Lithuanian exports to China dropped by 91.4%

... data, Lithuania’s exports to China amid a heated dispute over ... products from countries that ‘attacked China's sovereignty’.

china , lithuania

Olympic Torch Relay to be held on February 2nd-4th

... , TASS reports with reference to China Central Television Photo: www.reuters ... of the Great Wall of China and the International Grape Exhibition ... Grand Canal Park. According to China Central Television, about 50 torchbearers ...

china , sport , olympics

Lukashenko congratulates Xi Jinping on 30th anniversary since establishment of Belarus-China diplomatic relations

... and Road Initiative, building a common fate of mankind and in ... of relations between Belarus and China and filled them with practical ... to the fraternal people of China. The President of Belarus also ... the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Belarus ... the establishment of diplomatic relations, China-Belarus relations have been forging ... time. “Under our joint leadership, China and Belarus have successively established ... the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Belarus and the joint ...

Lukashenko , Jinping , Belarus , China , Congratulation

New batch of Vero Cell vaccine to arrive in Belarus, following presidents’ agreement

The Embassy of Belarus in China has received today a humanitarian ... the People's Republic of China. The cargo of 1.5m ... , the Belarusian diplomatic mission in China informs. photo: ... by the Belarusian Embassy in China, an agreement on transfer of ... Lukashenko, and the President of China, Xi Jinping, on January 10 ...

vaccination , coronavirus , China

Xi Jinping urged the world to discard Cold War mentality

The world should discard Cold War mentality – as stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the 2022 World Economic Forum virtual session on January 17 th , TASS reports Photo: "We need to discard Cold War mentality and seek peaceful coexistence and win-win outcomes,” the Chinese leader stressed, adding that our world today is far from being tranquil. “Rhetorics that stroke hatred and prejudice abound,” he said. Xi Jinping also pointed to acts of certain countries and groups ...

china , Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping: world economy emerging from the depths

... the People's Republic of China, the countries of the world ...

Xi Jinping , china , coronavirus

Belarus, China liaise in agricultural exports, education and tourism

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China, Yuri Senko, commented on development ... of Belarus-China co-operation in various fields ... economy, Belarusian agricultural exports to China increased by 40 percent in ... among the top countries that China paid attention to in terms ... . Senko noted that Belarus and China have achieved very good results ...

china , education , tourism , trade

Young Chinese journalists to undergo training with Belarus radio

... Photo: iStock Young journalists from China will act as Belarus radio ... of liaisons between Belarus and China and also the 30 th ... official news agency Xinhua and China News Service.” The radio primarily ...

china , radio

BUCE’s new broker in China to import Belarusian agricultural produce

... Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) in China – plans to start its work ... the Belarusian agricultural goods to China regular and to increase their ... exchange trade between Belarus and China. Firstly, the number of accredited ...

BUCE , China

News photo. Harbin hosts snow sculpture competition

28th Harbin snow sculpture competition at the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province is in full swing. photos: www.

china , show

Stamp dedication ceremony honours Belarus-China diplomatic relations

... diplomatic relations between Belarus and China took place in Minsk, BelTA ... and Creation of Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind international ... the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Belarus ... ambassadors – who had worked in China in previous years – also took ... the People's Republic of China in Belarus and the Belarus ... -China Society – was held in online ...

belarus , China

Belarus, China withstood tests of rapidly changing international situation, Ambassador asserts

... and Creation of Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind ... relations. During this time, the China-Belarus relations have withstood tests ... past thirty years, the China-Belarus relations have demonstrated great ... vitality. "China and Belarus have become truly ... 30 years, political relations between China and Belarus have been continuously ... making new breakthroughs. China was among the first to ... relations with it. The China-Belarus relations have reached their ...

belarus , china , ambassador

Snopkov: Belarus, China assert the right to choose their own development path

... former Ambassador of Belarus to China, Nikolai Snopkov, during an international ... and Creation of Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind, stressing ... co-operation between Belarus and China. This January, Belarusian-Chinese diplomatic ... time, relations between Belarus and China have moved from friendly ties ... scales – have focused on a common task: how to build a ... social justice and development. "China started on this path earlier ...

belarus , china , snopkov

Iron brotherhood and all-weather partnership

China opposes any interference of external ... the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping had a telephone ... and domestic agenda. Belarus and China will soon mark an important ... countries and to promote the China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership to ... results. It was emphasised that China and Belarus effectively co-operate ... telephone conversation, emphasised the following, “China opposes the interference of external ... . Both sides must uphold the common values of all humankind, guide ...

Belarus , China , partnership , cooperation , support

Snopkov: Belarus and China enjoy supreme co-operation

Belarus and China have achieved the highest point ... the leaders of Belarus and China took place yesterday and, according ... of view of rituals and China’s rules of co-operation ...

belarus , china , snopkov

China against external forces’ interference into Belarus’ domestic affairs

... the leaders of Belarus and China, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi ... , and it is developing. China and Belarus co-operate effectively ... international law and justice. China opposes the interference of external ... establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belarus. Over the ... past three decades, China and Belarus have achieved fruitful ... been launched – including the China-Belarus Industrial Park and the ... co-operation and promoting the China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership to ...

belarus , China

Lukashenko, Xi Jinping spoke by phone

... the presidents of Belarus and China – Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping ... and domestic agenda. Belarus and China will soon celebrate an important ... two countries and promote the China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership to ... achieve new results. As stressed, China and Belarus effectively liaise within ... the People's Republic of China exchanged views on the situation ...

Lukashenko , Xi Jinping , belarus , China

Polesie State University expands ties with China

... has become a partner of China Vocational Education Association – as informed ...

polesie , university , education , China

Organising Committee of Beijing Olympics presented elements of medal ceremonies

... will look like. In addition, China has presented a uniform set ...

olympics , China

Russia, China, UK, USA, France speak of necessity to prevent nuclear war

... leaders of Russia, the UK, China, the USA and France have ... , the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the United ...

nuclear weapon , russia , usa , uk , france , China

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