German military discussed possibility of attack on Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles

High-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr discussed the possibility of striking the Crimean Bridge, including with Taurus missiles, while they allowed the option of transferring 100 such munitions to Ukraine, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM The editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel, Margarita Simonyan, posted the transcript of the conversation on her account on the VKontakte social network. Information about the plans of the German officers became known from the transcript of a conversation ...

Germany , Ukraine , Crimean Bridge

Scholz: Germany will not send soldiers to Ukraine

... NATO’. Mr. Scholz added that Germany would not participate in the ...

russia , Ukraine , germany , Scholz

Media: Macron and Scholz disagreements over aid to Ukraine escalate into open conflict

... with France's lagging behind Germany in allocating funds to support ...

france , germany , ukraine , macron , scholz

Polish President: issue of WWII reparations from Germany not closed

... of Poland receiving reparations from Germany for damage caused during World ... issue of receiving reparations from Germany was closed. “The issue of ...

poland , duda , germany

German political expert explained why Scholz opposes sending troops to Ukraine

... a step would directly involve Germany and Europe in the conflict ... chancellors in the history of Germany – at least understands more,” Mr ...

Scholz , germany , france , Macron , Ukraine , opinion

Polish farmers blocked truck traffic on border with Germany

... highway on the border with Germany, RIA Novosti reports with reference ...

poland , germany , farmers , protests

German expert: Germany lost over €200bn due to conflict in Ukraine

... conflict in Ukraine has cost Germany a sum that has already ... .5 percentage point decline in Germany's economic growth, or €100bn ...

Germany , Ukraine , finance

Germany said negotiations on Ukraine between Russia and the West likely in 2024

Negotiations between Russia and the West on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict may take place as early as this year – as stated by Bundestag deputy Matthias Moosdorf, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Bundestag deputy said that negotiations could take place after the completion of the US presidential elections. Mr. Moosdorf believes that Donald Trump will win them. "The chaos will come to an end, at the latest – after the victory of Donald Trump in America. His victory ...

germany , russia , west , Ukraine

Bloomberg: Germany losing its status as industrial superpower

... increasing number of signs that Germany will soon lose its status ... well as internal turmoil in Germany – such as lack of investment ... oldest factories and enterprises in Germany are closing. German Finance Minister ... Christian Lindner says Germany is no longer competitive. According ... Chancellor Robert Habeck said that Germany’s funds are drying up ...

Germany , economy

Die Welt readers on Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin: logical and reasonable

Readers of the German edition of Die Welt actively discuss the interview of American journalist Tucker Carlson with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM “Everything Putin says sounds logical and reasonable! Russia wanted to join NATO but was refused. This fact speaks volumes. The entire world is with Russia today and stands for neutral Ukraine! No more weapons for Ukraine,” one of the commentators remarked. Another reader supported him, stressing that the ...

Germany , Tucker Carlson , Putin

Lufthansa strike disrupted air travel in Germany

... . Over the past few weeks, Germany has experienced a series of ...

Germany , Lufthansa , strike

Most Germans aged 18-30 don’t trust their government, poll shows

... almost every second resident of Germany aged between 18 and 30 ...

Germany , poll

Media: German exports fell more than expected in December

Data from the Federal Statistics Office shows that German exports fell more than expected in December due to weak global demand, Reuters reports photo: The beginning of 2024 was difficult for the German economy, with exports dropping, farmers organising nationwide protests, and train drivers striking for several days. “Exports fell by 4.6 percent in December compared with the previous month. The result was lower than the forecast of a 2.0 percent decline made in a Reuters poll ...

Germany , economy , exports

German Defence Minister advocates increasing country’s military spending

German Defenсe Minister Boris Pistorius said the country needs to increase its military spending, TASS reports photo: Boris Pistorius noted that ‘war can be prevented by those who are prepared for it’. At the same time, he said that financing of military spending ‘is going in the right direction’. According to him, €72bn will be allocated for the development of the armed forces – the largest amount in the entire history of the Bundeswehr. Pistorius also said that NATO’s defence ...

Germany , Pistorius , Ukraine , defence spending

Flights suspended in Germany due to nationwide protests

Security personnel at some of Germany's largest airports, including Frankfurt ... 1,100 flights. Some of Germany's largest airports, including Frankfurt ...

germany , airport , protests , flights

Scholz urged German employers to hire more Ukrainian refugees

... , since many Ukrainians coming to Germany are qualified personnel, TASS reports ... Ukrainian refugees currently live in Germany.

Germany , Ukraine , refugees

Opinion: farming being destructed in Europe to monopolise agriculture

... Radio , Mr. Dzermant noted, “In Germany, for example, farmers and agriculture ... example, environmentally friendly products. In Germany, this situation is not so ...

agriculture , europe , poland , germany , Dzermant , opinion

Ambassador: Germany does not renounce responsibility for its attack on USSR

Germany unconditionally recognises its responsibility for ... war of conquest by Nazi Germany was a blatant, unforgivable crime ... against international law. “Germany is responsible for the outbreak ...

germany , russia , WWII , ussr

Expert: Germany is major loser in Ukrainian conflict

... Handelsblatt Media Group, said that Germany is becoming a less protected ... has already become clear that Germany ‘will be the major loser ... Ukrainian conflict. He noted that Germany is being deprived of security ... blows’. The journalist explained that Germany has reduced the volume of ... the United States, under which Germany has been throughout its post ...

germany , Ukraine , usa , russia

Expert on Zelenskyy's decree about Ukrainians on Russian lands: it is rooted in Nazi Germany

... by the followers of Nazi Germany who still work at the ... to the time of Nazi Germany, and it is now purposefully ... from – and this is Nazi Germany,” the expert stated.

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