Austria said it won’t join NATO

... the foreign policy committee of Austria’s National Council (lower house ... of parliament). According to him, Austria is striving to establish an ... appeared in the media that Austria, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland sent ...

Austria , NATO

Austria introducing additional control at border with Germany due to Berlin's legalisation of cannabis

Austria has introduced additional control measures ... affects neighbouring federal states: Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg. Therefore ...

austria , germany , drugs

Austria urges clear rules to protect EU borders from illegal migration

... noted by Federal Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer, TASS reports photo ... presentation of his plan for Austria’s future development, Nehammer noted ...

Austria , EU , illegal migration

Austria urged to block negotiations on Ukraine’s admission to EU

... the EU and <...> Austria into an economic war, incompatible ...

Austria , Ukraine , elections , veto

Austrian expert: large-scale peace conference needed to strengthen security in Eurasia

It is very important for experts to continue the dialogue with all participants of the modern conflict, and the only way out is not to break off contacts but continue the discussion – as stated by a political expert, Professor of the Faculty of Political Science at the Vienna and Danube universities, Heinz Gaertner The expert noted that there are several models for resolving the existing conflict, but of great importance is also what will happen after the end of the war. “In my opinion, it will ...

security conference , expert , austria , Eurasia

Lukashenko congratulated the people of Austria on their national holiday

... , has congratulated the people of Austria on their national holiday – as ... Belarus, wished all residents of Austria a peaceful sky and prosperity.

Lukashenko , Austria , congratulation , Belarus

Poll: most Austrians believe anti-Russian sanctions harm EU

... respondents. The current government of Austria, as TASS reports, claims that ...

EU , Austria , Russia , sanctions

Austrian FM urged the West to engage in dialogue with Russia

Russia will not disappear anywhere, so Western countries, and especially the United States, need to come to a dialogue with it – as stated by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schellenberg, Die Welt reports Photo: According to the diplomat, Russia is the largest geographical neighbour of the European Union and a nuclear power in the world. It is also an important player in the implementation of global climate and environmental goals. “The West should continue to talk with ...

austria , russia , West

Austria urged government to abandon sanctions against Russia

... reasons for extreme inflation in Austria – as noted by Herbert Kickl ... : Inflation in Austria continues to grow, and – as ... . Kickl, the inflation rate in Austria is much higher than in ... EU countries. “Extreme inflation in Austria has not fallen from the ...

austria , sanctions , russia

Austrian climate activists to hold ‘wave of uprising’ in May

... set for itself. So far, Austria is not fulfilling them, the ...

clima , austria , activists

Austrian Chancellor: Vienna will not support Kiev militarily, but will continue to provide humanitarian assistance

Austria does not intend to provide ... not transfer weapons to Kiev, Austria will continue to provide humanitarian ... that the neutral status of Austria would remain at the heart ...

austria , Ukraine

Austrian Foreign Minister: Russia’s complete economic isolation from Europe is impossible

... European and International Affairs of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, TASS reports with ...

russia , europe , austria

Austria, India urged for peace talks on Ukraine

The foreign ministers of Austria and India called for peace ...

Ukraine , russia , austria , india

Ex-Austrian Vice Chancellor said West has no peace initiatives on Ukraine

... right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache said ... the former Vice Chancellor of Austria underlined, there is a chance ...

Austria , Ukraine , USA , EU

Austria’s former Vice-Chancellor Strache described Merkel's statement about Minsk agreements as frightening

... the former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, RIA Novosti ...

merkel , Minsk agreements , germany , austria , ukraine , russia

Austrian opposition demands immediate lifting of anti-Russian sanctions

... right-wing Freedom Party of Austria, Herbert Kickl, urges not to ... .com Mr. Kickl stressed that Austria is waging an economic war ... the energy sector began in Austria, and the inflation rate accelerated ... that the immediate need for Austria now is to get out ... Ukraine. "The Republic of Austria is sinking deeper into the ...

austria , russia , europe

Lukashenko congratulates people of Austria on national holiday

... people of the Republic of Austria on the national holiday – as ... State noted that Belarus and Austria are united not only by ... to continue co-operation with Austria for the benefit of both ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , austria

Russia resumed gas supplies to Italy through Austria

... supplies to Italian consumers through Austria, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... regulatory changes that occurred in Austria in late September. Gas transit ... through Austria has become possible after the ...

russia , gas , italy , austria , Gazprom

The Hill: Austria ready to host negotiations on de-escalation of Ukraine situation

Austria is ready to become a ... mentioned. According to the source, Austria ‘offered itself as a neutral ...

Austria , Ukraine , Russia , talks

Austrian Chancellor: Europeans disappointed with ineffectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions

The West should not rush to introduce new anti-Russian sanctions, says Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. According to him, residents of European countries are disappointed because the restrictions do not lead to the desired effect, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: Nehammer recalled that the West has already introduced a large number of restrictions. He expressed the opinion that for the time being this should be stopped. “As long as they are not as effective as we expected, I think ...

Austria , EU , Russia , sanctions

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