Posted: 26.10.2023 16:06:00

Austrian expert: large-scale peace conference needed to strengthen security in Eurasia

It is very important for experts to continue the dialogue with all participants of the modern conflict, and the only way out is not to break off contacts but continue the discussion – as stated by a political expert, Professor of the Faculty of Political Science at the Vienna and Danube universities, Heinz Gaertner

The expert noted that there are several models for resolving the existing conflict, but of great importance is also what will happen after the end of the war. “In my opinion, it will be necessary to organise and hold a large conference, like the Vienna Congress of 1814-1815, which ended the Napoleonic wars and defined new borders of European states. It kept the peace in Europe for centuries. During the Cold War, peace conferences were also held to strengthen confidence and the security system,” he explained.

At the same time, the political expert noted that he does not see any prospects for ending the conflict yet, “To be honest, I am still pessimistic about the possibility of negotiations at the moment.”