Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the Law ‘On the Genocide of the Belarusian People’

The law provides for the legal recognition ... Internet. The implementation of the law will contribute to the inadmissibility ...

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Draft Law on Investments approved in Belarus

... to make amendments to the Law on Investments According to the ... investor. In particular, the updated Law on Investments envisages application of ...

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Decision of the Constitutional Court of Belarus on sanctions: legal precedent and signal for the UN

... principles and norms of international law. The meaning of this recognition ... principles and norms of international law. PHOTO BY BELTA The plenipotentiary ... generally recognised norms and international law.” The essence of the conclusion ... principles and norms of international law in the field of human ... principles and norms of international law. SEQUENTIAL PROTECTION LOGIC On December ... 14th, the President signed the Law ‘On Amendments to the Criminal ... the measures envisaged by the law will act as an adequate ...

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Belarus adopted draft law On the Genocide of the Belarusian People

... , the deputies adopted the draft law On the Genocide of the ... . photo: “This law will be the starting point ... ,” underlined Mr. Andreichenko. The draft law was submitted to the House ... . The parliamentarian underlined, “The draft law is aimed to legislatively support ... the basis of the draft law On the Genocide of the ...

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Legislation on constitutional order protection improved in Belarus

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, signed Decree No. 450 On Interdepartmental Commission on Countering Extremism and Combating Terrorism – as reported by BelTA with reference to the press service of the Head of State Photo: The document was adopted in order to further and comprehensively improve protection of the constitutional system. The decree takes into account the changes in legislation introduced in 2021 on functioning of the state system for responding to acts ...

Lukashenko , law , decree

In expectation of the new Constitution

... on finalising the draft Basic Law of the country Photo by ... new draft of the Basic Law, “We have already given expectations ... live according to this Basic Law. Law is law.” Project almost ready The ... had approached the draft Basic Law of the country which will ... of the Standing Commission on Law of the House of Representatives ...

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Automated system for appeals to be launched

... the President Administration, Doctor of Law Olga Chupris While addressing participants ... international conference – Information Technologies and Law, she explained, “This project is ...

law , citizens

Davydko: the state and people are a single whole

... that a draft law On Amendments to the Law of the Republic ... . This is extremely important. The law that exists now is somewhat ... Mr. Davydko informed, the draft law had already been sent to ... who are working on the law, exchange experience and outline the ... a single whole. Our draft law regulates a possibility for each ...

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Sergeyenko: preventive action and strict responsibility needed to save people’s lives

The Head of the Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, has taken part in a sitting of the Vileika District Executive Committee which studied realisation of the President’s Directive as of March 11 th , 2004: On Measures to Strengthen Public Safety and Discipline The figures and facts demonstrate that the district continues its work to prevent deaths from external causes, while taking effective measures to ensure people’s safety. Mr. Sergeyenko emphasised the need to strengthen fight ...

sergeyenko , law , discipline

Constitution for the people

... amend the country’s Basic Law Photo by BELTA In March ... proposals to amend the Basic Law of Belarus and ensure their ... new version of the Basic Law, “You had to study in ... proposed draft of the Basic Law, with which he agrees and ... ,” he emphasised. Thirdly, the Basic Law proposes to preserve the continuity ... the consolidation of Belarusian society, lay a solid legal foundation for ... 53 articles of the Basic Law, add 14 new ones and ...

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Belarus cuts down export duties on oil and petroleum products

Since October 1 st , Belarus has reduced its export duties on oil and petroleum products shipped outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union – as envisaged by Resolution No. 556 of the Council of Ministers as of September 30 th posted on the National Legal Internet Portal Photo: In line with the document, export duty rates change, in particular, for crude oil, fuel oil, petroleum bitumen, petroleum jelly and paraffin, waste oils – $62.8 per one tonne (previously $ ...

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Kochanova: laws adopted should prevent any encroachment on peace and stability

... is obliged to respect the law,” the Speaker stressed. “Any violation ... of law and order must be strongly ...

kochanova , law

Single voting day approved in Belarus

... . On June 25th, a draft law on amendments to the Constitution ...

law , constitution , deputies

Deputies voted for suspension of readmission agreement between the EU and Belarus

... Representatives’ deputies adopted the draft law On Suspension of the Agreement ...

house of representatives , readmission , law

House of Representatives adopts a bill toughening responsibility for calls for sanctions

... , deputies voted for the draft law On Amendments to the Criminal ... with the text of the law, Article 361 of the Criminal ... Representatives, has informed. The draft law proposes to punish these actions ...

law , sanctions , house of representatives

Corruption must be eradicated

... adoption of our anti-corruption law, the Republic has improved its ...

corruption , law

Business activity needs attention

A dialogue between public authorities and entrepreneurs is open countrywide – initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office and the Republican Federation of Entrepreneurs Businessmen all over the country have an opportunity to talk to public prosecutors and discuss the problematic legal aspects of doing business. Sergei Khmaruk, the Deputy Prosecutor General, comments, “In Belarus, much is being done to minimise problems and create comfortable conditions for doing business, while removing ...

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