Sweden ready to provide NATO, EU with spaceport for launching military satellites

... launching military satellites of the European Union and NATO members, TASS reports ...

sweden , usa , europe , european union , nato

Le Monde: EU will not be able to defend itself from external threats for long

The European Union is heavily dependent on the ... French publication notes that the European Union is ‘still very far from ...

united states , european union

Von der Leyen's party took lead in European Parliament elections based on preliminary results

The European People's Party, of which the current Head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is a member, took first place in the elections to the European Parliament, TASS reports with reference to the preliminary results announced by the EP's press service in Brussels Photo: According to the source, European People's Party won 181 seats in the European Parliament, retaining the primacy. The second place (135 seats) went to the Socialists and Democrats, and the ...

european union , European Parliament , Ursula von der Leyen

European Commission opening AI development office in Brussels

The European Commission announced the opening of the EU office for the development of artificial intelligence in Brussels, RIA Novosti reports Photo: It is informed that the office will be engaged in ensuring future developments, implementation and use of AI in the interests of society's development, economic benefits and promotion of innovations at the EU level. In addition, the structure will ensure control over the identification of AI-related risks and their resolution.

European Commission , european union , Artificial intelligence

EU flags proposed to be removed from administrative buildings in Italy

... the law that obliges the European Union flag to be hung outside ... a law that obliges the European Union flag to be hung over ...

italy , european union

State Border Committee: 77,000+ EU residents visited Belarus without visas since early 2024

... , 77,158 foreigners from the European Union have used the Belarusian visa ...

State Border Committee , visa-free regime , Belarus , european union

Poll: over 50% of the French surveyed questioned Macron's influence on decisions in the European Union

... decision-making process in the European Union since his election as Head ...

Macron , france , european union , poll

EU launched investigation into TikTok, AliExpress

The European Union is conducting inspections against AliExpress, ... violations. Since August 25th, the European Union has strengthened control over the ...

european union , TikTok , AliExpress

Expert: involvement of NATO countries into Ukrainian conflict will increase

... . Kawai, ‘the framework of the European Union which largely duplicates NATO, as ...

usa , nato , european union , Ukraine , france , russia

European Commission does not know when negotiations on Ukraine's accession to EU will begin

... to the Council of the European Union a draft mandate for negotiations ... Ukraine's admission to the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen noted ... pro-European parties of the European Union. The start of negotiations on ... country's admission to the European Union does not define any time ... of its accession to the European Union.

european union , eu , Ukraine

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry: EU consciously supports criminals and finances extremists

... ;The theatrical ‘support of the European Union for civil society and democratic ... terrorist methods, means that the European Union consciously supports criminals, finances extremists ...

foreign ministry , european union , Belarus , extremism

Media: Romanians, Bulgarians allowed to travel to EU without passports from end of March 2024

... 31st, 2024, citizens of the European Union member states – Romania and Bulgaria ... , which are members of the European Union, are not excluded, and EU ...

european union , romania , Bulgaria

State Border Committee: 5,000+ EU residents visited Belarus without visas in a week

5,177 foreigners from the European Union used the possibility of visa-free entry into Belarus last week, and 20,784 Europeans since the beginning of 2024, Belarus’ State Border Committee reports A total of 821,390 foreigners have visited Belarus since the introduction of the visa-free regime – including 506,814 citizens of Lithuania, 188,924 citizens and 57,109 non-citizens of Latvia, as well as 68,543 citizens of Poland.

visa-free regime , Belarus , european union

European Commission said ten EU countries will face recession by end of 2023

The economic downturn will be recorded in ten EU countries, including Germany, in 2023 – as stated in the autumn economic forecast of the European Commission, TASS reports Photo: "Ten EU states will face an economic downturn in 2023," the EU Economy Commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni, said in a statement, as he presented the forecast at a press conference in Brussels. According to the materials distributed by the European Commission, in particular, the German economy will ...

european union , recession

Opinion: indicative zone of peace and prosperity in European region is possible through joint efforts

... to a split of the European Union and the weakening of its ...

elites , european union , russia , Belarus , avdonin , opinion

Expert commented on new death of a refugee at border: it’s policy of intimidation

... within the framework of the European Union and follow the forcibly imposed ...

eu , refugees , Belyaev , opinion , european union

European Commission allocated another 100m Euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The European Commission has allocated an additional 100m Euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine – as informed by EC representative Balazs Ujvari, TASS reports Photo: "The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is catastrophic, so the European Commission has allocated an additional 100m Euros in humanitarian aid to this country and 10m Euros in aid to Moldova to improve the living conditions of Ukrainian refugees," the EC official said.

Ukraine , european union

Borrell: EU will not be able to deliver 1m shells to Ukraine by the end of 2023

... ; Mr. Borrell said. "The European Union exports a significant part of ...

Borrell , european union , russia , Ukraine

Lavrov: EU business lost up to 250bn Euros due to sanctions against Russia

Western sanctions against Russia have generated almost 250bn Euros of losses for European companies – as informed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, TASS reports Mr. Lavrov announced information about the amount that Western business lost due to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions during the diplomatic round table discussion devoted to the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. “Over the past year and a half, according to very conservative estimates, European business has lost up ...

european union , russia , sanctions

EU likely to impose new sanctions on Russian trade worth $5.3bn

The European Union is considering the possibility of ...

european union , russia , sanctions

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