Posted: 15.04.2024 16:52:00

Deputy on Lukashenko’s peace-loving policy and greedy Western leaders

Unlike many other world leaders, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko truly stands for peace – as noted by deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich in his talk with Alfa Radio

The MP recalled the Belarusian leader’s words during his visit to Yugoslavia in April 1999, which was accompanied by NATO bombing: ‘In this difficult time my visit will probably bring the problem – which has developed there and the difficult events that are unfolding there – at least a few millimetres closer to some kind of solution. The ultimate goal is obligatory peaceful settlement of this problem’.

“Lukashenko was not afraid to fly to Yugoslavia under bombing and said these words, unlike many leaders who were hiding in the bushes. Not only the Serbian people, but the whole world respects him for this. Most importantly, our President truly advocates peace, standing against colour revolutions and interference in other countries’ affairs. Belarus has never interfered anywhere: we don’t interfere with people’s lives and don’t teach them how to live. The words of our President, voiced twenty-five years ago, are now more relevant than ever. All global leaders need to remember them.”

Oleg Gaidukevich underlined that all global conflicts could have been settled a long time ago, but this is not beneficial for the collective West, since short-sighted politicians don’t think about the consequences.

“The consequences of what is happening now in the Middle East will last for decades. Every death in the family means a blood feud. What are you doing, fools?! This is the Muslim world. This means terrorist attacks and extremism for decades to come. Do you want to turn the entire Muslim world against you? It’s necessary to extinguish the conflict and bring the parties to the negotiating table. Can’t everyone live in peace? They can. In fact, all global conflicts could have been settled a long time ago: Palestine – Israel, Kosovo – Serbia, Ukraine – Russia... But the West doesn’t want to. The West wants to put it out a little and then inflame tensions anew. The US has complete control in Kosovo and the Middle East, trying to keep business, money, and power in its hands. All this is needed to flare up the conflict at the right moment. These are the tactics over the years,” the expert explained.