Media: Ukraine’s largest bookstore chain released Croatian Nazi’s memoirs

Ukrainian media reported that the country’s largest bookstore chain had started selling memoirs of Croatian fascist and Hitler ally Ante Pavelic, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, said that Pavelic led the puppet government of Croatia, was an ally of Nazi Germany in 1941-1945, and an executioner of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies – bearing responsibility for the murder of more than 30,000 Croatian Jews (most of whom were killed in ...

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Genocide. With special cynicism

March 22nd marks the anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy. Here are the facts that we must remember. The case of Vladimir Katriuk, who served in the 118th punitive Ukrainian national battalion of the SS and whom the Supreme Court on March 18th found guilty of genocide (Article 127 of the Criminal Code) of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War, is the first of a kind in the history of sovereign Belarus BELTA A single plan It is one thing when troops confront each other in a battle, ...

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Russia sent request to Canada for extradition of former SS trooper Hunka (Gunko)

Moscow has handed over a request to the Canadian authorities for extradition of a former SS soldier, Yaroslav Hunka (Gunko), who spoke at a meeting of Canadian Parliament, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Russian Ambassador in Ottawa, Oleg Stepanov, informed, “A request for extradition of the Nazi henchman has been submitted to the competent authorities of Canada.” According to the diplomat, the request includes a large package of documents. In turn, the Canadian authorities have ...

russia , canada , Ukraine , nazism , zelenskyy

Belarus’ Prosecutor General on investigation of the criminal case of genocide: true scales of the tragedy not yet been established

... . Therefore, we assert now that Nazism – the most terrible thing that ...

Shved , genocide , memory , Belarus , Great Patriotic War , nazism

Lukashenko, Putin took part in opening ceremony of Memorial in Memory of Nazi Genocide Victims

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have taken part today in the opening ceremony of a memorial complex in memory of Soviet civilians – victims of the Nazi genocide during the Great Patriotic War photo by Pul Pervogo Telegram channel The event took place in the village of Zaitsevo, Gatchina District, Leningrad Region. It was in these places that numerous prisoner-of-war camps and donor concentration camps for Soviet children were located ...

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Expert on Zelenskyy's decree about Ukrainians on Russian lands: it is rooted in Nazi Germany

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has signed decree On Russian Territories Historically Populated by Ukrainians which provides, among other aspects, the debunking of ‘Russian myths about Ukraine’. Its text reads that Russia allegedly ‘has been systematically destroying national identity and oppressing Ukrainians for centuries’, violating their rights ‘on the lands they historically inhabited’. In his talk with Alfa Radio , Aleksei Avdonin, an expert at the Belarusian Institute for ...

Ukraine , usa , europe , uk , avdonin , opinion , germany , nazism

UN General Assembly adopted Russian resolution on combating glorification of Nazism

... on combating the glorification of Nazism, RIA Novosti reports The document ... the glorification and propaganda of Nazism – such as, in particular, making ...

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PA adopted recommendations on responsibility for acts related to rehabilitation of Nazism

... related to the rehabilitation of Nazism and distortion of historical truth ... such crimes as Rehabilitation of Nazism and Repeated Propaganda or Public ... criminalise acts aimed at rehabilitating Nazism and distorting historical truth will ... any manifestations of extremism, neo-Nazism, racial discrimination, aggressive nationalism, anti ...

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Sukalo: investigation of genocide of the Belarusian people during WWII to go down in history

... to falsify it, to rehabilitate Nazism, to distort real assessments and ... convicted for the propaganda of Nazism or public display, production, and ... contemporary challenges and manifestations of Nazism while restoring historical truth and ...

Belarus , Sukalo , genocide , Nazism

Shved: Prosecutor General’s Office to seek to bring every living Nazi criminal to justice

... increasing manifestations of extremism and Nazism that Belarus is opposing today ...

Belarus , Shved , Prosecutor General’s Office , Nazism , genocide

Prosecutor General informed on how work to identify and return to Belarus cultural values taken out by Nazis is progressing

During his recent meeting with students and lecturers of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved reported on the work being done to identify and return to the country cultural values that were taken out by Nazis, the Prosecutor General's Office reports Photo: Mr. Shved said that, on June 22nd, 1941, not only the Wehrmacht soldiers crossed the border of the Soviet Union, but also punitive units, which included ...

prosecutor general , shved , nazism

Russian FM representative: most countries share our rejection of neo-Nazism

... Canadian roots of Ukrainian neo-Nazism for many years. Local politicians ... share our rejection of neo-Nazism. This gives us strength in ...

historical memory , Zakharova , nazism

Belarusian delegation raised the topic of glorification of Nazism at OSCE session, appealing to conscience of Western states

... thousands of innocent victims of Nazism is not a random incident ... combating the lingering legacy of Nazism, the need to eradicate its ... affected by the crimes of Nazism. Today it is Belarus that ...

Great Patriotic War , nazism , osce

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry called for international legal and moral assessment of Nazi invitation to Canadian Parliament

... thousands of innocent victims of Nazism is not a random incident ...

foreign ministry , Belarus , canada , nazism

Belarus’ Prosecutor General's Office identified names of Lithuanian and Latvian punishers who destroyed Belarusians during WWII

During the investigation of the criminal case on genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War, the Prosecutor General's Office has identified the names of Nazi executioners from among the Lithuanian and Latvian punishers who carried out the genocide of Belarusians in times of WWII. The full list of criminals, as well as the crimes committed by them, is available here . Photo: The list consists of two parts. The first one includes the names of 85 Lithuanian ...

lithuania , latvia , genocide , Great Patriotic War , Prosecutor General’s Office , nazism

Khrenin: falsification of history is terrible weapon used to rehabilitate Nazism

... , which is used to rehabilitate Nazism, glorify Nazi criminals and their ...

Belarus , Khrenin , genocide , Nazism

Shved on Lithuanian Nazi ‘border guards’ and their victims

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus opened a criminal case against officials of Lithuania, who still commit crimes against humanity – as noted by Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrei Shved in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel “We, and this was reported to the Head of State, have initiated a criminal case against Lithuanian officials, who still commit crimes against humanity. This refers to the fact that over the past two years they have been killing, torturing, and tormenting migrants ...

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Opinion: West not gone far from what Nazi Germany preached

While the West is beginning to compare peoples and decide on which of them are more developed, Belarus’ position is wiser and more humane, and it also has a greater potential to become a unifying concept of Eurasia – as stated by political expert Vadim Borovik “Our partners in the West have not gone far from what Nazi Germany preached. The country considered its race exceptional and imposed that ideology on others, which eventually led to WWII, the suffering of millions of people, and the ...

Borovik , nazism , West , opinion

Belarus at OSCE: Nazism should not raise its head again

... the gains of Victory over Nazism, the crimes committed by them ... resolution – Combating Glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and Other Practices That Contribute ... the fighters against fascism and Nazism during the Second World War ... the feat of peoples. Defeated Nazism should not raise its head ...

osce , second world war , victory , nazism

Bedunkevich: internal affairs bodies systematically counteract extremism

... acts.” He noted that Nazism, neo-Nazism in the form of some ... working on individuals who rehabilitate Nazism. These are different things, and ... caused by the rehabilitation of Nazism, the planting of these ideas ...

Belarus , Interior Ministry , Nazism

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