3,500km motor rally to places of Operation Bagration kicked off in Brest

... the Operation Bagration. The Belarus-Russia motor rally is held within ...

Brest , Belarus , Russia , motor rally

Every second German afraid of freezing in winter due to shortage of Russian gas, media report

... Minister Robert Habeck, gas from Russia in the country could almost ...

Germany , Russia , gas

Russian Foreign Ministry: Finland and Sweden joining NATO will worsen the situation in Baltic Sea

The possible entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance will lead to a deterioration of the military situation in the Baltic Sea region – as stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, TASS reports Photo: According to him, if we follow the logic of the Madrid summit decisions, then after this accession is finalised, NATO will start talking about the fact that the biggest vulnerability is the Russian-Finnish border, which must be protected. This is ...

Russia , NATO , Finland , Sweden

Peskov: Kiev will have to agree to all conditions of Russia

... of all the conditions that Russia puts forward to resolve the ...

Peskov , Russia , Ukraine , West

Stoltenberg said NATO ready for any consequences of Finland and Sweden joining the alliance

... Ukraine, one can say that Russia is fully focused on this ...

NATO , Sweden , Finland , Russia

#Memory Train arrived in Minsk

... of the train. Schoolchildren from Russia and Belarus will join the ... our native Belarus and fraternal Russia are beautiful in their own ... of Belarusian cities and their rich historical and cultural heritage. Many ... the parliaments of Belarus and Russia: Natalya Kochanova and Valentina Matviyenko ... the youth of Belarus and Russia.

Belarus , Russia , Memory Train , Independence Day

Putin called the joint task of technological and industrial renewal a priority

... -called collective West is pushing Russia and Belarus to speed up ... of Regions of Belarus and Russia The Russian leader specified that ... as a priority joint task. Russia is also ready to support ... existing productions in Belarus and Russia,” Vladimir Putin said. He stressed ... Russian President also said that Russia and Belarus intend to develop ...

Putin , Belarus , Russia , forum

Lukashenko: Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia is adequate response to challenges we are facing

... of Regions of Belarus and Russia described the importance of the ... long become for Belarus and Russia one of the symbols of ... citizens of both Belarus and Russia have equal rights in the ...

Lukashenko , forum , Belarus , Russia , co-operation

Lukashenko: post-Soviet countries should be interested in rapprochement with Union State

... of Regions of Belarus and Russia, which is taking place in ... Union State of Belarus and Russia at the present stage plays ... the peoples of Belarus and Russia, “In the future, we should ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Russia , forum

Naryshkin: Poland began to work on scenarios of dismembering Ukraine

... , to prevent the forces of Russia, the DPR and the LPR ...

Russia , Ukraine , Poland

Belarus, Russia to jointly oppose Western sanctions

Belarus and Russia will continue to unite their ... document, after the start of Russia's special military operation to ... and exclusion of Belarus and Russia from various international organisations and ... in relation to Belarus and Russia. A growing sanctions policy of ... of citizens of Belarus and Russia. These unprecedented harsh sanctions are ... ; the ministers stressed. Belarus and Russia announced the continuation of their ...

belarus , russia , sanctions , makei , lavrov

East Slavic civilisation being tested for strength

... Slavic civilisation ‘is based on Russia and Belarus, and is being ... (by non-military methods) and Russia (by conducting its special military ...

belarus , russia , ukraine , shpakovsky , opinion

Lavrov: Russia, Belarus firmly insist on respect to their legitimate security interests

Russia and Belarus will firmly insist ... State. “It was stressed that Russia and Belarus will firmly insist ...

belarus , russia , lavrov

Lukashenko discussed security in the region with Lavrov: we must keep gunpowder dry

... external contour of Belarus and Russia, noting that Western countries are ... nuclear weapons are located in Russia; we do not have them ... maintain security in Europe without Russia and Belarus. Many in Europe ... the NATO summit, documents called Russia the main threat, and China ...

Lukashenko , Lavrov , Belarus , Russia , West , security

Stoltenberg: NATO has been preparing for confrontation against Russia since 2014

... military-political bloc realised that Russia was dangerous much earlier than ... West ‘tried to talk to Russia’ before the start of the ...

nato , Stoltenberg , russia

Lavrov, Guterres discuss food security amid situation in Ukraine

... . “The Minister provided a detailed Russia’s assessment of the current ...

Russia , UN , Lavrov , Guterres , food security , grain

Zakharova: Zelenskyy's regime enhancing disinformation campaign against Russia

The official representative of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, ... .com Ms. Zakharova noted that Russia is rendering all possible assistance ... the liberated territories of Donbass, “Russia is organising the supply of ... an aggressive disinformation campaign against Russia.” The Foreign Ministry’s representative ...

russia , ukraine , Zakharova

Russia confirmed readiness to ensure Ukrainian grain exports

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei ... Mr. Vershinin also confirmed that Russia is ready to fulfil its ... the West. He added that Russia had never blocked and is ...

russia , ukraine , un

Aleksandr Lukashenko’s political triumph is evidenced, expert asserts

Belarus and Russia continue to actively develop economic ... Belarusian market, but also in Russia,” political expert Aleksandr Shpakovsky shared ... co-operation for Belarus and Russia, and, ultimately, a certain industrial ... not always been welcomed in Russia, especially among ‘the followers of ... else, and their loyalty to Russia turned out to be very ... wheels for decades, saying that Russia needs to transfer relations with ... scientific and technological blockade of Russia in order to create its ...

belarus , russia , shpakovsky , opinion

US intends to deploy additional forces in Europe for a long time

... coalition for a war with Russia. He warned that Moscow would ... is no total war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance ...

USA , Europe , NATO , Russia

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