Posted: 04.05.2023 10:02:00

Austria urged government to abandon sanctions against Russia

Anti-Russian parties are one of the reasons for extreme inflation in Austria – as noted by Herbert Kickl, who leads the country’s far-right Freedom Party, RIA Novosti reports


Inflation in Austria continues to grow, and – as reported by the Statistical Office – it made 9.8 percent in April, which was 0.8 percent higher than in March.

According to Mr. Kickl, the inflation rate in Austria is much higher than in many other EU countries. “Extreme inflation in Austria has not fallen from the sky. The erroneous policy of the government is the top driver of prices,” he said.

The Freedom Party leader stressed that, due to inaction and incorrect policies, the country’s government admits that a significant part of the Austrian population can no longer afford their previous daily life, and many people are becoming noticeably poorer.

"We eventually need effective measures that we – members of the Freedom Party – have been demanding for a long time: limiting the prices of basic food, energy and fuel through massive tax cuts up to their complete abolition, a real curb on the growth of rental prices and an immediate rejection of self-destructive sanctions against Russia," Mr. Kickl stated.