Posted: 13.12.2022 11:14:00

Austria’s former Vice-Chancellor Strache described Merkel's statement about Minsk agreements as frightening

The words of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the real goals of the Minsk agreements undermine the belief in the power of European politicians’ words – as stated by the former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, RIA Novosti reports

According to Ms. Merkel, the West and Kiev were not going to fulfil the Minsk agreements, and the latter were signed in order to give Ukraine time to build up its military resources.

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, commented on this, saying, “Angela Merkel acted despicably and disgusting. She wants to be in trend."

“Angela Merkel said that the Minsk agreements were not taken seriously, but were accepted to give Ukraine time to prepare for a possible military development. It is frightening that Ms. Merkel speaks so frankly about that. In this way, we are destroying any basis for trust," Mr. Strache stressed.