Media: French mayor arrested after 70kg+ drugs found at her home

... 3.6 tonnes of illicit drugs were seized.

France , drugs , arrest

Legally doped up

... producing but also actively consuming drugs. In 2019, according to the ... 8.7 tonnes of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were seized ... , 6.15 tonnes of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were seized ... turnover of other types of drugs — cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, mephedrone, alpha ... with the use of narcotic drugs and substances. In addition, ... production and turnover of synthetic drugs in the country skyrocketed. The ... manufacture of synthetic drugs is a simple, fast and ...

ukraine , cannabis , legalisation , Zelenskyy , drugs , trafficking

Austria introducing additional control at border with Germany due to Berlin's legalisation of cannabis

... drivers under the influence of drugs from entering the roads," ...

austria , germany , drugs

Copenhagen’s street freely trading drugs will be closed

... to a person who sells drugs on a smaller scale] in ...

denmark , drugs , Copenhagen

30+ investment projects planned for Belarus’ pharmaceutical industry by 2030

... to expand the range of drugs in demand by the healthcare ...

drugs , medicine , Belarus , exports

Unique veterinary antibiotics-free drug developed in Belarus

... shown a unique development: veterinary drugs that make it possible to ... one hundred percent of the drugs available contain antibiotics. Accordingly, the ...

bsu , science , medicine , veterinary , drugs

Production of unique antibacterial and antitumor drugs launched in Belarus

... workshop for production of unique drugs – all developed by Belarusian scientists ... complies with international GMP standards. Drugs that have no analogues in ... modern facilities to produce three drugs which are of an extremely ...

science , medicine , drugs , BSU

About 15 anticancer drugs registered in Belarus over past decade

... of complex high-tech anticancer drugs has been established in Belarus ... operates in Belarus, and these drugs are, definitely, effective. After all ... , the so-called gold standard drugs are chosen when a production ... in this sphere. “Around 15 drugs against various tumours have been ...

national academy of sciences , drugs , medicine , cancer

WSJ: era of expensive drugs begins in the world

A new era of expensive drugs has arrived: medicines priced in ... , the number of such expensive drugs on the market will continue ... developers are convinced that such drugs will save money in the ...

Medicine , drugs

Belarusian medicines registered in Cuba

... Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry, these are drugs produced by Minskintercaps Photo by ... Centre for State Control of Drugs, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED ... the efficiency and safety of drugs for patients of the two ...

healthcare , drugs , medicine , cuba , agreement , belarus

Interior Minister reported on fight against drug trafficking in Belarus

... time, most sales of narcotic drugs are conducted via the Internet ... . In total, 664kg of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were detected ...

interior ministry , kubrakov , drugs

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