Expert: Belarusian authorities take wise decisions that prevent Ukraine conflict from exacerbating

Many countries are furiously ready to send their latest weapons to the Kiev regime, if only the blood of people will be shed further on for the sake of some mythical idea – as stated by Bundestag former deputy Waldemar Herdt during his talk with ONT TV channel The expert stressed that the leadership of Belarus continues to be very wise regarding the situation in Ukraine. “The Belarusian authorities take wise and correct decisions that do not allow to shake this situation. Your country is a ...

Belarus , Ukraine , West

Vucic said Serbia won’t send weapons to Ukraine

... became the reason for the West’s enormous pressure on Serbia ...

Serbia , West , Russia , sanctions , Ukraine

Opinion: West does not stop preparing for military operations

The policy of the collective West today is aimed at strict ... military expert Igor Chibisov “The West does not stop preparing for ...

poitics , opinion , west , Chibisov

Chinese professor: more countries spurning Western world order

... the order established by the West can now be observed among ... rid of dependence on the West. "It will not be ...

china , west

Expert said UN not fighting for peace in Ukrainian conflict

... , an immediate cessation [by the West] of arms supplies to Kiev ...

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Expert explains why Western corporations try to turn Ukrainian conflict into religious war

Western corporations unleashing a religious war in Ukraine and destroying Orthodoxy in this country are preparing a new faith for the world – as stated by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in his talk with the ONT TV channel PHOTO: ONT VIDEO SCREENSHOT “The idea of a new world order – promoted by large corporations – envisages primarily the destruction of countries’ sovereignty, though states and peoples get self–destructed when they lose their ...

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Bundestag ex-deputy: West beginning to understand that pernicious effect of sanctions policy cannot be hidden

... . “People and states [in the West] are beginning to understand that ...

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Opinion: there’re beneficiaries of Ukraine conflict, and Poland is their tool

What is the role of Poland in the Ukrainian conflict and what could be the outcome of its strategy in the future? Yulia Abukhovich, a senior lecturer at the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing of the Belarusian State Technological University, explored this topic during her talk with ONT TV channel. ONT video screenshot According to her, ‘there are three major beneficiaries [of what is happening in Ukraine]: the US, the UK, and the EU’. “They squabble among themselves and are enemies ...

Poland , Ukraine , West

German Finance Minister said West must maintain its presence in Chinese market

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner noted that Western countries should maintain their presence in the Chinese market. He also advocated Beijing’s continued access to advanced Western technology, according to Die Welt newspaper. Photo: www.reuters.com Lindner believes that the separation of Western countries from the Chinese market cannot be the solution. Moreover, the states should not leave their market niche in China for others. The head of the German Finance Ministry also stressed ...

Germany , West , China , technology

Morawiecki admitted Western countries tired of situation in Ukraine

... the long term, and the West is growing a little tired ...

West , Poland , Ukraine

Gigin: West afraid of direct clash with Russia

... even earlier. And in the West, there were simulations showing that ... that it has. And the West knows this very well, it ... afraid of it. The collective West understands that an invasion of ... the main goals of the West is the destruction of relations ... the strategic goals of the West. They didn’t only achieve ...

Gigin , Belarus , Russia , Union State , West , NATO

Lavrov: Western blitzkrieg failed either in relation to Russia or in relation to Belarus

... the ongoing attempts by the West to interfere in the internal ...

Lavrov , West , Belarus , Russia

Aleinik, Lavrov held bilateral meeting before Belarusian and Russian foreign ministries’ joint session

A joint meeting of the foreign ministries of Belarus and Russia is taking place in Minsk, with the parties being headed by Sergei Aleinik and Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, who had a bilateral meeting before the joint session photo: www.belta.by The Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry expressed confidence that the meeting ‘will be held on a good integration note, in the spirit of friendship, comradeship, and alliance, which is typical for Belarus and Russia’. The ...

Lavrov , Aleinik , Russia , Belarus , Union State , West , foreign ministry

Lavrov: West tries to politicise discussions that should be based on international law

... as the opposition to the West’s line on their politicisation ... . This is also what the West is trying to do,” the ... human rights field, where the West is clearly trying to politicise ...

Belarus , Russia , Lavrov , Lukashenko , West

Gaidukevich: sanctions have made us stronger

The Head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, promised new EU sanctions against Belarus for its ‘role in the conflict in Ukraine’. Deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Oleg Gaidukevich, commenting on this news during his talk with Alfa Radio , said that by not stopping the sanctions war, the European Union is making things worse for itself, while Belarus and Russia, on the contrary, are becoming stronger. According to the deputy, the moods to change the ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , West , sanctions

Expert: collective West’s military doctrine focused on receiving dividends from other nations’ wars

... military doctrine of the collective West has always been focused on ...

West , military doctrine

NATO Chief sees a threat to the West in Russia-China co-operation

... that the countries of the West have established, RIA Novosti reports ...

Stoltenberg , NATO , Russia , China , Ukraine , West

Diplomat said the West addressed Africa for resources

One of the consequences of the events in Ukraine is that Western countries has begun developing economic co-operation with Africa, with focus on minerals – as noted by the Angolan Ambassador to Moscow, Augusto da Silva Cunha, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com According to the diplomat, ‘Western countries are actually heading for Africa, including Angola’ in order to develop co-operation with the states of the southern continent. “We all know that many minerals are deposited in Africa ...

africa , West , Angola , resources

French politician: West is rotting by supporting Nazism in Ukraine

Western countries are normalising Nazism by supporting Kiev – as noted by French politician Florian Philippot, RIA Novost i reports Photo: www.ria.ru Philippot noted, “2022 is the year when it became good form to unconditionally support a regime that glorifies the Nazis, one of the most corrupt in Europe.” The official refers to the regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He is surprised by the fact that in Europe they now consider this the norm. “The system is rotten!” he stated.

Ukraine , West

Former Ukrainian official sees his country’s future only in alliance with Russia

... travel different roads with the West – as noted by the people ... continue liaisons with the collective West. “Russia will lend its shoulder ... shouldn’t pander to the West, it is necessary to constantly ...

Ukraine , Russia , Belarus , West

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