Daily Mail: sending tanks to Kiev could turn Europe into radioactive graveyard

... that a large chunk of Europe might be turned into a ...

Ukraine , Europe , weapons

Bundestag deputy: training of Ukrainian soldiers and arms supplies to Kiev is direct way to escalate the conflict

Training of Ukrainian military by Western countries in handling of weapons supplied to Kiev may lead to an escalation of the conflict – as noted by Bundestag deputy Eugen Schmidt in his talk with the Soloviev Live channel Photo: According to the Bundestag deputy, Western politicians deny the possibility of escalation of the conflict due to military assistance to Ukraine. “They say that the supply of weapons in no way can serve as an escalation. However, this is not true. The ...

Ukraine , europe

Reuters: about 1,250 American tanks and armoured vehicles transferred to Europe

... , are being transferred to Eastern Europe. This move is part of ...

europe , usa , NATO

7.9m+ Ukrainian refugees arrived in Europe

... number of refugees coming to Europe from Ukraine since the beginning ...

europe , Ukraine , refugees

Opinion: Europe is main victim of Ukrainian conflict

... is actively parasitizing European partners. “Europe is the main victim of ... actively renewing its industrial base, “Europe ceases to be the innovation ...

europe , usa , opinion

Opinion: Europeans should demand de-escalation of conflict in Ukraine from their governments

... Ukraine]. We are interested in Europe flourishing, trading, working with us ... use every opportunity to lead Europe to another world war. We ...

borovik , opinion , europe

Türkiye said almost 50% of agricultural produce exported from Ukraine delivered to Europe

... – to Asia, 44 percent – to Europe,” said Adil Karaismailoğlu.

Türkiye , Ukraine , Europe , grain corridor

Orban calls for European Parliament to be dissolved because of corruption scandal

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban proposed to abolish the European Parliament and create a new one, which will include only ‘national deputies’. The politician made such a statement in the light of the outbreak of a corruption scandal, TASS reports. Photo: Viktor Orban called this situation indicative. “If we want to restore public confidence, it’s time to dissolve the European Parliament,” the Hungarian PM said. According to him, this condition will guarantee greater ...

Hungary , Europe , European Parliament , corruption

Latvian blogger: democracy and freedom of speech in Europe became an excess and a criminal case

... that the political situation in Europe is now changing, “Democracy and ... that she had lived in Europe for about thirty years and ...

Opinion , Belarus , Europe

Opinion: Europe is unlikely to investigate cases of murdered refugees

... who want to get to Europe. “Naturally, the European Union is ...

belarus , poland , europe , refugees , shpakovsky , opinion

European somersault

... The old chronic ailments of Europe are exacerbating amid a common ... self-determination. Auto punctuation marks Europe intervened in the conflict between ... and Belarus, they are also Europe. “This path is not easy ...


Expert: Europe's bet on renewable energy is politically grounded

Europe is trying to reorient its ... politicians against the interests of Europe itself. "It is clear ... that the bet made in Europe on renewable energy sources is ...

europe , green energy

Macron: US is splitting the West with its aggressive policy

... climate, which would significant influence Europe. He believes many jobs will ...

france , usa , europe , macron

Opinion: Europeans don’t see logic in local authorities’ action, which is reflected in ratings

... ofdiplomat Josep Borrell said that Europe needs to spend much more ...

Europe , EU , France

Expert: only France conducts policy in the interests of its own country in Europe

... -Russian sanctions is visible in Europe. Problems in the economy lead ... .com The expert enumerated what Europe is getting as a result ... degrees (in particular, in Switzerland), Europe will see no advantages. This ...

russia , europe , sanctions

Expert predicted heavier winter for Europe in 2023

... of the energy crisis in Europe, “The economy of the EU ...

europe , gas

Europol: large network of criminal groups liquidated in Europe

... 94 searches were executed across Europe. In addition to the arrests ...

europe , Accident , crime

Barcelona resident: Lukashenko is strong leader, who holds the country

... against Belarus and Russia hit Europe itself – as noted by a ... is close to the EU, Europe spent minimum on the purchase ...

Lukashenko , Europe , prices

Former Bundestag deputy: wealth accumulated over years has been destroyed in the country

I n Germany, 70-90 percent of pensioners are faced with complete impoverishment, and it is not clear how to get out of this crisis. All this is the result of America’s implementation of its plan – as noted by Waldemar Herdt, a German businessman and member of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany party (2017-2021), during his talk with STV TV channel. Photo: The expert speculated what is at the heart of the food crisis, on the verge of which some European countries ...

Opinion , Europe , USA , crisis

Romanov: US uses refugees as weapons to weaken Europe

... both in the history of Europe and in the history of ... their competitors. They are pitting Europe against Russia and Belarus. Having ... end, over all these years Europe has been flooded (with refugees ... of the US attack towards Europe in order to weaken it ...

Romanov , USA , Europe , refugees

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