News photo: Grodno in architectural details

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‘We are committed to creation only’

... the socio-economic development of Grodno Region. Governor Vladimir Karanik stressed ... projects are being implemented in Grodno Region,” noted the Chairman of ... the Grodno Regional Executive Committee. According to ... of two old hospitals in Grodno, and will include mainly therapeutic ... called the healthcare facility in Grodno, which is now under construction ... Auls production site of the Grodno Glassworks is a fine example ... living across the country, from Grodno to Orsha [cities in the ...

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Lukashenko visited new glass production facility in Grodno and promised to help with ‘miracle’

... Lukashenko has visited a new Grodno-based glass manufacturing facility of ... Grodno Glassworks, BelTA reports The Head ... the Auls production site at Grodno Glassworks. The President was informed ... no such unit at the Grodno enterprise yet, but this is ...

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Lukashenko explained why he banned Government and officials from complaining about sanctions

... his today’s conversation with Grodno residents, Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

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Lukashenko: we’ll die if we don’t work hard

... Lukashenko during his conversation with Grodno residents photo: ...

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Lukashenko: we create sometimes not because of, but in spite of life circumstances

... at the construction site of Grodno’s city clinical hospital Photo ...

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Lukashenko visiting Grodno Glassworks

... Aleksandr Lukashenko is visiting the Grodno Glassworks which – in line with ... operates around the clock. The Grodno Glassworks completely fulfils the indicators ...

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Lukashenko to Healthcare Minister: it is necessary to make medicine accessible to all

... Healthcare Minister Aleksandr Khodzhayev in Grodno, BelTA reports Photo: www.president ... Stepanovich [Karanik, Governor of the Grodno Region and former Healthcare Minister ...

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Lukashenko: we’re committed to creation only

... the city clinical hospital in Grodno a message to both descendants ... that time – was asked by Grodno residents to settle the issue ...

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Lukashenko instructed to build new hospital in Grodno in two years

... today’s working trip to Grodno, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko ... construct a new hospital in Grodno within two years photo: www ... Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Karanik ... facilities have been built in Grodno, for which the Chairman ... think I don’t view Grodno as our city? It’ ... in the West] know that Grodno is ours, and we ... once again underlined this aspect, “Grodno is our country, our land ... for the New Year.” The Grodno Region Governor accepted for fulfilment.

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Upon arrival in Grodno, Lukashenko reminded officials about field stones

Upon his arrival in Grodno, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko ... began his working trip to Grodno, asking Yuri Karaev, the Aide ... the President – Inspector for the Grodno Region, whether they had picked ... the Oshmyany District of the Grodno Region. This can lead to ...

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Lukashenko paying working visit to Grodno

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, has arrived in Grodno today on a working trip ... socio-economic development of the Grodno Region in general. During his ... focus on the development of Grodno's industrial potential.

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Agriculture is an important factor in national security

... the harvesting campaign in Minsk, Grodno and Brest Regions from a ... farms of the Brest and Grodno Regions. By the way, this ... burning problems. Brest Region and Grodno Region are in the lead ...

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President’s Aide: Belarus has enough forces and means to ensure national security

... President’s Aide for the Grodno Region, Yuri Karayev, at a ...

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Mental load

Grodno is preparing for the CIS ... August, and these are the Grodno Regional Complex Centre of the ... fashionable to compete in hospitable Grodno Grodno has the necessary experience in ... you, will be held in Grodno from August 5th to August ... problems. I am sure that Grodno will hold the tournament at ... the ‘did you come to Grodno for gold’ question of a ... for the young champion in Grodno on August 5th! By Vladimir ...

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Lukashenko: Grodno Region developing properly, but there are weaknesses

... Belarus held a meeting in Grodno dedicated to the development of ... the Grodno Region As previously reported, the ... , the hockey players of Grodno’s Neman and Zhlobin’s ... the President’s visit to Grodno was not only hockey. This ... held a meeting at the Grodno Regional Executive Committee to discuss ... we built them. If the Grodno Region cannot do this, ... are included there. Addressing the Grodno Region Governor, the Belarusian leader ... This is unacceptable for the Grodno Region. In Q1 2023, you ...

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Lukashenko voiced criticism with regard to repair and maintenance of municipal roads

... , at a meeting on the Grodno Region development, the President of ... the Head of State, the Grodno Region Governor informed him while ... observed countrywide. Here, in the Grodno Region, the situation is more ... complaints of people from the Grodno Region sent to the President ...

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KGB: citizens of Belarus and Russia, under Ukrainian intelligence officer leadership, planned terrorist attacks in Grodno

... officer, planned terrorist attacks in Grodno, targeting several objects at once ... (Kovalevsky) helped him get to Grodno. In 2022, Rozum tasked Krinari ... (FSB), he was detained in Grodno and extradited to the Russian ...

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Rally against Poland’s closure of its border with Belarus and the policy of confrontation held in Grodno

... ’s Consulate General building in Grodno – all united by a common ... . The Deputy Chairperson of its Grodno branch, Svetlana Varyanitsa, addressed the ... turn, the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Entrepreneurship Association, Igor Chernyakov ... in Belarus.” The head of Grodno’s veteran organisation, Ivan Tustov ...

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Peace Capsule laid in Mir Castle

... Karanik, the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, said at ...

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