We, Belarusians, are peaceful people

... the people. Then the words ‘peace’ and ‘creation’ would definitely become ... we want to live in peace and security, then first of ... we want to live in peace and prosperity, we must work ... for the proclaimed Year of Peace and Creation, then Euphrosyne of ... but also a call to peace. There are lines that are ... . If the current Year of Peace and Creation needed an epigraph ... our anthem, “We, Belarusians, are peaceful people.” Hence all peacekeeping initiatives ... powers. Now the Year of Peace and Creation is both a ...

history , Peace , creation

Lukashenko on the need for talks to end the conflict: everything is now in Ukraine’s hands

... the possibility of concluding a peace agreement with Ukraine. The President ... one looks, peace talks are everywhere. Peace, peace and once again peace,” the Belarusian ...

Lukashenko , CSTO , Yerevan , Ukraine , peace

Merkel: lasting peace in Europe can be achieved only with Russia’s participation

... is impossible to achieve lasting peace in Europe without the involvement ... not been possible to achieve peace in Europe. “The Cold War ...

Merkel , Russia , Ukraine , Europe , peace

Belarusian diplomacy is doing everything to restore peace in Eastern Europe

... is doing everything to restore peace and order in the Eastern ... [Belarus] are a platform of peaceful negotiations on settlement of the ... from being transferred to a peaceful course. "Meanwhile, there is ... diplomacy but to promote a peaceful agenda of talks: only in ...

avdonin , diplomacy , peace

Makei: new world order should be based on peace

... new world order should ensure peace, tranquillity and stability on the ... , and how we can ensure peace and tranquillity on the planet ...

makei , peace

Yanukovych called on citizens of Ukraine to decide whether they want to fight to the last Ukrainian

... and decide whether they want peace – as reported by TASS Photo ... to speak and to give peace a chance. This will save ... necessary in order to achieve peace and push back the threat ... president, in order to establish peace Ukrainians must demand the truth ...

Yanukovych , Ukraine , West , Russia , peace

Bloody lobby

... the importance of restoration of peace in Ukraine, this does not ...

lobby , war , conflict , peace

Belarusian women concerned

... foreign land in search of peace and the good. Your urgent ... speak for the defence of peace, justice and involvement in refugees ...

women , peace

Peace widely promoted

Belarusian Peace Foundation turned 60, gathering friends, ... years is the idea of peace and kindness which our organisation ... Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation, said. As the Chairman ... in his greeting message, the Peace Foundation is known for its ... human communication, promote open and peaceful nature of our Motherland. As ... , no one will disturb the peace in our house,” he addressed ...


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