Historian: majority of Belarusians did not accept Nazi ideology, choosing independence instead

Strategic plans of Nazi Germany did not include the preservation of statehood on the territory of Belarus – as noted by the Head of the Military History Centre at Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, Aleksei Litvin, in his Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Legacy of the Country in the Structure of National Interests and Preservation of Historical Memory report delivered at today’s seminar of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly on the topic: Republic of Belarus: From the ...

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Belarus passed bills to never make Nazism rehabilitation possible

... bills that will never enable Nazism to be rehabilitated. Moreover, they ...

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Nazism will once again ruin Europeans, expert says

... her talk with Alfa Radio “Nazism will once again ruin Europeans ... and supported the flame of Nazism: the latter has transformed into ... to leave the embers of Nazism there so that they would ...

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Real genocide

Victims of Nazism, witnesses of those crimes share ...

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Belarus celebrated Day of Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps

A range of requiem rallies dedicated to International Day of Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps were held in Belarus yesterday, with hundreds of citizens paying tribute to the concentration camp victims A large-scale solemn ceremony took place at the Trostenets memorial complex – gathering deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, representatives of the Belarusian Youth Union and other public associations, as ...

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Nazis’ crimes must be openly talked about

... revival of ideas of neo-Nazism, illegal activities under the symbols ... undisguised pandering to glorification of Nazism. Latvians are not far off ...

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Nationalism in Ukraine was legalised in the 1990s, Mukovozchik says

... factors resulting in spread of Nazism ideas in Ukraine “The UNA ... is a sort of collective Nazism. This official association was legalised ... by cultivating the ideology of Nazism,” Mr. Mukovozchik stressed. Speaking of ...

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Nazi crimes must be investigated

It’s necessary to see a common goal and idea in every village burned down by the Nazis and in every child killed. It’s definitely vital to remind our people of these while investigating the facts of the genocide of Belarusians – as stated at the 5 th (October) joint plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and the Central Committee of the Young Communist League Public Association by Aleksei Sokol, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist ...

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Exhibits related to Nuremberg trials on show in Minsk

... joined for the trial of Nazism. The process lasted for about ...

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Nazism and Nazi accomplices will never be rehabilitated on Belarusian land

... will never be rehabilitation of Nazism and Nazi accomplices on the ...

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