Lukashenko thanked West for imposed sanctions

... the West for the imposed sanctions, BelTA reports “I would like ... entire Western world for imposing sanctions against us. Otherwise, not Belarusian ...

Lukashenko , Zimbabwe , sanctions

Opinion: Germany suffers from anti-Russian sanctions, but is not ready to lift them yet

... want to lift anti-Russian sanctions, despite the fact that these ... him, any calls to lift sanctions against Russia in Germany are ... for Germany, says that the sanctions primarily hit Germany itself. The ... the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions in Germany. “When we start ... with the help of EU sanctions.

Germany , Russia , sanctions

Beijing intends to protect Chinese companies in case of US sanctions against them

... country’s companies if US sanctions are imposed on them because ... not comply with anti-Russian sanctions. “We will not accept such ...

China , US , companies , sanctions

Bundestag ex-deputy: West beginning to understand that pernicious effect of sanctions policy cannot be hidden

... express their dissatisfaction with the sanctions policy that their leaders are ... that the perniciousness of the sanctions policy cannot be hidden. It ... to get out of the sanctions, so that the anger that ... the reverse effect of the sanctions policy, and Hungary, in turn ... the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions will continue.

EU , West , sanctions

Hungary to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power

... intends to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power organisations ... next package of anti-Russian sanctions, Viktor Orban noted, “Plans for ... new sanctions are being developed in Brussels ...

Russia , Hungary , EU , sanctions , veto , Orban

Iranian Foreign Ministry announces retaliatory sanctions against EU and UK

Tehran intends to impose sanctions against the European Union and ... date of the imposition of sanctions is not specified, but Kanaani ... the UK have imposed new sanctions against Iran due to the ...

Iran , EU , UK , sanctions

Economy Ministry: despite sanctions pressure, Belarus’ economy has been developing dynamically in 2022

Despite the sanctions pressure, the Belarusian economy has ... 95.3 percent. “Despite the sanctions pressure, this figure has been ...

Belarus , economy , sanctions , Economy Ministry

EC Head announced 10th package of sanctions against Russia

... introduce the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, CNN reports Photo ... that the tenth package of sanctions will be aimed at eliminating ... avoid the circumvention of EU sanctions, since the new package will ... the tenth package of EU sanctions against Russia should be ready ...

ec , eu , russia , sanctions

Gaidukevich: sanctions have made us stronger

... der Leyen, promised new EU sanctions against Belarus for its ‘role ... that by not stopping the sanctions war, the European Union is ... , and they are announcing new sanctions,” the parliamentarian said. “Let it ... are destroying themselves by imposing sanctions on those at whose expense ... . It won’t happen anymore. Sanctions have made us stronger. And ... world, and they are imposing sanctions on us. The logic is ... easy to understand. All sanctions are imposed against Belarus for ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , West , sanctions

Opinion: EU sanctions against Belarus and Russia yielding no result

... which she spoke of new sanctions against Belarus and Russia. According ... by that statement. “The EU sanctions against Belarus and Russia have ... said. According to Mr. Gaidukevich, sanctions have been illegally imposed on ... power as people's President, sanctions have been imposed only because ... their understanding. Western countries impose sanctions on Belarus for supporting Russia ... . What about sanctions against Lithuania for its alliance ...

gaidukevich , opinion , eu , Belarus , russia , sanctions

Opinion: by imposing its illegal restrictions West tried to strangle the economies of Belarus and Russia

When imposing its sanctions, the West wanted to strangle ...

Opinion , Belarus , Russia , sanctions

19FortyFive: Russia defeated West in financial war

... . Moreover, the observer said that sanctions against the Russian Federation could ...

Russia , sanctions , economy

40+ ships with grain and sugar stuck in Iran due to sanctions

... payment problems caused by Western sanctions against the country – as noted ...

Iran , cargo , sanctions

Nauseda shared concerns about attempts to weaken EU sanctions against Russia

... of EU countries to ease sanctions against Russia ‘under the pretext ... necessary to maintain [anti-Russian] sanctions as tough as possible. There ... about attempts to weaken the sanctions mechanism under the guise of ... as an excuse to ease sanctions against some Russian oligarchs," ... on the ninth package of sanctions against Russia. They are close ...

nauseda , lithuania , eu , russia , sanctions

Opinion: Belarus, Russia effectively resist illegal sanctions policy of the West

... are effectively resisting the illegal sanctions policy and the hybrid war ... in difficult times of the sanctions pressure. We see that the ...

russia , Belarus , sanctions

Turkiye explained Ankara's refusal to join anti-Russian sanctions

... ’s refusal to join the sanctions against Russia imposed by the ... to join the anti-Russian sanctions and its trade relations with ... Moscow cause him concern. “Western sanctions [are imposed] not only against ... not join the anti-Russian sanctions, this will have a positive ... to join the anti-Russian sanctions was discussed in the summer ...

turkiye , russia , sanctions

Expert: only France conducts policy in the interests of its own country in Europe

... negative effect of anti-Russian sanctions is visible in Europe. Problems ... the Ukrainian conflict and the sanctions policy against Russia, “Europeans get ...

russia , europe , sanctions

EU Council adds circumventing imposed sanctions to list of crimes

... made in connection with the sanctions against the Russian Federation. It ... ensure a similar degree of sanctions enforcement throughout the EU and ...

EU , Russia , sanctions

Belarus' Permanent Representative to UN: sanctions indicate economic terrorism and attempt to strangle entire nations

The economic sanctions imposed on Belarusian potash fertilisers ... draw attention to the flawed sanctions policy, “We want to show ... . We continue saying that the sanctions mechanism is economic terrorism, it ... UN stated that the economic sanctions imposed on Belarusian potash fertilisers ... states – that invent and implement sanctions – not just for economic strangulation ...

rybakov , un , belarus , sanctions , famine

Expert: Europe understands that attempt to rob Russia led to dead end

The sanctions that Europe has imposed on ... all of whom support the sanctions policy of the authorities. According ... shifting European policy away from sanctions towards establishing trade-economic ties ... suffer from the consequences of sanctions aggression against Russia’. The Head ...

Russia , Europe , sanctions

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