European Parliament proposes to impose sanctions against US

... Union is obliged to impose sanctions against the United States and ... should immediately impose the same sanctions against Saudi Arabia, which has ... . According to the MEP, the sanctions against Russia are ‘incredible lies ...

us , sanctions

US might lift sanctions against Belarus’ potash industry

... considering a possibility of lifting sanctions against Belarusian producers of potash ... publication, American officials may lift sanctions against the Belarusian potash industry ...

usa , sanctions , potassium

Kochanova: close co-operation is necessary under sanctions

... everything, and working today under sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus ... , Natalya Kochanova said that the sanctions were imposed not only on ...

Kochanova , sanctions , interaction

Political expert: Belarus has everything to survive in conditions of sanctions and partially closed borders

During his talk with STV TV channel, political scientist Vadim Borovik said he is sure that in this difficult time our country will be able to survive and provide the population with everything necessary “Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko correctly said that they [the West] are trying to bring our country to its knees. In fact, this is economic strangulation in order to create socio-political instability and demolish the regime. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of the statehood of the ...

Borovik , sanctions

UN Chief proposes to ease restrictions on potash exports from Belarus and Russia

... , which is caused by the sanctions of the collective West and ...

Un , sanctions , potassium

Vucic: Serbia does not support sanctions against Russia

... will resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia as much as ... Serbia will try to restrain sanctions against the Russian Federation since ... a lot by not imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation, but ... the issue of anti-Russian sanctions is related to gas and ... , but it will not impose sanctions against Russia.

Serbia , russia , sanctions

Japanese corporations suffer tremendous losses due to anti-Russian sanctions

... the impact of anti-Russian sanctions have exceeded $2bn – as reported ...

japan , corporations , sanctions

Millions of Brits may feel cold in winter due to anti-Russian sanctions

... prices due to anti-Russian sanctions – as warned by Keith Anderson ...

uk , prices , sanctions

China called on developing nations to jointly deal with fallout of Western sanctions on Russia

... against the consequences of the sanctions that the West has imposed ... economic pain on Russia, such sanctions are a double-edged sword ... the problem of inflation. The sanctions imposed by Western countries on ... . And the consequences of these sanctions would be the restructuring of ...

China , Russia , USA , sanctions

EU to impose sanctions against Patriarch Kirill

... sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... new package of anti-Russian sanctions.

eu , sanctions

Polish firms on the ropes since trade with Belarus curtailed

... : Anti-Belarusian sanctions have caused a 90 percent ...

poland , sanctions

Inflation likely to rise in Europe due to anti-Russian sanctions

... . Gigin stressed that, by imposing sanctions against Russia, the West is ... continue rising since the first sanctions imposed against Russia were not ... be able to take counter-sanctions, and [Europeans] are seriously afraid ...

europe , russia , sanctions

Beijing to take measures over pressure on its companies amid sanctions against Russia

... partners due to anti-Russian sanctions – as stated by the official ... .com “Certain countries have applied sanctions against the Russian Federation, creating ...

china , russia , sanctions

Germany predicted complete shutdown of its economy

Refusal of Russian gas supplies could result in a complete shutdown of the country’s economy for Germany – as stated by CEO of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Martin Wansleben, RIA Novosti reports The economist noted, “At the moment we are approaching a real deficit situation.” According to him, Germany is threatened with a shutdown of its economy: the situation which is ‘unprecedented, at least since the end of WWII’. Earlier, the OPEC Secretary General said that ...

Germany , sanctions

Lukashenko: no sanctions will bow us down

... forgot about all kinds of sanctions. This is how we will ... work across all directions. No sanctions will bow us down or ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Russia , sanctions

West demonstrates intellectual impairment and courage

... escalate the situation and impose sanctions on Russia and Belarus until ... know for sure what their sanctions can lead to, but since ... continue to insist on a sanctions policy. It is called intellectual ...

sanctions , west , opinion , Dzermant

Sanctions policy of West aimed at blitzkrieg failed

... Channel of the Belarusian Radio , sanctions policy of the West – focused ... problem. “They believed the imposed sanctions against Russia will be short ... to withstand these sanctions. As a result, the sanctions policy – which was ... are now suffering from these sanctions measures,” the expert explained. Mr ...

sanctions , opinion , avdonin

Belarus’ Economy Minister outlines country’s economic development avenues

Belarus has been experiencing sanctions pressure for the second year – ... learnt of a volume of sanctions in February, we had to ...

chervyakov , sanctions

Rachkov: world is being rebuilt, but West won’t easily give up its influence

... . Sergei Rachkov noted that the sanctions policy is not a diplomacy ... and interaction, but a sanctions diplomacy, “This sanctions diplomacy will continue not ...

Rachkov , West , sanctions

Shpakovsky: all fundamental principles of international law were violated

... into the damage from the sanctions that were illegally imposed on ...

Shpakovsky , west , sanctions

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