Conflict in Ukraine resulted in Europe’s economic collapse, expert says

... to an economic collapse in Europe – as noted by Aleksei Avdonin ... its actions wanted to plunge Europe into chaos. “They call for ... to an economic collapse in Europe. If the EU leaders think ... destroy the chemical industry [in Europe]," he added. As stressed ... political elite in power in Europe is doing everything to please ...

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France recognises failure of Europe's policy towards Russia

... oversight’ as he was describing Europe's policy in relation to ... .ru According to the politician, Europe needs to remember that, before ... a balance in Eurasia. However, Europe did exactly the opposite: it ... which the rapprochement of Western Europe with Russia is unacceptable. As ...

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French MEP called on EU to stop arming Ukraine

... politician said. In his opinion, ‘Europe has become the main commercial ...

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MEP accused US of fomenting conflict in Ukraine to weaken Russia

... from the Ukrainian crisis, while Europe has to pay a high ...

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Russian special operation disrupts globalists’ plans, expert believes

... to conduct subversive activities in Europe as well, and they have ... result in a clash of Europe's political elites and will ...

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Shpilevskaya comments on Western sanctions against Russia and Belarus

... a boomerang “By imposing sanctions, Europe and the United States did ...

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Russian Security Council: Western policy will result in Ukraine’s disintegration into several states

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, believes the policy – which is pursued by the collective West, and to which the Kiev regime is subjected – may lead to the disintegration of Ukraine into several states, TASS reports Photo: Mr. Patrushev noted that, in an attempt to suppress Russia, the United States cynically uses Ukraine – trying to divide actually a single people. Washington, long before the 2014 coup, inspired Ukrainians with an ...

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Inflation likely to rise in Europe due to anti-Russian sanctions

... noted, adding that inflation in Europe is growing from the West ... supplies from Russia stop, then Europe may face a serious increase ...

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Expert predicts bourgeois revolution in Europe

... revolution may break out in Europe since people are dissatisfied with ... crimes of the Nazis in Europe come to light – we will ... is now being emerged in Europe to the Europeans. People are ...

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Expert explained how Anglo-Saxons are destroying European economy with anti-Russian agenda

... Radio . About the situation in Europe on a simple example: Latvia ... camps have now formed in Europe. The first are realists ... of the energy crisis in Europe, the manifestation of these two ... economies of their states, Europe is perceived as a key ... to the economic crisis in Europe, will survive over the next ... be fine for them. Meanwhile, Europe will be coming through the ... the above-mentioned camps in Europe is gaining more influence. “ ... determine the further interaction of Europe with Belarus, Russia, China ...

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Americans criticise Biden for mindless trade war

A thoughtless trade war that the collective West has declared against Russia due to a special military operation in Ukraine primarily harms the citizens of Western countries. For example, the US residents blame President Joe Biden for empty shelves at stores against the background of anti-Russian sanctions, ONT TV channel reports. Photo: “There is nothing on the shelves. Inflation is off the scale, it is soaring higher and faster than Elon Musk's rocket. It is horrible. But I ...

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Up to 100m Europeans may be left without electricity due to western sanctions

If sanctions are imposed on Russian nuclear fuel, almost 100m Europeans may be left without electricity – as noted by Czech Seznam Zprávy publication, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The article author notes that, in the European countries which were previously part of the socialist bloc, electricity is generated by nuclear reactors created using Soviet technology. Fuel for their operation is imported from the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the refusal of Russian supplies would ...

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Conflict in Europe to result in redistribution of world order, expert says

The present conflict in Europe will entail redistribution of the ... TV channel Photo: video screenshot “Europe now faces the biggest conflict ...

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Historian dwells on who is responsible for destruction of European values

... : ancient, Byzantine and Western. Actually, Europe has been traditionally based on ... happening to the family in Europe: this includes non-traditional gender ... is a means of destroying Europe. The elites of the UK ... , the US and Europe are destroying European civilisation from ... is what is happening with Europe," Mr. Fursov said. The ...

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China says Europe refused to support US madness

... , during Biden's visit to Europe, the United States and the ...

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Europeans warned of possible famine due to anti-Russian sanctions

... might result in famine across Europe, BelTA reports with reference to ...

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Growing crisis in Europe may result in lifting certain restrictions against Belarus

... discussing an emerging crisis in Europe with Belarus 1 channel Photo ... this in the markets of Europe. Moreover, not only food prices ... of the food crisis in Europe may become a point that ...

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Russia warned Europe: no payment – no gas

... and to supply gas to Europe free of charge. If the ... . “As soon as we have [Europe’s] final decision, we will ... free of charge to Western Europe,” said Dmitry Peskov, speaking of ... initiator of the idea of Europe’s phasing out of the ...

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Europe predicted climate catastrophe due to increase in gas supplies from the US

... of liquefied natural gas to Europe, and then an increase in ... capacity [from the US to Europe] will fix decades of reliance ... blue fuel with American in Europe were announced on February 6th ...

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Europe will use a new model of slavery

... intensive migration from Eastern Europe to Western Europe: only then a surge ... – in order to stabilise Western Europe after the coronavirus – cheap labour ... the Turks who came to Europe in the 1970-1980ss, while ...

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