Posted: 26.02.2024 15:17:00

Lebedev: Belarus' decision not to invite OSCE observers was logical and justified

Belarus' decision not to invite OSCE observers to the elections was logical and justified – as stated by Sergei Lebedev, the CIS Secretary General and Head of the CIS observation mission, after his today’s meeting with President Aleksandr Lukashenko


As noted by Mr. Lebedev, the West voiced its critical assessments and reproaches for the ‘undemocratic’ elections while the latter were in full swing. In particular, the Department of State declared that the elections in Belarus had allegedly been held ‘in an atmosphere of fear’.

“I saw no fear among the voters,” Mr. Lebedev stressed. “It is no need to even discuss the biased approach of the West, it is already obvious. Accordingly, the decision of the Belarusian leadership not to invite Western observers was quite logical and justified, since these persons can provide no objective assessment. Yesterday, after the voting was completed, I communicated with the head of the SCO observation mission, and their view was the same. We are pleased that we agreed in our assessments of such a calm and well-organised conduct of the elections.”