German military discussed possibility of attack on Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles

... transferring 100 such munitions to Ukraine, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS ... long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine. Then the officers discussed the ...

Germany , Ukraine , Crimean Bridge

Poll: 37% of Americans think US spending too much

... spending too much to help Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... much money on aid to Ukraine. According to the survey data ... the right amount to help Ukraine. Just over a quarter (27 ... polled are not confident in Ukraine’s victory in the conflict ... percent who are convinced that Ukraine will be able to defeat ... the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine will lead to a large ...

US , Ukraine , Russia

Britain claims necessity to move towards political solution to Ukrainian conflict

... . “Shouldn't the government tie Ukraine's support to a public ... Britain would continue to support Ukraine, and called on Russia to ...

Britain , Ukraine

Tusk: Poland will close border with Ukraine if Warsaw's demands are not heard

... to close the border with Ukraine if Warsaw's demands are ...

ukraine , poland , kiev , Warsaw , Tusk

Zelensky replaced Commander of AFU Logistics Forces

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky replaced the Commander ... of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and appointed Vladimir Karpenko instead ...

Ukraine , AFU , Zelensky

French Defence Ministry said arms supplies to Ukraine stimulate defence industry

Arms supplies to Ukraine contribute to the development of ... employment at French enterprises supplying Ukraine.” Earlier, the French Institute for ... of providing defence assistance to Ukraine. The results of the study ... the topic of support for Ukraine since the aggravation of the ... note, each time support for Ukraine and arms supplies are steadily ...

France , Ukraine , defence industry , arms supply

Scholz: Germany will not send soldiers to Ukraine

... party to the conflict in Ukraine, and German military would not ... want Russia's war with Ukraine to turn into a war ... the German Armed Forces to Ukraine!” he stated. Earlier, French President ... and long-range missiles to Ukraine. He added that France will ...

russia , Ukraine , germany , Scholz

Pentagon: NATO-Russia military clash possible

... Chief Lloyd Austin said that Ukraine's defeat in the current ... to Lloyd Austin, ‘frankly, if Ukraine falls, I really believe that ... Russia, and that contingents to Ukraine may be sent. On February ... possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine, but did not reach a ...

Ukraine , Russia , Austin , Pentagon , nato , us , france , europe

Polish General: NATO troops deployment to Ukraine equivalent to start of World War

... the NATO member countries to Ukraine would be equivalent to a ... ] of any NATO member into Ukraine would be equivalent to a ... War III. The war in Ukraine is, of course, our business ... of sending NATO troops to Ukraine, although all negotiations on this ... at the Paris conference on Ukraine were conducted behind closed doors ... front is getting worse for Ukraine, “Ukraine has no one left to ...

Poland , Ukraine , NATO

Argentina’s President offers to hold summit of Latin American countries in support of Ukraine

... American countries in support of Ukraine in 2024, TASS reports PHOTO ... the United States, Israel and Ukraine. According to the newspaper, the ...

Argentina , Milei , Ukraine

MP: there will be no NATO attack as long as internal political situation in our countries is stable

... has triggered off war in Ukraine, it is selling weapons, while ...

russia , Belarus , NATO , Ukraine

Media: Macron and Scholz disagreements over aid to Ukraine escalate into open conflict

... in allocating funds to support Ukraine, which persists despite Emmanuel Macron ... Macron, following the conference on Ukraine, which was held on February ...

france , germany , ukraine , macron , scholz

Poland may introduce additional bans on agricultural imports from Ukraine

... import of agricultural products from Ukraine without appropriate support from the ... direct surplus agricultural products from Ukraine on the European market to ...

Poland , Ukraine , Agricultural production

The Daily Telegraph: Macron took allies by surprise with statement about sending troops to Ukraine

... possible dispatch of troops to Ukraine caught the West by surprise ... possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, but no consensus had been ...

Macron , France , West , Ukraine

Washington Post: 20,000+ foreign mercenaries already fighting in Ukraine

... of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports with reference ... over 50 nationalities make up Ukraine’s international legion, according to ... forces and military advisers to Ukraine performing unspecified functions. Probably the ... network of spy bases across Ukraine. “The international legion that emerged ...

Ukraine , mercenaries

German political expert explained why Scholz opposes sending troops to Ukraine

... of sending Western troops to Ukraine – as stated by Gregor Spitzen ... troops from Western countries to Ukraine. Mr. Scholz previously also spoke ... that sending NATO troops to Ukraine is the same crossing of ...

Scholz , germany , france , Macron , Ukraine , opinion

Russian Ambassador in London: resistance of Ukrainian army paid for by the United States and EU

... by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is based on the money ... that the best profession in Ukraine now is a soldier, because ... there are many ties between Ukraine and Russia.” The diplomat believes ... circles in the west of Ukraine; they have come to the ... central part of Ukraine and Kiev and become the ... , because the Armed Forces of Ukraine are increasingly losing manpower and ... sent everything it promised to Ukraine – and even more, but 2 ... , the United States knows that Ukraine will not be able to ...

special military operation , russia , Ukraine

Russia said US increasing its nuclear potential in Europe

... such facilities are located in Ukraine.

Russia , Ukraine , US , nuclear

New Zealand promised Ukraine $16m in aid

... fund for the reconstruction of Ukraine. New Zealand will extend the ...

New Zealand , Ukraine

Azarov: 90% of Ukrainians won’t return to country under current regime

... regime remains – as noted by Ukraine’s ex-PM Mykola Azarov ... and restoration really begins in Ukraine. If the current regime continues ... prospects for themselves here,” added Ukraine’s former PM. Azarov also ...

Ukraine , refugees , Azarov

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