Many officials of Third Reich moved to serve NATO, expert asserts

... 9 th , 1945, Hitler's Germany was crushed, but Hitler's ...

germany , nato , shpakovsky , opinion

Germany urges its citizens to get ready for constant rise in prices

... near future – as announced by Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck ...


Scholz names condition for removing anti-Russian sanctions

Sanctions can be lifted only after co-ordination with the Ukrainian side – as stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, TASS reports Photo: According to Mr. Scholz, Russia ‘should reach agreements with Ukraine’. “We intend and we will be able to lift our sanctions only after consultations with Ukraine,” the German Chancellor stressed in his talk with Stern magazine.

germany , russia , Ukraine

German Bundestag demands Ukrainian Ambassador be expelled

... Andriy Melnyk be expelled from Germany after he called German Chancellor ... the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), also stood up for ... of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Melnik needs to respect ...

Germany , Ukraine

German industrialists do not expect quick recovery of German economy

... this year the GDP of Germany will grow only by 2 ...

Germany , Ukraine , GDP , industry

German industry may fail to survive the crisis

If supplies of Russian gas stop, the German chemical industry may fail to survive this crisis – as stated by Michael Adam, an honorary member of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Environmental Protection and Energy, BelTA reports Photo: “A German concern – the world's largest supplier of raw materials for the chemical industry – has quite clearly declared that, in the event of the termination of Russian gas supplies, the German chemical industry may not survive ...

germany , gas , crisis , opinion , russia

Red Cross and Belarus’ Foreign Ministry help Lebanese-Syrian refugees reunite

... years: the father worked in Germany, and the mother with three ...

refugees , foreign ministry , belarus , germany

Shpakovsky about West’s double standards on Ukraine crisis

... of the Federal Republic of Germany, which envisages a fine and ... suspected of such ‘offences’. “In Germany, there is a sufficient number ... in the West, including in Germany. “Do you remember how German ...

Shpakovsky , Ukraine , Germany

Germany needs thousands of Ukrainian refugees, why

Germany is now discussing how much ... already risen.” Actually, inflation in Germany has reached a record level ... time, we must understand that Germany has never hidden that its ... no refugees and migrants in Germany – then there will soon be ...

ukraine , germany , refugees , opinion

Belarus’ Embassy laid wreaths at memorials of killed prisoners in Germany

On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of liberation of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps, wreaths were laid at the memorials of killed prisoners on behalf of the Embassy of Belarus – as tweeted by Belarus in Berlin In addition, Belarus in Wien tweets that, on the anniversary of Vienna’s liberation from the Nazis, the embassies of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan laid a wreath at a monument to the Red Army soldiers ...

belarus , embassy , germany

Germany predicted complete shutdown of its economy

... the country’s economy for Germany – as stated by CEO of ... deficit situation.” According to him, Germany is threatened with a shutdown ...

Germany , sanctions

Germany uses Russia's special operation to absolve itself of responsibility for WWII crimes

... that it was time for Germany to get rid of the ...

germany , shpakovsky , opinion

Shutdown of confectionery production possible in Germany due to Ukrainian events

The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) has expressed concern about possible shutdown of production that may lead to complete disappearance of chocolate and other confectionery products at German stores, TASS reports Photo: According to DER SPIEGEL, the German confectionery industry sees a threat to its existence due to interruptions in gas supplies as a result of the Ukrainian events. The publication reads that gas-related difficulties may lead to ...

germany , confectionery

Germany announces beginning of food crisis

... food crisis has emerged in Germany: fertilisers have become more expensive ...

germany , food

Belarusian senators appeal to German Bundestag deputies

In connection with the non-invitation of Belarusian officials to the commemorative events dedicated to the anniversary of liberation of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps, the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus has addressed the deputies of German Bundestag The appeal reads: The Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus has deeply regretted the decision of the leadership of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials ...

deputies , appeal , germany

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry says lack of invitation to commemorate liberation of concentration camps in Germany is a direct insult

The Embassy of Belarus in Germany received an official letter from ... the commemorative events organised by Germany in connection to the liberation ... of various concentration camps in Germany, including Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora ... official representative, Belarusian diplomats in Germany will in any case honour ... sincerely hope that a Belarus-Germany dialogue on issues of historical ...

foreign ministry , belarus , germany

German opinion on justice of Ukrainian regime’s struggle is ambiguous, expert says

... would move to Europe but Germany already voices the figure of ... it will be quite serious. Germany will attract refugees with its ... forecasts in terms of fulfilling Germany’s social obligations in 30 ... and Russian-speaking residents of Germany. An opinion regarding the justice ...

germany , shpakovsky , opinion

German minister urged citizens to save gas and be cold to take revenge on Russia

... Hauk, the Agriculture Minister of Germany’s Baden-Württemberg, addressed ... this!” Mr. Hauk declared. Earlier, Germany’s Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir ...

germany , russia , gas

Germany asked Poland to stop sending trains with Ukrainian refugees

Germany addressed Poland with a request ... special trains that go to Germany, because there is already a ...

Ukraine , refugees , germany

Germany says supply of weapons to Ukraine will not help resolve the crisis

Sanctions against Russia and arms supplies to Kiev will not solve the current crisis – as stated by a member of Bundestag Left Party, Sahra Wagenknecht, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the German media Photo: According to the parliamentarian, the weapons supplied to Ukraine are protracting the crisis but cannot help Kiev. Ms. Wagenknecht stressed that the promise of NATO membership also failed to help Ukraine. The Left Party member recalled Russia's sharp reaction to the ...

germany , ukraine , nato , russia

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