russia in many ways

Nikolai Burlyaev, an international observer from the CIS observation mission, shared his impressions about Belarus’ Single Voting Day “I visited nine polling stations on February 25 th , and I saw the atmosphere of joy and celebration there. Children were dancing, and songs – pleasingly, right – were being sung. I talked to those who worked with documents, who handed ballots out to citizens, and also with ordinary people. Importantly, they demonstrated complete unanimity. Some figures in ...

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Lukashenko: current government supported by over 87% of Belarus’ population

... the observation mission monitoring the elections to the House of Representatives ... see the turnout [in the elections to the House of Representatives ... such a turnout during the elections of deputies to the councils ... perfectly well. So, in this election cycle we need to analyse ... will come to the Presidential elections in even greater numbers.” At ... had many innovations during the election campaign, “We introduced a Single ... Voting Day, electing the entire vertical of representative ...

Lukashenko , Lebedev , CIS , elections

Expert: voter turnout showed Belarus passed political maturity test

... voter turnout showed that the elections were held perfectly. “We have ... voting period shows that this election campaign does not differ in ...

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Lukashenko: Belarus must evolutionarily undergo generational change

... period, which began with the elections of deputies at all levels ... , “These elections passed in a surprisingly calm ... State informed his guest that elected deputies of all levels under ... Lukashenko, it will include all elected deputies of the House of ... the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan and SCO ... level of organisation of the elections, “Everything was calm, it all ...

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Russian President congratulated Aleksandr Lukashenko on successful holding of Single Voting Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko on the successful holding of the Single Voting Day and the confident victory of the Belarusian patriotic forces, the Kremlin press service reports The Russian President noted that the high voter turnout and the results of the people’s will clearly confirm broad support for the course pursued under Aleksandr Lukashenko’s leadership ‘for the harmonious socio-economic development of Belarus, ensuring ...

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Kochanova: voice of Belarus' parliamentarians should sound brighter in international arena

... , the task of the deputies elected by the people is to ...

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CEC updated preliminary data on turnout: it stood at 73.09%

The Central Election Commission of Belarus has updated ... capital. According to the preliminary election results, all 1,284 local ...

Belarus , CEC , elections

Expert explained what would have happened if Lukashenko hadn’t planned to take part in 2025 elections

... would participate in the Presidential elections as a candidate next year ...

Avdonin , expert , belarus , elections

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