Precedent rule

... Olympic Games cannot transpire without Russia’s participation.” Here is the ... in an official invitation to Russia and Belarus to take part ...

IOC , Belarus , Russia , Asian games

North Korea warns US over spreading rumours about its arms sales to Russia

... about the arms trade between Russia and North Korea, it would ... by the US actions harming Russia’s security interests as well ...

DPRK , US , Russia , weapons , Ukraine

Opinion: Germany suffers from anti-Russian sanctions, but is not ready to lift them yet

... calls to lift sanctions against Russia in Germany are regarded as ...

Germany , Russia , sanctions

Defence Ministry: units of 11th Mechanised Brigade continue to be put on alert

... troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia, the material support units of ...

Belarus , Russia , Defence Ministry , military

Opinion: new development centres being formed in the world, and Belarus already part of them

... and strengthen its alliance with Russia, which remains the most important ... one for the republic, “Russia is one of the largest ...

belarus , russia , india , china , co-operation

Hungary to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power

Hungary intends to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power organisations and enterprises – as stated by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, TASS reports Photo: Commenting on the preparation by the European Commission of the next package of anti-Russian sanctions, Viktor Orban noted, “Plans for new sanctions are being developed in Brussels, with nuclear energy being on the agenda.” Orban also stressed that he ‘expects a big fight on this issue, but the Hungarian ...

Russia , Hungary , EU , sanctions , veto , Orban

Media: US demands Turkiye to stop allowing flights from Russia

... that Turkish individuals are at risk of jail time, fines, loss ... planes flying to and from Russia and Belarus in violation of ... a long-term isolation of Russia, or whether the Russian Federation ...

russia , turkiye , usa , aviation , aircraft

Flight tactical exercises of armies of Belarus and Russia entered active phase

... aviation units of Belarus and Russia. A wide range of tasks ...

Belarus , Russia , army , exercises

Russia, Belarus invited to participate in Asian Games

... of Asia invited Belarus and Russia to take part in the ...

Sports , Asia , Belarus , Russia

Parkhomchik: we’re not limited solely to Russian market

Exports of Belarusian goods to the Russian Federation increased 1.4 times, but this does not mean that our country is abandoning other markets – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy PM Piotr Parkhomchik during his talk with ONT TV channel Piotr Parkhomchik reminded that some foreign companies left the Russian market. “Opportunities have opened up for Belarusian industrial enterprises, and we were able to quickly reorient ourselves to the Russian market. The Russian market was ready to consume everything ...

Belarus , Russia , exports

Military expert: Belarusian people understand well what big war and destroyed cities are

... understand what could be at risk: the example of Ukraine is ... people understand what is at risk. This is the key.” The ... Kazakhstan last year, “Belarus and Russia acted harshly and clearly in ...

opinion , belarus , russia

Russian Parliament completed ratification of agreement with Belarus on mutual recognition of visas

... by the State Duma of Russia. Thus, the Russian Parliament has ... the territory of Belarus and Russia on the basis of a ... the borders of Belarus and Russia at checkpoints. It is also ...

Belarus , Russia , agreement , visas

In 2022, Russia doubled pipeline gas supplies to China

... of liquefied natural gas from Russia to China increased by 43 ... .9 percent to reach about 6.5 million tonnes ... for the year. Last December, Russia was ranked second in the ...

Russia , China , gas , oil

Expert said US provoked serious regional conflict in Europe

... . I believe the rapprochement of Russia, China and a number of ...

USA , China , Russia , EU

Medvedev: anti-American military alliance is possible in the event of long-lasting Ukrainian conflict

... to exhaust and subsequently destroy Russia. He stressed that the confrontation ...

medvedev , russia , usa , Ukraine

Opinion: Germany being pushed to war with Russia

... pushing it to war with Russia on the side of Kiev ... channel Photo: Russia has repeatedly noted that the ...

germany , russia

Tasmagambetov, Patrushev shared views on situation along CSTO borders

A working meeting was held in Moscow between CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev – as reported on the CSTO official website Photo: Nikolai Patrushev congratulated Imangali Tasmagambetov on his appointment and wished him success in his activities for the benefit of the CSTO development, expressing his readiness to assist in the implementation of the tasks facing the CSTO Secretariat. The two sides discussed ...

CSTO , Belarus , Russia , Tasmagambetov , Patrushev

Attempts to strangle Russia and Belarus have failed

... results of this year for Russia. We have approximately the ... the attempts to strangle us, Russia and Belarus, have actually ... Foreign Affairs of Belarus and Russia. “There are questions that ... State. The topic of Russia’s special military operation in ... I have promised, everything Russia needs in this difficult period ... an important avenue of Belarus-Russia co-operation. In this ... Union State of Belarus and Russia, that the West directly ... successful neither in relation to Russia, nor in relation to ...

Belarus , Russia , co-operation

Russian Government approved agreement with Belarus on establishment of joint military training centres

... armed forces of Belarus and Russia is also among the tasks ...

russia , belarus , military

Opinion: US main task is to drive wedge in China-Russia relations

... in relations between China and Russia, “The Americans have been successfully ... it for many decades. The rise of China, when the country ... a wedge between China and Russia.” Yuri Shevtsov is convinced that ...

China , US , Russia

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