Western sanctions brought billions of Dollars to Belarus, expert asserts

... against the background of the sanctions war that the West declared ... definitely experienced results of the sanctions pressure. However, the country ... 2020 when there were no sanctions yet," the expert ... – which lobbied for anti-Belarusian sanctions – are increasing Belarusian imports. In ... 2019 when there were no sanctions or coronavirus. Exactly the ... Americans have introduced not a sanctions regime for Lukashenko but created ... thank the West for its sanctions against Belarus. Their positive effect ...

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Lukashenko: we will respond to sanctions

... is again threatening Belarus with sanctions photo: “Well ... completely. We will respond to sanctions. This is not even up ...

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Lukashenko on response to sanctions

... with the fifth package of sanctions. He reminded those present that ... warned, “If they impose additional sanctions on us – indigestible and unacceptable ...

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Sanctions as an attempt to clear the markets

... , noted that the policy of sanctions is an attempt to clear ... said. The deputy believes the sanctions policy is an attempt to ... written by someone. Unilateral coercive sanctions are not just measures against ... much more if not for sanctions. At the same time, the ... no need to think that sanctions can destroy it," the ...

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Orda: Western politicians will not succeed in destroying Belarus' industry

... JSC which is under illegal sanctions of the European Union since ... of law and abandon the sanctions policy which contradicts the fundamental ... experts made a clear conclusion: sanctions violate the fundamental norms of ... prove the illegality of the sanctions policy on an international level ...

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Sanctions hinder building bridges between countries

Sanctions prevent overcoming consequences of the ... future where the policy of sanctions is overcome since it does ...


Sanctions undermine Europe’s authority

... with the fifth package of sanctions against Belarus – as Artem Sikorsky ... .by Speaking about the upcoming sanctions that Europe wants to impose ... with the fifth package of sanctions, Europe is completely undermining its ...

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New growth reserves

... at a meeting on countering sanctions measures. There is little ... good in sanctions. But it is also ... like the attitude to oppose sanctions. This is how we ... Europe and America, begging for sanctions against Belarus.” Participants of ... the true motives of the sanctions pressure, “The goal is ... the country that imposes the sanctions.” Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention ... the negative consequences of the sanctions against Belarus. The Head ... the fact that the sanctions in this situation also ...

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House of Representatives adopts a bill toughening responsibility for calls for sanctions

... at application of restrictive measures (sanctions) against the Republic of Belarus ... it. “People who call for sanctions against their country are either ...

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To spite all the sanctions

... trade balance has reached $2bn: sanctions have become not a brake ... in all key areas Definitely, sanctions do bring some tension into ... from the whole world tougher sanctions for Belaruskali. Although what our ... , in matters of rhetoric and sanctions stories, they were ahead of ... behind in this market. Undoubtedly, sanctions create a very unpleasant feeling ... of fillers and sweeteners. Possible sanctions are very straining to Baltic ...

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Collective response

... to collectively respond to the sanctions pressure – as stated by Belarus ... can apply in case of sanctions pressure on an EAEU member ...

EAEU , sanctions

Efforts united to oppose sanctions

... these should include lifting of sanctions, submitting apologies to Belarus and ... and work but if they [sanctions’ authors] follow these values in ... can’t but see that sanctions harm not only the countries ...

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Healthcare system most sensitive to economic sanctions

... this in view, any economic sanctions primarily affect socio-economic policy ...

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