Cohesion. Security. Confidence

... a full-scale global war. Democracy in action The Belarusian political ...

Belarusian People’s Congress , popular sovereignty , democracy , Constitution

The tradition of popular sovereignty

... winding down the institutions of democracy, we have taken popular sovereignty ...

single voting day , elections , democracy , sovereignty , Belarusian People’s Congress

MP: Single Voting Day drew a line under Belarus’ political cycle

... learn from the countries where democracy reigns: Russia and China. There ...

Belarus , single voting day , elections , europe , democracy , gaidukevich , opinion

Minority vs majority

... role of international teachers of democracy. The reason is not that ... for democracy. There is nothing behind this ‘democracy’. There is no democracy there ... citizens agreed to the liberal democracy of minorities, went down abruptly ... the idea that power in democracies should be exercised by an ... same point of view regarding democracy in France is shared by ... tends to call ‘beacons of democracy’ do not consider their political ... , people around the world view democracy as majority rule. The obsession ...

Europe , USA , deep state , democracy , minority , majority

Half of Americans say democracy not working well in US, the poll shows

... residents believe the country’s democracy is in poor condition, TASS ... adult respondent fear that American democracy could be at risk depending ... term would negatively affect US democracy. Meanwhile, for Republicans, 82 percent ... believe democracy would be weakened by another ...

US , democracy , elections , Trump , Biden

Andreichenko: democracy in its Western interpretation lost its essence as power of the nation

... the House of Representatives stressed, “Democracy in its Western interpretation has ... achieve their own goals, ‘developed democracies’ do not disdain anything: deceit ... to assess the level of democracy on a planetary scale.” According ... is the essence of true democracy, the unity of the people ...

Andreichenko , Belarus , West , democracy

Belaya Rus Chairman compared democracy in Belarus and in the West

... . Romanov explained why real democracy in many countries is curtailing ... understand the level of democracy in our country if ... the ‘decline’ concept: real democracy is curtailing in many countries ... hiding under the guise of democracy," he said. Moreover, ... decline in the level of democracy. “Against this background, a ... returning to the participatory democracy that was once tested ... we are forming a participatory democracy, which is a much ... more mature democracy. Here, citizens are involved ...

belaya rus , democracy , romanov , opinion

The balanced choice of true democracy

... some momentary bursts of ‘street democracy’ under the influence of telegram ...

Belarus , law , electoral code , democracy

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