Posted: 03.04.2024 10:38:00

Austria introducing additional control at border with Germany due to Berlin's legalisation of cannabis

Austria has introduced additional control measures to combat drug trafficking from Germany against the background of Berlin's partial legalisation of the narcotic substance cannabis – as stated by Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner, TASS reports


"Legalisation in Germany also affects neighbouring federal states: Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg. Therefore, special measures are immediately introduced in areas located near the border. The main goal is to combat cross-border drug trafficking and prevent drivers under the influence of drugs from entering the roads," the Austrian Interior Ministry said in a press release.

A law regulating the storage and cultivation of cannabis came into force in Germany on April 1st, 2024, causing fierce discussions in German society. According to the new rules, German residents aged 18 and over can have no more than 25g of cannabis on hand for their own needs. They are also allowed to grow no more than three cannabis bushes at home or store up to 50g of cannabis. German residents are allowed to smoke cannabis in public, but it is forbidden to do this when children are nearby, as well as close to kindergartens, schools, play and sports grounds, in pedestrian areas during the daytime.

In Germany, the plant has been excluded from the list of prohibited ones. The law also provides for measures to prevent addiction to cannabis.