Pentagon: NATO-Russia military clash possible

Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin said that Ukraine's defeat in the current conflict might result in a military clash between NATO and Russia, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Lloyd Austin, ‘frankly, if Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will be in a fight with Russia’. The Pentagon Chief also noted that the estimates – according to which Russian troops continue to advance in the special operation zone and make progress – are very alarming. In recent times, the West has ...

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Putin called claims that Russia is preparing to attack Europe nonsense

... Russia's intention to attack Europe are nonsense – as stated by ... Russia allegedly intends to attack Europe. You and I understand that ...

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Opinion: Western countries settling their problems by initiating conflicts

Militarisation in Europe continues, with this topic discussed ... pages of Western tabloids because Europe has begun to understand that ... his talk with Alfa Radio “Europe has begun to understand that ...

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US congressman to introduce resolution calling for Biden's removal from office

US House of Representatives member Ken Buck announced his intention to remove President Joe Biden from office, RIA Novosti reports, citing Fox News channel PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM It is reported that Ken Buck plans to introduce a resolution urging the US government to use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Joe Biden from power. It is noted that this provision allows for such a process to begin if the majority of administration officials and the Vice President conclude that the ...

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Advisor to Head of Zelensky’s Office: Europe calls for Ukraine to sit down at negotiating table

In Europe, there are active voices calling ... . “There are many voices in Europe urging us to sit down ... be stored in warehouses in Europe.

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Expert: European security system needs restart

... by an arms treaty, which Europe, apparently, forgot – as noted by ... Security and Co-operation in Europe. Our deputies still go to ...

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Minority vs majority

... the European bureaucracy Josep Borrell, ‘Europe is a garden and the ...

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MP: European Union is the US hostage

... dream for the United States. “Europe has become a hostage of ... and Belarus are hitting them. Europe can be strong only in ... this to happen. We want Europe to be strong and independent ... more than once. We want Europe to be independent and strong ... with us. We will make Europe stronger together, because there is ... no Europe without us," Mr. Gaidukevich ...

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Opinion: Americans consistently destroying Europe military industry

... the military-industrial complex of Europe – as noted by military expert ... . The expert was asked whether Europe could cope with such a ... task. “At least, Europe will definitely cope with the ... responsibility for supporting Kiev to Europe. “The Americans benefit from this ... weakened, with everything moving from Europe to America, including defence companies ...

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Google allocated €25m to support AI training and skills across Europe

... $27m) to help people in Europe learn to use artificial intelligence ... programme would help people across Europe develop their knowledge, skills and ...

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Expert: Europe's transition to cheap chemical sugar analogue may lead to ban on imports of organic one

... with use of chemicals in Europe, and its cost is ten ...

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Opinion: military industry receiving increasing incomes, while ordinary Europeans have to tighten belts

NATO claims that the Steadfast Defender-2024 military drills are supposedly of a defensive nature are assessed by the Union State military experts in a different manner. The nature of the weapons and the number of military troops on our borders only confirm NATO’s aggressive plans. Over 50 ships, about 80 fighters, helicopters and drones and at least 1,100 combat vehicles, including 133 tanks, 533 infantry fighting vehicles and about 90,000 military troops, are taking part in the manoeuvres. ...

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Deputy assessed reasons and goals of large-scale NATO drills in Europe

... the bloc’s strength in Europe up to 300,000 troops ... hot conflict with Russia in Europe, it will not be possible ...

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Opinion: Belarus-Russia co-operation serves the interests of Europe

... the interests of a united Europe to expand trade and interaction ... of Germany and all of Europe in general. Deindustrialisation occurs not ... bureaus. All this is leaving Europe, and then it will be ... a united and normally functioning Europe – which is a sovereign political ... the interests of a united Europe to expand trade and to ... why we want a strong Europe, and at the same time ...

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Protests gather steam

... , turned out to cater for Europe’s needs more. Furthermore, a ... it be re-exported outside Europe. This is because, just like ...

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MP explained why the West has not yet confiscated Russian assets

... of Russian assets kept in Europe. The same amount was previously ...

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The Texas syndrome

... in the United States and Europe One of the signs of ... to create a new Confederation. Europe divided Yet, centrifugal tendencies in ... plenty of regions in Western Europe that gravitate towards independence. When ...

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Expert explained how co-operation between Belarus and Africa will develop in 2024

In 2023, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, visited Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea and Kenya, and Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik later informed that those visits gave a new impetus to the development of Belarus’ co-operation with Africa In his talk with Alfa Radio , the Dean of the Journalism Department at the Belarusian State University, Aleksei Belyaev noted, “Belarus has never tried to focus on just one region: it co-operates with Russia, the CIS, European states, and countries of ...

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Expert on sanctions against Russia: skyrocketing prices will affect European market in month or two

... Radio Mr. Belyaev noted that Europe is a conglomerate of states ... reduced to zero. At present, Europe is an overpopulated part of ... can provide these standards. Therefore, Europe and all these empires – French ... Middle East, among others. Therefore, Europe has long existed precisely as ... is completely different at present. Europe is a place where large ... take the bypass to reach Europe. Prices are skyrocketing, and this ...

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Opinion: Belarus’ major task is to prevent it from being drawn into armed conflict in Eastern Europe

... of the conflict in Eastern Europe. Europe is still seen as a ... theatre of operations of Eastern Europe. We understand perfectly well that ... Belarus – is being created in Europe, “There are opinions that we ... countries of the West and Europe that they build fences on ... an armed conflict in Eastern Europe,” he said. The expert added ...

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