Lithuania to spend more than 3.1bn Euros on ammunition stocks

... reference to the country’s Defence Ministry Photo: ... The Lithuanian Minister of National Defence, Arvydas Anusauskas, was quoted as ... the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence, over the past three years ... purposes. 16 percent of the defence budget is allocated annually for ...

lithuania , defence

Military expert: Belarusian Polonez to reach any unfriendly capital, if necessary

... help break through the air defence system.” It was noted that ...

polonez , armed forces , Belarus , defence

Expert informed on capabilities of Belarus’ radar stations

... the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of Belarus, explained what ...

Belarus , armed forces , defence , radar

Expert on defence capability of Belarus, Russia

An agreement on mutual security guarantees between Belarus and Russia – which has actually come to its signing phase – has matured as a vital necessity, becoming actually a response to the fiction of the Budapest Memorandum. The declarative guarantees stipulated in the latter have to be promptly replaced with allied, relevant and effective ones. The previous guarantees did not just fail: no one has actually included them. Therefore, our security was under threat, which had not even observed ...

Belarus , russia , defence , Tishchenko , opinion

India successfully test-fired Pralay quasi-ballistic missile

... carried out by the Indian Defence Ministry, TASS reports photo: www ... According to the country’s defence officials, the missile was launched ... hit the specified target. The Defence Acquisition Council, headed by Indian ... Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, had earlier ...

India , defence , pralay

Sweden to check intelligence service activities for the first time in 20 years

... press release from the Swedish Defence Ministry noted that an audit ... can provide to national foreign, defence and security policies, as well ... as a whole,” stated the Defence Ministry in its press release ... . Moreover, the Swedish defence department underlined that the analysis ... situation in the field of defence and security, alongside the changed ...

Sweden , defence

Bulavko announced Belarusian army’s readiness to respond to provocations

... the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of the Republic of ... Belarusian Air Force and Air Defence Forces react to the situation ... the Air Force and Air Defence Forces are geared towards this ... the Air Force and Air Defence Forces, readiness to repel a ...

Belarus , defence , Armed Forces

Mezentsev: ensuring defence capability is one of Union State priorities

E nsuring defence capability is one of the ... carried out today by the defence departments cannot be designated by ...

Mezentsev , Union State , Belarus , Russia , defence , security

Belyaev: main guarantor of Belarus’ security is its own people

Defence and protection of one’s ... Belarus pays enormous attention to defence issues, particularly, to the creation ... to pay increased attention to defence issues is the extremely tense ... must respond by strengthening our defence.” The political scientist underlined that ... not military, but that of defence. Belarus is not an aggressor ... our Military Doctrine. However, the defence and protection of our borders ... not forget about issues of defence capability even for a second ...

Belarus , Poland , defence , military doctrine

Ryabikhin on CSTO Combat Brotherhood-2023 military exercise

... Co-operation Department of the Defence Ministry, spoke about the main ...

CSTO , Belarus , defence , military drills

Defence attaché of South Africa to Russia: African representatives’ visit to Belarus is a good opportunity to build contacts

Defence attachés from fourteen African ... received an invitation from the Defence Ministry of the Republic of ... Brigadier General Vuyisile Sibaca, the Defence Attaché of the Republic of ... part of a working visit, defence attachés from 14 African ...

Belarus , South Africa , visit , defence

Defence Ministry official explained who Belarus can rely on in case of war

The common defence of the space of Belarus ... Co-operation Department at Belarus’ Defence Ministry, Colonel Dmitry Ryabikhin, in ... channel Photo: video screenshot The Defence Ministry official stressed that Russia ... have been created. The common defence of the space of Belarus ... by the visit of Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin to Iran ... the visit of Cuban’s Defence Minister to Belarus,” Mr. Ryabikhin ...

ryabikhin , belarus , russa , defence

Media: Japan’s Defence Ministry plans to ask for record budget of $49bn for 2024 fiscal year

... to inform that the Japanese Defence Ministry plans to request a ... construction of two special air defence ships with Aegis systems. It ... , which assumes an increase in defence spending to 2 percent of ...

Japan , defence

Zelenskyy: Ukraine will host international defence industry forum in autumn

... an international forum of the defence industry is planned in the ... .com “The first forum of defence enterprises will be held in ... opportunities to localise production of defence equipment, and it is possible ...

Ukraine , defence , zelenskyy

Representatives of India, Russia discuss promotion of co-operation on defence projects

... .ru The Indian Ministry of Defence reported that the countries discussed ... focusing on continuing the ongoing defence projects of the two countries ... P Mathew, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chiefs of ...

Russia , India , defence

Belarusian People’s Congress’ powers in the area of defence determined

... Congress in the field of defence have been determined in Belarus ... , 1992 No. 1902-XII On Defence. It is supplemented with the ... Congress in the Field of Defence. These are not new norms ...

Belarusian People’s Congress , defence

Chinese Defence Ministry announced strengthening of friendship between the Navy of Russia and China

Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson Tan Kefei said ...

China , Russia , defence , co-operation

Belarus, Cuba discuss bilateral military co-operation

... , negotiations were held between Belarus’ Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin ... – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel ... European region. The heads of defence departments also discussed in detail ...

Belarus , Cuba , military co-operation , defence , Khrenin

Defence from a comprehensive perspective

... technical co-operation. The national defence industry is moving at a ... the 11th international arms and defence technology expo MILEX 2023 in ... advanced samples of the domestic defence sector made with the use ... of the international arms and defence technology expo MILEX 2023 on ... Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich, “The defence industry has become one of ... the products of the national defence sector are competitive and in ... our country’s military science.” Defence Minister Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin ...

MILEX , arms , defence , technology , expo

Belarus, Malaysia keen to develop contacts in military sphere

... – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel ... Military Co-operation of the Defence Ministry has hosted an accreditation ... -operation Department Aleksandr Vengura and Defence Attache at the Malaysian Embassy ... (concurrently) Sebastian Arokiyaraj William. The defence department of our country stressed ...

Belarus , Malaysia , defence , co-operation

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