Chinese professor: more countries spurning Western world order

... with reference to The South China Morning Post PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS ...

china , west

Great Stone Industrial Park on 2022 results

... number of residents in the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park ...

Belarus , China , Great Stone Park , residents

Beijing intends to protect Chinese companies in case of US sanctions against them

... United States constantly unreasonably accuses China of something. At the briefing ...

China , US , companies , sanctions

Opinion: new development centres being formed in the world, and Belarus already part of them

... country’s co-operation with China. Even more than two decades ... , Aleksandr Lukashenko clearly spoke about China’s prospects, and he has ...

belarus , russia , india , china , co-operation

China resumed visa issuing to Japanese

... for Japanese citizens travelling to China.

Japan , china , visas

German Finance Minister said West must maintain its presence in Chinese market

... leave their market niche in China for others. The head of ... need to make sure that China remains connected to their advanced ... that Germany is one of China’s leading partners. According to ... supplying cars and components to China.

Germany , West , China , technology

Beijing plans to launch 200+ spacecraft into orbit in 2023

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ( ... continue. It is mentioned that China will continue to liaise with ...

China , outer space

Xiaoyung: Belarus, China share similar approaches to World Anti-Fascist War memory

... to fight in Northeast China and helped China defeat the Japanese invader ... the People's Republic of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyung “ ... is an old saying in China: ‘A strong memory of ... best adviser for the future’. China and Belarus attach great importance ... 18th when Japan invaded Northeast China, and on July 7 ... full-scale aggressive war against China, air defence sirens are turned ... in the war against Japan. China has legislated December 13th (the ... various events are held in China dedicated to the victory in ...

Belarus , china

Andreichenko: Belarus should pay special attention to developing relations with China

... relations with Belarus’ strategic partner: China. As noted by the Chairman ... the People's Republic of China, taking into account the agreements ...

Andreichenko , china , house of representatives

In 2022, Russia doubled pipeline gas supplies to China

... of Russian pipeline gas to China increased by 2.63 times ... natural gas from Russia to China increased by 43.9 percent ... exports of Russian oil to China increased by 8.2 percent ... of this raw material to China.

Russia , China , gas , oil

Expert said US provoked serious regional conflict in Europe

... advantage of the fact that China is very much tied to ... idle and watch this performance. China understands that it is tied ... believe the rapprochement of Russia, China and a number of other ...

USA , China , Russia , EU

Opinion: US main task is to drive wedge in China-Russia relations

... renew the strategic partnership with China – as noted by Yuri Shevtsov ... a wedge in relations between China and Russia, “The Americans ... many decades. The rise of China, when the country moved to ... of the fact that between China and the United States a ... to drive a wedge between China and Russia.” Yuri Shevtsov is ... convinced that the divergence between China and the United States is ... change anything in relations with China. Earlier it became known that ... of Americans in custody in China to their homeland. It is ...

China , US , Russia

Liaisons in the area of medical equipment discussed at Great Stone Park

The Great Stone China-Belarus Industrial Park has hosted ...

China , Belarus , Great Stone , medical equipment

Lukashenko congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on Spring Festival

... the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, on the Spring ... the People's Republic of China. The whole world witnessed the ... rapid pace of development of China's space programme, the active ... of the Communist Party of China,” the congratulatory message reads. As ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , Xi Jinping , china

News photo: Chinese New Year atmosphere on Beijing streets

The traditional Chinese New Year – which is also called the Spring Festival – is approaching. The rabbit will become its symbol, so the figures with this animal now serve as a bright decoration along with traditional lanterns and garlands. The festive atmosphere already reigns on the streets of Beijing! photos by Xinhua News Agency

China , Beijing , Chinese New Year

Belarus’ Consul General in Chongqing spoke at business event on the occasion of Chinese New Year

Dmitry Yemelyanov, the Consul General of the Republic of Belarus in Chongqing, took part and delivered a speech at the event on the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, organised by the municipality’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry According to the Belarusian diplomatic mission, on the sidelines of the event, the Consul General met with Vice Chairman of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce Zhang Xinghai and representatives of leading companies in Chongqing. The parties ...

Belarus , China

China expects economic recovery in 2023

... in Davos that this year China expects to see higher economic ... stressed that through hard work, China’s economy as a whole ... the People’s Republic of China added that in 2023, supplies ... , the economic growth rate in China last year fell to 3 ...

China , economic recovery

Xiaoyong: China-Belarus trade turnover increased by 33% in 2022 to make $5.08bn

... and successful for Belarus and China – as noted by the Ambassador ... the People's Republic of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyung “Co ...

china , turnover

WuXi Biologics to work out projects on medical tourism of Chinese citizens to Belarus

Andrei Andreev, the Consul General of Belarus in Shanghai, and Consul Konstantin Golovko visited the WuXi Biologics Contract Research Development and Manufacturing Organisation in the Jiangsu Province, the Belarusian foreign mission in Shanghai reports Photo by Belarus’ Consulate General in Shanghai During the talks with the WuXi Biologics head, the Chinese-Belarusian Great Stone Park was presented, and prospects for co-operation between the company and the Belarusian side in the field of ...

china , co-operation , medical tourism

India could surpass China’s population in 2023

This year, India may overtake China in terms of population – as ... 1,422,708,244. In China, this figure is still higher ... . “India is projected to surpass China as the world’s most ... country sometime in 2023, when China’s annual growth rate will ... about 1.428 billion people. China, according to their estimates, will ... known that the population of China in 2022 decreased by 850 ...

China , India , population

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