The agro-industrial complex of Belarus will reach a new level of development

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, took part in the plenary session of the national seminar-conference to discuss the development of the cattle breeding industry in Soligorsk belta According to the President, many problems have accumulated in the industry, and they must be solved without shelving them. Aleksandr Lukashenko said about this matter, “The current situation in the country’s cattle breeding industry is simply unacceptable; we need to act, increase the responsibility of ...

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We decide together with the whole country

... issue Last week, the public discussion of the bill ‘On the ... the organiser of the public discussion — to the House of Representatives ... laws, October 20th, 2022 The discussion will not end with this ... Lida on November 2nd, “The discussion will not end with this ... the proposals received during the discussion of the bill on the ... The main work on the discussion of the two most important ...

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The duty of every citizen and patriot

... where the Constitution draft was discussed in labour collectives. In addition ... institutions of the city. When discussing amendments and additions to the ... Patriotic War. The ministry recently discussed the crimes of Nazism during ...

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Important period of preparation for the referendum

... within the framework of public discussions. Since the beginning of ... 52 dialogue platforms and six discussion platforms, 15 public receptions, 34 ... involved in the process of discussing and improving the provisions ... that caused the most lively discussions in society. In particular, ... presidential terms.” Belarusians continue active discussion of amendments and additions to ... to the Constitution are being discussed at the dialogue platforms ... to the Constitution were widely discussed at round tables and ...

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The referendum will be held on February 27th

... *** The campaign for public discussion of the draft Constitution has ... at SvetlogorskKhimvolokno OJSC, is discussing draft amendments and additions to ... Legal Internet Portal for public discussion. To ensure maximum accessibility ... framework of the nationwide discussion confirmed the significance and ... the framework of the nationwide discussion, meaningful material was obtained ... We, when preparing for the discussion of the draft Constitution, ... unfolded during the nationwide discussion, allows us to conclude ...

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A detailed look into the future

... and dialogue platforms for discussing the draft amendments and additions ... the country. The nationwide discussion was another confirmation of the ... society. Dialogue platforms for discussing the draft amendments and additions ... the Constitution, the nationwide discussion of which is taking place ... Region on the topic ‘Constitution. Discussion. Referendum’. Igor Sergeyenko at ... get feedback, to organise a discussion. In the process of ... in many labour collectives. Discussion of the draft Constitution at ...

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Expert about the ban on financing elections by foreign nationals and organisations

... of Belarus, submitted for nationwide discussion, boast a number of advantages ...

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Number one issue

... development of Belarus The nationwide discussion of the new draft continues ... formats — from dialogue platforms and discussions in the Constitutional Commission to ... the framework of the national discussion and at the upcoming referendum ... the first large-scale youth discussion. The meeting was held ... . The speaker of the discussion was the Chairman of the ... more than 860 platforms for discussing the draft amendments and additions ... the draft brought up for discussion, sometimes people express their specific ...

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