Iran accused NATO of starting Ukrainian conflict

... Iran's military assistance to Russia – as noted in the Washington ...

iran , nato , russia , Ukraine

India saved $10.5bn on oil purchases from Russia in two years

... of oil trade has brought Russia among India’s main trading ... have reduced oil imports from Russia after February 2022. The Indian ... refineries enjoy preferential barrels, and Russia – which used to be a ... Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged that Russia’s support had helped India ... oil trade between India and Russia has brought stability to global ...

India , Russia , oil , supplies

Szijjarto: Hungary, Turkiye propose to convene conference on Ukraine with participation of Russia

... Ukraine with the participation of Russia – as stated by Hungarian Minister ... parties’. He also recalled that Russia was not present at the ...

Ukraine , Szijjarto , turkiye , Hungary , Russia , ukraine

Fighting without a front line

... between the United States and Russia. The missile strike on Sevastopol ... , to the internal territory of Russia. As a matter of fact ... contact into the depths of Russia, which they are going to ... tactics in the depths of Russia are defragmentation and diffusion of ... to undermine the authority of Russia and all the countries that ...

Russia , Ukraine , Crimea , Sevastopol , European Union , USA , terrorism , attack , ATACMS , missile , conflict , multipolar , world

Hungarian FM: Trump, if he wins presidential elections, will be able to push Russia and Ukraine to negotiate

The possible victory of former US President Donald Trump in the November presidential elections will give Ukraine a chance for peace, as the politician will be able to convince the parties to the conflict of the need to start negotiations – as stated by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports photo: “I think a very strong external impact must take place in order to make them negotiate at least. Who has the chance for that in the upcoming ...

Hungary , US , Trump , Ukraine , Russia , peace , Szijjarto

China expressed readiness to counter challenges and threats together with Russia

... a meeting with Speaker of Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matvienko ... side is ready – together with Russia – to carefully implement agreements at ...

China , Russia , Zhao Leji , Matvienko

Golovchenko: Belarus, Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region can reach $1bn trade turnover

... for us to approach or reach the milestone of $1bn in ...

Belarus , Russia , golovchenko , Innoprom , trade

Modi: India looks forward to further deepening strategic partnership with Russia

... and privileged strategic partnership with Russia – as posted in Russian by ...

modi , russia , india

24 Belarus’ enterprises on show at INNOPROM-2024 in Yekaterinburg

... INNOPROM-2024 trade fair in Russia’s Yekaterinburg, covering an area ...

Belarus , Innoprom , expo , Russia , BelCCI , Belinterexpo , Myatlikov

FSB stopped attempt to hijack Tu-22M3 strategic bomber to Ukraine

... to the PR Centre of Russia’s Federal Security Service Photo ...

russia , Ukraine , FSB

Swiss journalist said Orban created chance for negotiations on Ukraine

... a chance for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and the leaders ... chance for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, while Brussels is ...

Orban , russia , Hungary , West

Putin: Ukraine not thinking about truce, since it will create no more grounds for martial law

Ukraine refuses even to think about a truce, because otherwise the pretext for martial law will no longer exist – as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, TASS reports Photo: Following his recent talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the Russian leader noted, “As we see the situation, including taking into account what we heard from Mr. Prime Minister, Kiev is still not ready to abandon the idea of waging war to the bitter end. In my opinion, the Kiev regime ...

russia , Putin , Ukraine , special military operation

Opinion: West’s statements about Belarus’ intentions to attack its neighbours deeply absurd

... as an attempt to pull Russia’s forces away from some ... areas in Ukraine, “Russia announced that any aggression on ... Belarusian border only to distract Russia from Ukrainian problems. Nothing else ...

Belarus , West , Russia , border , Ukraine , Tishchenko

S. Korea to review issue of arms supplies to Ukraine

... saying. Chang Ho-jin accused Russia and North Korea of ‘reneging ... more interesting to see how Russia reacts than to reveal our ... ,” he added. According to him, Russia’s assistance to the DPRK ... the Republic of Korea. Earlier, Russia and the DPRK signed a ...

South Korea , Ukraine , Russia , North Korea , weapons

Expert: nature of Polish army re-equipment leaves no doubt regarding Warsaw’s true intentions

... defence policy of Belarus and Russia. Such forced militarisation requires an ... pose a threat to both Russia’s Kaliningrad Region and the ... and – with the help of Russia – have placed tactical nuclear weapons ... air defence system. Belarus and Russia will adequately respond to Warsaw ...

Expert , Tikhansky , Poland , Belarus , Russia , army , weapons

Russian Foreign Minister: Union State should participate in international processes as united front

We’re interested in the Union State participating in all international processes as a united front – as stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, answering a question about the importance of Belarus joining the SCO, TASS reports photo: “We’re interested in the Union State participating in all international processes as a united front. So here, in my opinion, everything is also developing in the right direction,” Sergei Lavrov noted. A decision on the membership of the ...

Lavrov , Belarus , Russia , SCO , Union State

New Big Three

... ruins of Hitler’s Third Reich like on a cleared plowed ... time in a different composition — Russia, China and Belarus. Why Belarus ... of action. Because Belarus and Russia are jointly the engine of ...

Belarus , Russia , China , geopolitics , Big Three , multipolarity , balance of power , world order , USA , hegemony

Lukashenko: there can be no state without independence

... gave a short interview to Russia Today TV channel after the ... can see, together with you [Russia] we’re trying and something ... replied. “Why is it with Russia that such a wonderful and ... formed?” the journalist asked. “Because Russia and we share common values ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Russia , Union State , Independence Day

All facets of co-operation

... event. Presidents of Belarus and Russia, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin ... implementing innovative solutions. Belarus and Russia have all the necessary prerequisites ... as through educational exchanges. • Both Russia and Belarus will always remember ... of the Federation Council of Russia’s Federal Assembly Valentina Matviyenko ... of Regions of Belarus and Russia, Vitebsk Region Anton Stepanishchev Exhibition ... advanced technologies in Belarus' and Russia's agro-industrial complex belta ...

Belarus , Lukashenko , Russia , Putin , Union State , Forum of Regions , Vitebsk , innovation , economy , interregional , co-operation

Mezentsev: we treat heroic deeds of partisans with great respect and honours

... archival community of Belarus and Russia, the Justice Ministry of Belarus ... , and the Defence Ministry of Russia. It also contains information from ... holiday – Independence Day. “Belarus and Russia view the task of protecting ...

Mezentsev , Belarus , Russia , Union State , historical memory , Great Patriotic War , Independence Day

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