Posted: 02.04.2024 17:19:00

Lukashenko visited new glass production facility in Grodno and promised to help with ‘miracle’

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has visited a new Grodno-based glass manufacturing facility of Grodno Glassworks, BelTA reports

The Head of State visited the Auls production site at Grodno Glassworks.

The President was informed about the implementation of the investment project focusing on creating the production of glass containers using innovative, energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

The production of glass containers was organised on three lines of a glass melting furnace with a capacity of 220 tonnes per day; 104 new jobs were created, providing employment for 279 people.

The implementation of the project ensures an increase in the company’s production, with annual production of glass bottles growing by 181.4 million pieces, or by 54.9 percent. The range of glass containers produced is also expanding.

The enterprise has implemented everything necessary in terms of technology and the production process, enabling it to produce any required design of glass containers.

Further development prospects are also associated with increasing the technological effectiveness of production: there is a machine that local glass-makers characterise as ‘miracle’. There is no such unit at the Grodno enterprise yet, but this is a topic for further study during the upcoming visit to the Shanghai exhibition.

“Our people have everything. They just need some ‘miracle’. I’m ready to take part in this. The main thing is that you bring a good idea. If there is a reasonable idea, we will realise it. Just don’t hide, lie, or steal, and everything will be fine,” the Head of State underlined.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also drew attention to collection and processing of secondary raw materials, “A lot of people now write on social networks that although there should be separate waste collection, often everything is loaded and taken away in one garbage truck. It is a crime. Therefore, we need to look at how the Government organised this separate waste collection. It could save us. How many bottles people use, that many they should return. And there will be no need to import soda [soda ash – needed for glass production].”

“We are sitting on money. This is gold. The same refers to cardboard, paper, etc.,” added the Head of State.