Musk: countries with most effective drones will win in coming wars

... the states with most effective drones, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ...

musk , drones

Media: China built world's first drone carrier

... first specialised ship for transporting drones, RIA Novosti reports with reference ... and improving the operation of drones at sea.

china , drones

Media: US negotiating military base in Côte d'Ivoire

... American military base for testing drones, TASS reports with reference to ... as the latest equipment, namely drones. The CIA is already actively ...

US , Côte d'Ivoire , drones

Polish Defence Minister said drone troops will be created in the country

... be used: land and sea drones are planned to be created ...

poland , drones

WSJ: US Air Force to produce 1,000 unmanned fighter jets with AI

... amount, and hundreds of such drones may enter service with the ... . According to the plan, fighter drones will accompany and protect crewed ... by pilots. Due to the drones, the Pentagon intends to strengthen ...

usa , drones

Zelenskyy ordered creation of separate military force for drones

... that would focus entirely on drones, Reuters reports Photo: www.reuters ... staff positions for working with drones, special units, their training, and ...

zelenskyy , Ukraine , drones

Media: Russia has eight times more drones than Ukraine

... army uses eight times more drones in the special operation zone ... of a company that supplies drones to Kiev, “The Kremlin has ... the development and production of drones, and their number has increased ... supplied Kiev with two thousand drones, but the number of Russian ... drones is ‘scary to look at’. ...

russia , Ukraine , drones

Zelenskyy declared creation of Ukrainian fleet of marine drones

... created a fleet of marine drones, which is already operating in ... world, a fleet of marine drones, the Ukrainian fleet, has begun ... brigade working with marine kamikaze drones. In September, Mr. Zelenskyy said ... that a fleet of marine drones was being created in Ukraine ...

zelenskyy , Ukraine , drones , Black Sea

Standards for UAV development and testing worked out in Belarus

Development of standards in the field of electric transport will be among the priorities of the State Committee for Standardisation in 2024 – as informed by Oksana Grishkevich, who heads the Technical Standardisation Department “An object is being created in Belarus to test unmanned vehicles. We are now deciding on what standards should be planned for the UAV development and testing methods. It is also planned to check 226 standards for relevance to modern requirements. Gosstandart will approve ...

standadrs , drones , Belarus

American media: Ukraine created network of saboteurs in Russia, sending them drones

... Russia, and these people receive drones and carry out sabotage, TASS ... American media, Kiev provides Ukrainian drones to saboteurs. It is also ... informed that Ukraine is transporting drones in parts to the territory ...

ukraine , usa , russia , drones

Kalashnikov Concern to increase tactical drone production

... emphasis on production of tactical drones in 2023 – as informed by ... . We are speaking of tactical drones, which are not launched from ... producing reconnaissance and impact-detonated drones, as well as impact-detonated ... the Kalashnikov Concern supplies tactical drones – developed by the reverse engineering ...

kalashnikov , drones

Georgia announced plans to produce its first drone

... able to produce several thousand drones. The process will be launched ...

georgia , poland , drones

South Korean leader ordered sending up to three drones if North Korea sends one

... to shoot down North Korean drones and also to immediately take ... response to the invasion of drones from the crisis centre," ... December 26th, five North Korean drones violated the airspace of South ...

south korea , North Korea , drones

‘Everyone should keep doing their jobs if we don’t want a war to happen’

... and control systems of Belarusian drones are also of the Belarusian ... is as important as having drones capable of delivering strikes against ... our country with Ukraine from drones and other aerial targets.” Aleksandr ... of combat capabilities of Belarusian drones, “All the systems are improved ...

Lukashenko , military-industrial complex , developments , aerial systems , drones

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