Oncologist on whether vape smoking causes cancer

... they are less harmful to health than usual smoking. Russian oncologist ...

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Nutritionist on benefits of white rice alternatives

... who take care of their health, and the expert commented, “Studies ...

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Fitness trainer explained why belly fat doesn't go away and how to deal with it

Do fat bulges not go away from your belly? Or do you still have ‘love handles’ around your waist though you have lost weight? Do you blame hormones or elevated cortisol for this? A fitness trainer and weight loss expert with 12 years of experience, Serge i Gorbatko, analysed the problem. PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM The reason that fat does not go away is not at all in hormones or in a slow metabolism. “Fat deposits on the sides of the waist are a consequence of anatomical features. We do have ...

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Expert explains how much cheese is too much

... cholesterol, which will negatively affect health, it is recommended to eat ...

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Expert on amount of sugar person should eat per day

Sugar tastes pleasant and serves as a fast source of energy. However, experts and scientists warn that one should be more careful about its consumption, because this product is not as safe as it seems. Doctor of Medical Sciences , Professor of the Department of Endocrinology at the Belarusian State Medical University Alla Shepelkevich, explained how much sugar should be consumed per day in her talk with the STV TV channel. PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM Alla Shepelkevich explained that excessive sugar ...

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1st self-expandable pulmonary artery valve implanted at Republican Research and Practical Centre for Paediatric Surgery

A novelty in action The uniqueness of the Korean-made biological valve is that, once in the warm environment of the body, it begins to open up to the size intended by the design. The creation of this model increases the number of patients who can be operated on. The Republican Research and Practical Centre for Paediatric Surgery has been performing the implantation of pulmonary artery valves by the puncture method since 2018. This is an effective technique, but there were limitations on the ...

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Belstat provided statistics on Belarusians’ health

On the eve of World Health Day, celebrated annually on April ... years and older assesses their health status as ‘good’ and ‘satisfactory ... data from the Ministry of Health, Belarusians consulted doctors 108.4m ... practitioners took care of patients' health. * There are 45.1 medical ... a rest and improved their health in 462 sanatorium-resort, wellness ...

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Belarus first in CIS implanted self-expandable pulmonary artery valve in body

... secretary of the Ministry of Health, Yulia Borodun This group of ...

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Сardiologist explained how to find cause of hypertension

Hypertension, or arterial hypertension, is a medical condition that refers to a stable increase in blood pressure. Today, the disease more often affects not only age-related patients, but also the younger generation. Cardiologist Anna Korenevich told how to find the cause of hypertension. PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM Anna Korenevich named the most common causes of the disease, “The patient may develop hypertension due to snoring, which leads to sleep apnoea. In this case, you need to visit an ...

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Somnologist described ways to fall asleep easily

It is not always possible to fall asleep quickly and easily, as many thoughts often pop into the head before going to bed, which do not allow people to relax. It can take more than half an hour to fall asleep, so many people are looking for various ways that can help them find themselves in the arms of Morpheus faster. Somnologist Mikhail Poluektov explained how to fall asleep quickly, reports. PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM Mikhail Poluektov stated that the main secret to falling asleep quickly ...

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Nutritionist named three products that help burn fat

... adjust your diet, as the health of the body largely depends ...

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Belarusian biological heart valve: advantages of development

... demand of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus ... needs of the Ministry of Health institutions, and this year we ...

Health , medicine , heart valve , developments

Bionic arm, hip prosthesis with activity modules shown at Belarusian Prosthetics and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre

T he B elarusian Prosthetics and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre hosted an international training seminar Development of High-Quality and Innovative Services in the Field of Prosthetics and Orthopaedic Care, during which Russian and Belarusian specialists presented their innovations, BelTA reports PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM Guests from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan took part in the seminar. “We have been co-operating very fruitfully and closely these days. We have been exchanging experience, ...

Health , medicine

Doctor explains link between stress and infertility

... the psychological component of human health problems (especially reproductive ones!), it ...

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Belarusian scientists discovered new method for treating damaged joints

Cell technologies in Belarus are being implemented through scientific projects. Scientists are developing technologies for obtaining cells from various sources and testing their clinical effectiveness. The Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Transfusiology and Medical Biotechnologies is among the leaders in this regard. The Centre has found salvation for joint destruction – plasma enriched with platelets that replace worn-out cartilage. Platelets contain many active factors. They ...

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7 popular ways to remove Venus neck rings

Most experts agree that it is not entirely correct to call Venus rings wrinkles. A wrinkle is a fold on the skin that forms either as a result of facial expressions or in the process of skin ageing under the influence of various external factors, although, Venus rings can be found on the necks of children and adolescents, among others. PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM “The reason for this is the structural peculiarities of the platysma, a neck muscle. It starts from the corners of the mouth, goes around ...

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Expert on side effects of vitamin D intake

... role in maintaining overall human health, helping the body absorb calcium ... , muscle function, and maintaining heart health and the circulatory system. Belarusians ...

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Get vaccinated and stay healthy

... must take care of their health. If they fail to do ... the virus, the Ministry of Health stated. What about other infections ... ? Back in 2018, the World Health Organisation (WHO) added Disease X ...

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Expert on which cancers take most lives in Belarus

Deputy Director for Research at the Alexandrov National Cancer Centre, Sergei Krasny, told journalists that colorectal cancer causes mortality among Belarusians more often than other tumours In 2023, about 17,000 cancer patients died, of which men died by a large margin due to prostate cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer (colon cancer), and women due to breast cancer, colorectal cancer and gynaecological tumours. Colorectal cancer was the leading cause of death among all patients. “ ...


Neurologist lists signs of cerebral vasoconstriction: sad outcome likely if left untreated

In her talk with, a practicing Russian neurologist and doctor of medical sciences, Natalia Shindryaeva, explains what symptoms cerebral vasoconstriction has, and how dangerous the disease is PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM Frequent headaches and dizziness are caused by changes that occur in the vessels of the brain. Constriction is detected in patients with chronic vascular diseases: hypertension and atherosclerosis. Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs when intracranial pressure ...

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