Chip is no rescue ranger

... of the business. When sanctions make the sanctioned stronger Equally heated battles ... as in the situation with sanctions against Belarus and Russia, the ... due to the newly imposed sanctions. On the other hand, the ...

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MTZ Director General on company’s work under sanctions

The sanctions failed to slow down the ... due to the introduction of sanctions, the market has narrowed, though ... Competence Centre Mikhail Ledvik the sanctions did not live up to ... Igor Zemtsov noted that the sanctions stimulated the company to work ...

Belarus , MTZ , tractor , sanctions

Belavia CEO on sanctions: no airline likely to admit they produce benefit

The sanctions imposed by the West on ... can actually admit that these sanctions are beneficial. All of them ...

Belavia , Belarus , russia , airline , sanctions , Cherginets

Foreign Ministry on deployment of TNW in Belarus: our forced defensive actions completely justified

... that the first illegal economic sanctions against Belarus were imposed by ...

foreign ministry , Belarus , tactical nuclear weapons , sanctions

FM warned about possibility of new criminal cases against initiators of sanctions against Belarus

... the decision to extend illegal sanctions have been taken into account ...

Belarus , foreign ministry , sanctions

Lebedev: Western sanctions failed, CIS members got stronger

Western sanctions have failed, and the CIS ... the West recognises – that the sanctions imposed against us have failed ...

Lebedev , CIS , Belarus , russia , sanctions

Expert: trend towards split in collective West obvious

The sanctions imposed by the European Union ... approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, introducing restrictive measures ... restrictions. As Sergei Sudakov noted, sanctions have long ceased to be ... an efficient mechanism. “The sanctions that the EU and the ... has become obvious. They take sanctions and try to intimidate Russia ...

West , Russia , sanctions

NYT: US failed to isolate Russia

... a ‘diplomatic offensive’. Using economic sanctions and insisting on the collective ... it will cope with the sanctions pressure that the West is ... admit the failure of the sanctions policy. Even in some Western ... repeatedly voiced that anti-Russian sanctions are ineffective. Putin said that ... strategy of the West, and sanctions have dealt a serious blow ... the main goal of Western sanctions is to worsen the lives ...

US , Russia , sanctions

Expert: EU sanctions didn’t hurt Russia, but worsened economic situation in EU

... Robin Brooks stated that the sanctions the European Union imposed after ... became clear that the EU sanctions failed to significantly affect ... placed too much hope in sanctions in the financial sphere. ... to accumulate foreign assets. “By sanctioning some Russian financial institutions, the ... foreign assets from sanctioned banks to non-sanctioned ones,” Robin Brooks ... reduced the effectiveness of the sanctions. “In times of heightened ... the expert noted. The failed sanctions policy is negatively affecting the ...

EU , Russia , sanctions

Expert on sanctions against Russia: skyrocketing prices will affect European market in month or two

... due to its anti-Russian sanctions: Western countries in general and ...

europe , sanctions , prices , Belyaev , opinion

Foreign Ministry: Russia will regard confiscation of its assets by EU as trade war

Russia will consider the confiscation of its assets by the European Union as an act of trade war, and any attempts to confiscate Russian funds would be a gross violation of international law – as stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, TASS reports Photo: "We consider such actions not only as a banal theft, but also as a true trade war, as an escalation of the West's economic aggression against our country," Ms. Zakharova ...

russia , EU , Zakharova , assets , sanctions

Gaidukevich: West’s sanctions only strengthened Belarus’ sovereignty

... is being strangled by unfounded sanctions, but, let’s say, the ... . According to the deputy, the sanctions that the West imposed on ... . We not only survived the sanctions, but thanks to them we ... , then in this area the sanctions also benefited Belarus, “Only after ... these packages of sanctions were introduced against Russia and ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , West , sanctions , sovereignty

MP thanked the West for sanctions: you cemented Union State for centuries

... West: thank you for the sanctions, for the war that you ...

Belarus , russia , Union State , West , sanctions , gaidukevich , opinion

Bundestag said EU lost €500m+ due to sanctions against Russia

... Euros due to anti-Russian sanctions – as stated by Bundestag deputy ... .com Moosdorf noted that the sanctions imposed against Moscow have a ... ’ mentality.” The actual costs of sanctions for the EU have already ... the fact that anti-Russian sanctions provoked an increase in oil ...

EU , Russia , sanctions

Expert: stupid European politicians succumbed to US influence and took burden of sanctions upon themselves

... economy by imposing anti-Russian sanctions Winter has come, and energy ... in Ukraine began), it imposed sanctions against Russia and stopped buying ... most striking example of how sanctions actually work. “This is an ... took the entire burden of sanctions upon themselves. As a result ...

europe , usa , sanctions , avdonin , opinion

France said sanctions against Russian diamonds are destroying Western economies

... economies by imposing anti-Russian sanctions – as stated by Nicolas Dupont ... on the twelfth package of sanctions, this time against Russian diamonds ...

west , russia , sanctions , france , Diamonds

French politician urged to lift anti-Russian sanctions for the sake of his country’s national economy

The sanctions imposed by the European Union ... party leader noted, anti-Russian sanctions caused an increase in energy ... the past! A stop to sanctions, withdrawal from the European electricity ...

france , eu , russia , sanctions

Operation Isolation failure

All attempts by Western bigwigs to strangle and subjugate Belarusian-Russian sports are being defeated by the growing co-operation and commonwealth of our powers They don’t even hide this anymore: excommunicating Russia and Belarus from the big international schedule is a dirty policy that has nothing to do with true Olympism and fair sports. The International Olympic Committee and the sports federations subordinate to it are doing everything to humiliate and trample, to deprive our countries ...

Belarus , Russia , sport , sanctions

Expert: Belarus co-operates directly with African countries in potassium sales

... been suspended because of the sanctions, and the entire African continent ... . As a result of the sanctions, these fertilisers are not present ... they do not join the sanctions and act contrary to them ...

potash fertilisers , sanctions , petrovsky , opinion , Belarus

Independent German journalist predicted worsening situation for German business

... estimated losses from its own sanctions at almost $1.5 trillion ... . Speaking about how the EU sanctions policy towards Russia affected German ... at the beginning of the sanctions war, German business was bent ... forced to accept the new sanctions order. <...> Nobody wanted ...

Germany , crisis , business , economy , sanctions , Russia , EU

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