Lukashenko signed law on strengthening responsibility for crimes against the state

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, signed the Law On Amending Codes on Criminal ... ) and anti-state crimes. The law envisages the extension of criminal ...

Lukashenko , law , criminal code

Kochanova: under President’s wise leadership, Belarus is following evolutionary path of improving its judicial system

... everyone is equal before the law and has the right to ... courts, guaranteed by the Basic Law, is an integral indication of ... governed by the rule of law.” The Chairperson of the Council ... of the Soviet system of law, the school of judicial system ...

kochanova , law , judicial system

Belarus terminated agreement with France in the field of culture, education, science and media

Belarus’ senators approved a draft bill On Termination of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the French Republic on Co-operation in the Field of Culture, Education, Science, Technology and Mass Media As noted by Yekaterina Serafimovich, a member of the Council of the Republic, the projects included in the agreement have not been implemented recently. “There is no sense in continuing this agreement at the moment,” she stressed. “In addition, the ...

Council of the Republic , law , france

Lukashenko signed laws on Parliament activity

... In particular, amendments to the law On the National Assembly of ... also signed the law On Amendments to the Law of the Republic ... ). In line with the updated law, the powers of the deputies ... service). The provisions of the law On the Status of Deputy ... , as well as with the law enforcement practice.

Lukashenko , law , parliament

Lukashenko signed amnesty law

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, has signed the law On Amnesty in Connection with ... the path of correction. The law defines the categories of individuals ... passed on the day the law came into force; those sentenced ... the same time, the amnesty law will not apply to persons ... traditional, the application of the law will be carried out only ...

Lukashenko , law , amnesty

Amnesty bill approved in Belarus

A draft law On Amnesty in Connection with ...

law , amnesty , kubrakov

We decide together with the whole country

... , such as the rule of law. There are proposals to ensure ...

Belarusian People’s Congress , law , discussion

The balanced choice of true democracy

... positive role.” Education in the law There are also plans to ... of our traditions, experience and law enforcement,” explained Secretary of the ... criminals in accordance with the law should have the right to ...

Belarus , law , electoral code , democracy

Bill on Belarusian People's Congress submitted for public discussion

A bill on the Belarusian People's Congress has been submitted for public discussion, BelTA reports The draft bill On Belarusian People's Congress is available on the Legal Forum of Belarus website. "Public discussion is scheduled for October 24 th through November 2 nd , and proposals on the draft bill content can be made directly on the Legal Forum platform,” Andrei Matelsky, the Director of the National Centre for Legal Information, explained. “The public discussion organisers will ...

Belarusian People’s Congress , law , Belarus

Lukashenko signed law on licensing, including of schools and kindergartens

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, signed the law On Licensing. The document preserves ... the license – are specified. The law also provides for licensing of ... into force immediately after the law is officially published, and the ... responsible for license issuing. The law is expected to reduce an ...

Lukashenko , law , licensing

Youth initiatives in Belarus will be able to receive budget funding in line with new Presidential law

... regulation envisaging amendments to the law of the Republic of Belarus ... consumption. In accordance with the law, the Education Ministry’s powers ...

Lukashenko , youth , law

MP: Work over draft law on Belarusian People’s Congress continues

The work over a draft law on the Belarusian People's ... to the deputy, the draft law is unique. “There is no ... BPC is connected with the law on civil society, and the ... our work over a draft law on civil society, it is ...

Klishevich , belarusian people's congress , opinion , deputy , law

Belarus passed bills to never make Nazism rehabilitation possible

Lilia Ananich, the Deputy Chairperson of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, National Relations and Mass Media at the House of Representatives, a member of the Belarusian Union of Women’s Board, shared her views “We understand that Western countries and European politicians do not really have arguments in defence of their unrighteous position when we observe how they fight against flowers laid at memorials, and how the latter are being demolished with tractors. After all, trampling graves ...

law , nazism , belarus , ananich

For the development of the new Constitution

... state in the area of law and lawmaking. Of course, we ... act in line with the law and should be genuine defence ... based on norms of the law.” The President pointed out that ... should be reflected in the law. The law should define it clearly ...

Lukashenko , constitution , law

Lukashenko: ‘civil society’ concept need to be legalised

Much work lies ahead for Belarus in the sphere of party and public association formation – as announced by the President during his today’s meeting with Justice Minister Sergei Khomenko Photo: “Much work lies ahead in terms of party building. Public associations need to be put to rights,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “It is absolutely necessary to clearly inform people on what civil society is, what it consists of, and this should be reflected in laws. Our legislation should ...

lukashenko , law

Lukashenko: attorneyship should be under control

... act on the basis of law – as stated by Belarus’ President ... related to these areas of law. “These are not simple structures ... should be real practice of law. A lawyer should perform their ... based on the norms of law, and not on some invented ...

lukashenko , law

Updating the Constitution

The Draft Basic Law incorporates the best and most ...

Constitution , referendum , law , people

The duty of every citizen and patriot

... part in it FOCUS The law on the Belarusian People’s ... ready to work out the law on the Belarusian People’s ... proposed changes to the Basic Law of our country, so that ... proposed changes to the Basic Law of our country. At the ... for changes to the Basic Law of our country, which will ... supports innovations in the Basic Law of the country. Article 321 ...

referendum , constitution , law , voting , discussion , opinion

The referendum will be held on February 27th

... approaches to modernising the Basic Law. There have been many personal ... to conclude that the Basic Law of the country will be ...

Lukashenko , Referendum , Constitution , Law , changes , discussion , voting

Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the Law ‘On the Genocide of the Belarusian People’

The law provides for the legal recognition ... Internet. The implementation of the law will contribute to the inadmissibility ...

Lukashenko , law , genocide

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