Opinion: EU heads do not even hide their racism towards refugees

... applied to refugees in the European Union now. For example, there is ... trying to come to the European Union through the borders of Poland ... views on the problem. “The European Union demonstrates the authoritarian features of ... their racism. “For them, the European Union is an island of civilisation ...

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Expert explains reasons for stronger contradictions within the EU

... distinguish such concepts as the European Union, Brussels, national states, interests and ... those of Brussels and the European Union. That is, when (conditionally) there ... the whole structure of the European Union may be levelled or the ... impose on people in the European Union. Earlier, Europe was developing only ... undermine the status of the European Union and its legislative acts. As ...

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EC allocated €210m to food crisis-prone countries

The European Commission has allocated 210m Euros in aid to 15 countries, mainly African, which experience a food crisis, TASS reports Photo: “The Commission is stepping up support to help those most affected by the devastating effects of rising food insecurity globally. A new humanitarian aid package of 210m Euros will be provided in 15 countries to meet their growing needs,” the EC statement reads. Financial assistance will go to Mali, Central African Republic, Syria, Lebanon, ...

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MP: EU states currently defending US interests

Some European leaders are beginning to recognise that anti-Russian sanctions have become a big mistake, since serious heating problems may be observed in winter in many EU countries. Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, commented on who had benefited from introducing restrictions against Russia. In his talk with Alfa Radio , the deputy noted that the EU countries should become independent, and European leaders need to understand that their main ...

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Iohannis: crisis in Europe is one of the largest

The European continent is currently experiencing a serious crisis, and it is possible to overcome it if NATO and the EU unite their efforts – as stated by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Romanian leader pointed to a rather high number of victims of the ongoing events. “We are facing one of the largest humanitarian crises in our continent’s newest history, and it is generating an increasing number of victims, destruction and displacement of ...

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Borrell: presence of European visa does not guarantee Russians entry to the EU

... tourist’s entry into the European Union, but it is not a ... , the foreign ministers of the European Union member states agreed at a ...

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Reuters: EU to form new package of assistance to Ukraine by September

The European Union intends to form another package of assistance to Ukraine by September 2022, TASS reports with reference to the Reuters Agency Photo: According to the unnamed source from the German government, the amount of financial assistance to Kiev will make 8bn Euros – combining grants and loans.

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Russia commented on EU decision on partial ban on oil supplies

... of thinking demonstrates that the European Union is not in good shape ...

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Borrell acknowledged depletion of stockpiles in EU due to assistance to Ukraine

The military reserves of the European Union have been significantly depleted from ... 2008 economic crisis, and the European Union has only now managed to ...

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Belarus’ Foreign Ministry: aggressive rhetoric becoming dominant in the EU

The European Union is so perfect that its ... by Aleksandr Kulevsky "The European Union is so perfect that its ... is becoming dominant in the European Union, while European officials stubbornly follow ... repeated its call to the European Union to stop generating tension and ...

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