CEC Chairman: decision on holding Presidential elections to be made by House of Representatives

... the Central Election Commission, Igor Karpenko, in his talk with the ... republican referendum in 2022.” Mr. Karpenko stressed that the election of ...

Karpenko , CIS , elections

CEC Chairman commented on Belarusian People’s Congress formation

... Central Election Commission (CEC), Igor Karpenko, in his talk with the ... ,” the CEC head informed. Igor Karpenko noted that, as a result ... Belarusian People’s Congress,” Mr. Karpenko added.

Belarusian People’s Congress , CEC , Karpenko

CEC Chairman on Belarusian People’s Congress formation

... Central Election Commission (CEC) Igor Karpenko, at the request of journalists ... 1,200 people,” explained Igor Karpenko.

CEC , Karpenko , Belarusian People’s Congress

CEC to consider elections for part of Belarusian People’s Congress delegates on March 1st

... Central Election Commission (CEC), Igor Karpenko, at a press conference at ...

Karpenko , House of Representatives , CEC , single voting day

Karpenko on Department of State reaction: we’ll figure out without US what we should do and how to hold elections

... Central Election Commission Chairman Igor Karpenko at a press conference in ...

Belarus , CEC , Karpenko , election , US Department of State

Belarus’ CEC to take part in observation of presidential elections in Russia

... by the CEC Chairman, Igor Karpenko The CEC Chairman confirmed, “Belarus ... its elections.” According to Mr. Karpenko, the Belarusian CEC has a ...

central election commission , Belarus , russia , Karpenko

CEC Chairman: observers are needed, so they will be present at 2024 elections in Belarus

... of Belarus, Igor Karpenko In particular, Mr. Karpenko commented on the recent ... .” At the same time, Mr. Karpenko noted, “We need observers, and ...

Karpenko , single voting day , belarus , elections

Karpenko: electoral culture and electoral sovereignty depend on each of us

... Central Election Commission (CEC) Igor Karpenko during the 1st Minsk Forum ... 2024 and 2025,” noted Igor Karpenko. “Indeed, a serious transformation has ... all areas,” summed up Igor Karpenko.

Karpenko , Belarus , electoral sovereignty , elections

Karpenko explained whether foreign observers will be present during 2024 elections

... ’ Central Election Commission (CEC) Igor Karpenko, before the start of the ... .” At the same time, Igor Karpenko said, I can say that ...

Karpenko , election campaign , international observers , Belarus , elations 2024

CEC Chairman informed on whether international observers will be present on single voting day in Belarus

... the Central Election Commission, Igor Karpenko “It should be understood that ... observers will come from,” Mr. Karpenko explained. The CEC Chairman added ...

elections , belarus , karpenko

Date of first session of Belarusian People’s Congress announced

... Belarus’ Central Election Commission, Igor Karpenko, before a CEC meeting, at ... the upcoming election campaign, Mr. Karpenko noted, “After this important electoral ...

Karpenko , Belarusian People’s Congress

Elections in Belarus will be held in an open and honest manner

... with CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko belta “The elections ... work now.” CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko informed the President in detail ... a conversation with journalists, Igor Karpenko recalled that a serious campaign ... laid down.” According to Igor Karpenko, in general, the President agreed ... deputies of local councils.” Igor Karpenko concluded, “In general, the President ...

Lukashenko , Elections , CEC , Karpenko

CEC Head told how much money can be saved by holding single voting day

... the Central Election Commission Igor Karpenko, after his report to the ... percent on this issue,” Igor Karpenko said. “This is due to ... .” In general, according to Igor Karpenko, the combination of elections will ...

Karpenko , Belarus , CEC , elections

Karpenko: CEC and authorities ready to hold single voting day as scheduled

... frame – as CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko told journalists after his report ...

Karpenko , Belarus , single voting day

Lukashenko discussed preparations for 2024 election campaign with CEC Chairman Karpenko

... today’s meeting with Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central ...

Lukashenko , Karpenko , CEC , election campaign

Karpenko: it’s unacceptable to use the electoral system for anti-state purposes

... Election Commission of Belarus Igor Karpenko told journalists about this today ... observe the constitutional referendum.” Igor Karpenko also recalled that a co ...

Belarus , CEC , karpenko

Karpenko: Belarus doing everything possible to protect its electoral process from external interference

... Electoral Commission of Belarus Igor Karpenko stressed in his talk with ... the Head of State,” Igor Karpenko shared. Moreover, the CEC Chairman ...

Belarus , Karpenko , elections , Electoral Code

Karpenko commented on first single voting day and Belarusian People’s Congress

... year – as stated by Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central ... are concerned, according to Igor Karpenko, it shortens the cycle of ... voting day in Belarus, Igor Karpenko replied, “We have a myth ...

Belarus , karpenko , CEC , election

Karpenko: we’re interested in Russian experience of holding elections

... system as a whole,” Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central ... in the electoral processes,” Igor Karpenko said. “Today, when we have ...

Belarus , CEC , election , Karpenko

CEC of Belarus to share experience with Russian colleagues

... announced by CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko, BelTA reports The working visit ...

CEC , Belarus , Russia , Karpenko

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