Expert: Belarus will not tolerate NATO soldiers on its land

... or saboteurs to cross our border. Differently speaking, 1941 will never ...

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People in the countryside deserve the best

... OF SABOTEURS ON THE UKRAINIAN BORDER, THE CLAIMS OF OPPONENTS TO ... , there used to be a border) to Poland. This is how ... were detained on the Ukrainian border today [February 16th, 2024]. Some ... through the swamps to our border using drones, and brought explosives ...

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Polish opposition leaders demand immediate ban on Ukrainian imports

... demanded to temporarily close the border with Ukraine due to uncontrolled ...

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Media: flow of illegal migrants to Texas halved in three years

... to Texas authorities’ tightening their border security policies, the flow of ... migrants crossing the southern US border into the state has halved ... Examiner, citing US Customs and Border Protection, Texas’ share of total ... control over illegal US-Mexico border crossings in the state. Now ...

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Media: Frontex stated it’s impossible to stop migration

... top issue, the former Dutch border guard said that stopping illegal ... , Frontex recorded 380,000 illegal border crossings, which was the highest ...

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Volfovich said border units are in first line of hybrid war unleashed against Belarus

... extended meeting of the State Border Committee board, State Secretary ... Belarus and we have border units in the first ... as reported by the State Border Committee in its Telegram channel ... noted that last year the border service agencies, like all ... . In this regard, our border units are in the first ... decision to protect the state border.” The board members summed ... and other works of the border service authorities over the ... Neverovsky, Chairman of the State Border Committee Konstantin Molostov, Chairman ...

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Defence Ministry: number of NATO reconnaissance aircraft flights near Belarus’ borders doubled since early 2024

Chief of Aviation Leonid Davidovich, the Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, commented on the increase in NATO activity near the borders of Belarus photo: "Since the beginning of this year, the number of flights of reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries has doubled against, for example, December 2023. Moreover, the aircraft of virtually all national air forces, as well as the united armed forces of NATO ...

defence ministry , NATO , border , Belarus

The Belarusian border is under reliable protection

... any random developments on our border. Therefore, vigilance comes first,” ... the situation on the land border (border guards call it the ‘ ... The situation on the state border remains consistently tense, but ... engineering infrastructure of the state border. The construction and commissioning ... of new complexes of border units and infrastructure facilities ... combat and professional training of border services, the educational material ... undoubtedly affects the Belarusian state border protection in the airspace, ...

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Place in history

... kilometres left to the Lithuanian border. This is where Andrei Dudko ... serves. The border post is warm and cosy ... ‘outfit’ to guard the state border. And here is Andrei. The ... but now I understand: the border outpost is mine! I have ... is usually included in the border patrol route. I finally learned ... are sure: there, on the border, everything is always under control ... a slightly provocative question. The border guard doesn’t even think ... behind the gates of the border outpost. At this moment, ...

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General Staff Chief: level of provocations in airspace remains unchanged but Belarus' capabilities have expanded

... decisions dealing with the state border protection in 2024 According to ... is concentrated near Belarus’ state border, within the Safe Podlasie operation ... action of the neighbouring countries’ border guards, influences the risks and ... challenges of protecting the state Border in airspace. “The Armed Forces ...

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Lukashenko to security agencies: vigilance comes first, we must under no circumstances miss anything

... Khrenin, Chairman of the State Border Committee Konstantin Molostov, and Chief ... decision to protect the state border has its own peculiarity in ... developments of events on our border. Therefore, vigilance comes first!” Aleksandr ... will listen to the State Border Committee leadership, as well as ... white (all covered in snow) border and in the airspace? This ... area of responsibility of the border troops, “Nevertheless, we strengthened the ... state border with the army. What is ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , border , security forces

Deputy predicts increase in conflict in Polish society

... blockade of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine if they do ... happening on the Polish-Ukrainian border with the political struggle in ... situation [on the Ukrainian-Polish border] proves this. There are interests ...

Klishevich , opinion , Poland , crisis , Ukraine , border

Polish security forces expelled two refugees into Belarus, one of them died

... incident reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its ... channel Video by Belarus’ State Border Committee On January 6th, Belarusian ... border guards discovered two men – citizens ... brought the men to the border with Belarus. The refugees were ... had to carry him. Belarusian border guards immediately called an ambulance ... at the scene. The State Border Committee noted that death, torture ...

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US opens border crossings as illegal immigration drops

... reopens four legal US-Mexico border crossings as high levels of ... San Diego, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a ... press release. “US border authorities struggled in December to ... deal that would combine enhanced border security measures and foreign aid ... record migration at their shared border after top US officials travelled ...

US , Mexico , migration , border

State Border Committee: over New Year holidays, 3,000+ EU residents visited Belarus without visas

... visit the republic, the State Border Committee reports in its Telegram ... . As recalled by the State Border Committee, the Belarusian visa-free ... information portal of the State Border Committee and in the Granitsa ...

Belarus , border , visa-free regime , tourism

Polish security forces dragged dead refugee to Belarus through animal gate

On December 28th, Brest border guards discovered dead body of ... a refugee on the border with Poland. The body of ... few metres from the Polish border fence – as reported by the ... State Border Committee of Belarus in its ... by Belarus’ State Border Committee As the Belarusian border department noted, traces ... on the spot. The State Border Committee stressed that European services ... policy towards refugees on the border with Belarus. The practice of ...

Belarus , Poland , border , refugees

Our doors are open to kind guests

... when entering through the state border checkpoint at Minsk National Airport ... are required to cross the border without a visa? ► valid document ... Belarusian-Latvian sections of the border. Citizens of Poland can enter ... Belarusian international checkpoint on the border with the European Union. aleksei ... obstacles that exist at the border, taking into account the closed ... border crossings [on the part of ...

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Finnish authorities propose returning refugees from border back to Russia

... asylum seekers located on the border between Finland and Russia back ... of returning people from the border back to Russia without examining ... currently developing a law on border procedures. If this law is ... all automobile checkpoints on the border with Russia from December 15th ...

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Refugees savagely beaten by mercenaries spoke of brutality on Latvia’s border

... to face brutality on the border of the European Union, and ... face ruthless mercenaries on the border of the European Union. The ... the Investigative Committee, this December, border guards in the Verkhnedvinsk District ...

Investigative Committee , border , refugees , latvia

Since early 2023, 411,000+ EU residents visited Belarus without visas

... – as reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its ... information portal of the State Border Committee and in the Granitsa ... Belarusi (Border of Belarus) mobile app. The ...

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