Posted: 06.03.2024 12:07:00

Hungarian FM: the later peace talks with Russia begin, the worse for Ukraine

The later negotiations on a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine begin, the worse it will be for Kiev, because Russia’s success on the battlefield has recently become obvious to everyone – as noted by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto, RIA Novosti reports


“I have been hearing for several months now at the foreign ministers’ councils that the Ukrainians have been trying to win a position on the battlefield from which they could start talks in a more favourable way. In the last weeks and a couple of months, it has become clear to everyone that there’s no such scenario, and if it did exist, it has failed. Time is definitely on Russia’s side, who is successful on the battlefield. The later there is a ceasefire and talks begin, the worse it will be for Ukraine,” the official noted in his talk with Kossuth Radio.

He also added that ‘NATO is a defence alliance and attacking anyone was not its purpose’.

“Therefore, I sincerely hope that all NATO members will be able to behave responsibly in the period ahead. The statements that Western European politicians have made one after another in the past are extremely irresponsible and dangerous, also because in such a tense situation not only actions are of striking importance, but words as well,” stressed the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations.

According to him, ‘a failed irresponsible statement in this case could lead to tragedy and a global security crisis’.

“Therefore, I think, the most important thing is for everyone to return to common sense, behave responsibly and refrain not only from actions, but also from statements that could lead to escalation in this case,” Szijjarto concluded.

Earlier, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said that Ukraine would not be able to defeat Russia in the conflict, no matter how much weapons and military assistance the Western allies delivered to it. Orban is confident that support for Ukraine has a very high political price for Europe, adding that gradually no one there believes in Kiev’s ability to win the conflict.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Hungary has opposed sanctions on Russian energy resources and sending military aid to Ukraine. In March 2022, the Hungarian parliament issued a decree prohibiting the supply of weapons to Ukraine from the territory of their country. Szijjarto explained that Budapest is trying to secure the territory of Transcarpathia, where ethnic Hungarians live, because arms supplies through its territory would become a legitimate military target for Russia. The Hungarian leadership has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the country stands for the earliest possible start of peace talks.