French government experiencing difficulties in financing aid promised to Ukraine

French authorities are struggling to find funds to finance €3bn in aid to Ukraine due to the need to cut government spending, TASS reports with reference to Bloomberg According to the news agency, France will have to redistribute funds and find savings to finance the €3bn aid package promised to Ukrainians – to purchase missiles and artillery. Bloomberg attributes the difficulties of the French defence, foreign and finance ministries to the fact that on February 18th the government ‘lowered ...

France , Ukraine , West , AFU , weapons

Expert on methods used by the West to destabilise global situation

The West uses the same manuals and ...

west , protests , markov , opinion , russia , belarus , Hong Kong

Expert: Ukrainians are cheap consumables for the West used to weaken Russia

The West does not count how many ... Russia for them [for the West]. That’s the difference in ...

West , Ukraine

Germany said negotiations on Ukraine between Russia and the West likely in 2024

Negotiations between Russia and the West on the settlement of the ...

germany , russia , west , Ukraine

National Tourism Agency Head: extended visa-free entry to Belarus for Western neighbours is reasonable decision

... from the border with the West also please with their transformations ...

visa-free regime , Belarus , West , tourism

Expert: Europe, the US admitted the war in Ukraine is their way out of economic crisis

Aleksei Avdonin, an expert at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, explained who ‘economists of the apocalypse’ are, and how they make money on wars In his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, the expert noted, “Blinken's statements in December, the Pentagon’s in November and Macron’s in January clearly articulated, “The war in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world is the basis for overcoming the economic crisis for us. Our industry is growing, and the level of industrialisation is ...

usa , Ukraine , West , avdonin , opinion

MP: the West cannot forgive Belarus for its sovereignty

... Belarus is due to the West’s inability to forgive the ... all the hatred of the West, sanctions, struggle, and millions of ... being done is simple: the West cannot forgive Belarus for its ...

gaidukevich , Belarus , russia , West , opinion

Opinion: US will double-cross Europe in the same way it acted towards Ukraine

Shipments of liquefied natural gas from the United States to Europe increased by record 170 percent in two years. In her talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, the Director of the Mir TV and Radio Company representative office in Belarus and Chairperson of the Belarusian Women’s Union, Olga Shpilevskaya, explained what will happen to Europe when it fails to be able to pay the US bills. “Judging by what is happening in Europe, they will not be able to pay such sums for liquefied natural gas to the ...

usa , West , Ukraine , Shpilevskaya , opinion

Opinion: Belarus’ major task is to prevent it from being drawn into armed conflict in Eastern Europe

... expert noted that the collective West does not shy away from ... and political problems. "The West and NATO have been intensively ... with the countries of the West and Europe that they build ... an excellent scenario for the West if Belarus succumbed to some ... that, in 2024, when the West has actually created the infrastructure ... to the provocation of the West.” Mr. Avdonin added that this ...

Belarus , europe , West , NATO , russia , defence , avdonin , opinion

Bainev: Eurostat notes fall in Eurozone’s GDP, leading to decline in living standards and inflation

... the same everywhere, so the West deliberately decided to lower it ... being currently implemented in the West.”

West , Europe , inflation , GDP , Eurozone

Expert explains why the West is militarising

... Avdonin explained why the collective West is militarising the territory of ... the need for the collective West to maintain a militarisation regime ... arouses extreme wariness in the West, forcing it to switch to ...

Avdonin , West , militarisation , Europe , EU , UK , US , Belarus , Russia , CIS , SCO , BRICS

Russian FM: Russia ready for substantive proposals for diplomatic settlement in Ukraine

... no hope nowadays that the West will change its approach to ...

Russia , Ukraine , special military operation , West

Gaidukevich: West’s sanctions only strengthened Belarus’ sovereignty

... deputy, the sanctions that the West imposed on Belarus only strengthened ... own country to please the West. This is exactly what Ukraine ... by those somewhere in the West, East or South.” Oleg Gaidukevich ... build good relations with the West, sell resources there, and also ... was sold out in the West. Why is European power so ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , West , sanctions , sovereignty

French General: neither US, nor Europe needs Ukraine

... can resist only if the West continues to help.

france , Ukraine , West , europe , usa

MP thanked the West for sanctions: you cemented Union State for centuries

... Mr. Gaidukevich noted that the West wanted to destroy Belarus and ... like to primarily address the West: thank you for the sanctions ...

Belarus , russia , Union State , West , sanctions , gaidukevich , opinion

Media: US assumes hostilities in Ukraine will last another two to five years

According to CNN, American intelligence and intelligence agencies of other Western countries have agreed that the conflict in Ukraine will last at least another two years – as reported by Gazeta.ru photo: www.reuters.com It is noted that the continuation of the Ukrainian conflict does not depend on what happens in American politics in 2024. US and Western intelligence officials believe the conflict in Ukraine is likely to last much longer. It is written that estimates from intelligence ...

US , Ukraine , West

Lavrov: Russian and Belarusian nations will defend their interests in case of West’s suicidal logic

... to improve relations with the West through diplomatic methods, Sergei Lavrov ... suicidal logic prevails in the West, I assure you that the ... of relations with the collective West. He cited an example of ...

Russia , Belarus , Lavrov , West , Union State

Germany urged to stop arms supplies to Ukraine to start peace talks with Russia

The West should stop supplying weapons to ... . It is noted that the West could have prevented or ended ...

Germany , Ukraine , West , Russia

Expert said Ukrainian refugees are viewed as third-class citizens in the West

The leader of the opposition party in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, said that mass seizure of children from refugees in Europe shows that Ukrainians are considered as third-class citizens there, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com Viktor Medvedchuk noted that the minimum number of cases of seizure of children from Ukrainian refugees in Europe is 400. Officially, this number is ‘at least 240’” According to Medvedchuk, in Europe there are many supposedly legal reasons for separating ...

Ukraine , Europe , West , children , refugees

Opinion: children of Donbass get piece of real childhood in Belarus

The collective West continues to turn its double ... be signed in 2024. The West assigns Ukraine and Poland a ...

Donbass , children , politics , Belarus , west , opinion

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