Ukraine’s ex-Deputy Defence Minister declared problems of Ukrainian troops at the front

The advance of the AFU is extremely slow, the Ukrainian army lacks weapons – as stated by the former Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine, Anna Malyar, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Ms. Malyar said the situation on the battlefield is extremely difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “We are progressing slowly as of now – several hundred metres a day in the east and in the south, and battles often end without changing positions.” She added that the Russian army surpasses the ...

Armed Forces of Ukraine , russia

Lukashenko sent greetings to participants of 12th Belarus-Russia Sister Cities Forum

... participants of the 12th Belarus-Russia Sister Cities Forum Dear friends ... in Brest – a city with rich heroic history, embodying the memory ... interregional partnership between Belarus and Russia. I sincerely wish the participants ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , russia

Expert commented on Russia’s alleged genocide in Ukraine: it is PR campaign of Kiev regime

... staged crimes allegedly committed by Russia, the Kiev regime is trying ... no signs of genocide in Russia's actions in Ukraine, Mr ... if they do not exist? Russia has no programme of genocide ... to have a smack at Russia for something. Do you remember ...

gigin , opinion , Ukraine , russia , genocide

Lavrov: we’re ready to negotiate on Ukraine, taking into account the situation on the ground and Russian security interests

... Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced Russia’s readiness to discuss the ... decree banning the dialogue with Russia.

Russia , Ukraine , Lavrov

Media: Ukrainian authorities asked the West for missiles for strikes on Iran, Syria and Russia

... strikes on Iran, Syria and Russia, TASS reports with reference to ... factories in Iran, Syria and Russia for the special operation. Moscow ... a potential production site in Russia,” the publication reads. It is ...

russia , Ukraine , iran , syria

Russian governor: prospects for co-operation between Saratov Region and Belarus are not even half-used

... meeting with Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoi The Governor of ... , while in H1 2023, it rose by another 20 percent compared ...

Russia , Belarus , economy , co-operation , Saratov Region

Opinion: Belarusian-Russian integration is at its peak

... the interaction between Belarus and Russia, primarily in the economic field ... bad. Let’s face facts. Russia gives Belarus everything it needs ... large associations are tied to Russia, and Belarus gains access to ... new markets with Russia’s support. The Eurasian Economic ... of integration – function well. Even Russia is looking at our scientific ... co-operation between Belarus and Russia has gained special importance, also ... at high-tech industries, and Russia initially faced serious problems: i ...

russia , Belarus , co-operation , Belyaev , opinion

Avdonin: NATO has always focused on conflict with Russia

... kind of peacekeeping mission towards Russia, “These were all beautiful ... focused on the conflict with Russia, and most importantly, they ... independent and sovereign vector of Russia’s development.” Aleksei Avdonin said ... Western countries began to ‘attack’ Russia from Ukraine, “They began to ... drive Ukraine into confrontation with Russia. They began to conduct ... manoeuvre occurred: Crimea went to Russia. Naturally, the West then realised ... Ukraine for direct confrontation with Russia.” The expert said that ...

NATO , West , Belarus , Russia , Ukraine

Media: Ukraine transferred part of the production of its missiles outside the country

... tell you is that, unfortunately, Russia hit the place where these ... for a military conflict with Russia in December 2019 after Volodymyr ...

Ukraine , Russia , missile production

Opinion: Latvia creates enemies from Belarus, Russia to divert attention from its domestic inflation

... its border with Belarus and Russia. According to the country’s ... creates an enemy image from Russia and Belarus in order to ... being created from Belarus and Russia, and instead of dealing with ... doing, creating a threat to Russia, destroying its citizens for nine ...

Belarus , russia , latvia , lithuania , poland , Markov , opinion

Today’s level of Belarus’ demand in Russia has never been seen before

... Lukashenko, met with Governor of Russia’s Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev ... of ‘old friends’ from Russia and Belarus enabled the two ... several such large centres across Russia and produce equipment together with ... needs something, we will surely reach the relevant agreements and implement ... occupies a leading position in Russia in many respects in agriculture ... tea. In addition, Kuban rice is the most competitive in ... Veniamin Kondratyev admitted that when Russia faced new challenges and difficulties ...

Belarus , Russia , politics , Lukashenko , Governor , Krasnodar

Borovik: Ukraine will have to sit down at negotiating table sooner or later

... . “As far as Ukraine and Russia are concerned, sooner or later ... Ukraine to refuse negotiations with Russia while Russian leader Vladimir Putin ... was ready for talks with Russia, but with a different president ...

Russia , Ukraine , politics

Lukashenko outlined promising areas of co-operation with Leningrad Region, and these include construction, energy, roads

... account the expressed wishes, a rich programme of the visit has ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , russia

Lukashenko informed on projects discussed with Putin over phone yesterday: aircraft and logistics

... Federation. As the President of Russia said, large airports and distant ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , russia

Lavrov blamed Western countries for the ‘collapse of Ukraine’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine that the West disrupted the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and therefore bears direct responsibility for the ‘collapse of Ukraine’ and the incitement of civil war in it, TASS reports Photo: Sergei Lavrov said, “Having disrupted the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, the West is directly responsible for the collapse of Ukraine and the incitement of civil war there.” He also ...

Lavrov , Russia , Ukraine , West

Shoigu: Russia-Iran co-operation reaching new level

... new level, the dialogue between Russia and Iran is developing especially ... allies. The sanctions pressure on Russia and Iran shows its futility ... Armed Forces of Iran, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani. At the same time ... developed between the leaders of Russia and Iran. "The high ...

russia , iran , Shoigu

Independent German journalist said Germany became less likely to blame Russia for its own economic problems

... become less likely to blame Russia for their own country’s ... Baerbock began to refer to Russia as the root cause of ... [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and Russia with its anti-sanctions, while ... now referring to Russia is already considered bad form ... is already wary of blaming Russia directly. “The fact is that ...

Germany , Russia , sanctions , economy

Netherlands said US wants to freeze Ukrainian conflict

... , but this is unacceptable for Russia, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... frozen conflict is unacceptable for Russia,” the human rights activist said ... is ready to talk to Russia.

Ukraine , usa , russia

China declared readiness to enhance global stability together with Russia

... ready to join efforts with Russia to strengthen universal peace and ... , “We are ready, together with Russia, in accordance with the important ... Ministry’s representative, consultations between Russia and China on security are ... the mutual political trust between Russia and China is. The Chinese ...

russia , china

‘Next year will be a good one for us’

... realising provisions of the Belarus-Russia Union State Foundation Treaty ... process is nearing completion in Russia, “Everything is stable, reliable ... co-operation. North Korea, Russia... I know that Koreans have ... The Presidents of Belarus and Russia Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin ... send volunteers to participate in Russia’s special military operation. ... when he said that Russia and Ukraine will eventually ... decree prohibiting [the negotiations with Russia],” Vladimir Putin agreed. “He ...

Belarus , Russia , Lukashenko , Putin , negotiations

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