China increased oil imports from Russia to record level

In May, China increased its oil imports from ...

china , russia , oil

BUCE and Chinese AEEX to jointly promote Belarusian goods to Chinese market

... to strengthening of the Belarus-China turnover – as agreed during an ... already enjoy high demand in China, especially in the construction sector ...

china , e-trade , buce , timber

Jinping urges to build open world economy

China believes it is necessary to ...

Jinping , china , sanctions

China launched new group of remote sensing satellites

The People's Republic of China successfully launched three new Earth ...

china , satellite

Jinping explains global threat of military alliance expansion

Chinese President Xi Jinping shared his view during the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum stating that expansion of military alliances will lead to a security dilemma, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Xi Jinping urged to turn to history and trace how the policy of alliances in the world led to new wars. "The tragedies of the past tell us that hegemony, group politics and bloc confrontation bring no peace or security, but will only lead to wars and conflicts,” he said. ...

Jinping , China , security

Belarus, China reaffirm readiness to support interaction on international agenda

... the People’s Republic of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyong – as ... co-operation between Belarus and China in the UN and other ... the People’s Republic of China.

Belarus , China , Ambrazevich , Foreign Ministry

Jinping called for settlement of conflict in Ukraine

... realities’. Xi Jinping said that China actively contributes to the maintenance ... . According to Xi Jinping, the China-Russia relations demonstrate good dynamics ...

Jinping , russia , ukraine , China

China delays inevitable aggravation of relations with the West, expert asserts

... to impose a conflict on China, just as it once imposed ... why it had happened so, “China clearly understands that the conflict ... prelude to a conflict between China and the West, primarily around ... bloc is clearly directed against China. An incredible event has happened ... against.” Mr. Shevtsov stressed that China’s present position on the ... is important to understand that China does not seek conflict and ...

china , usa , Shevtsov , opinion

Belarus, China confirmed coincidence of approaches on wide range of issues

... Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyun – as ... sides exchanged views on Belarus-China co-operation in the United ... co-operation between Belarus and China on human rights issues in ...

belarus , china , foreign ministry

US, NATO ready for open armed clash with Russia and China

... armed clash with Russia and China to preserve their world dominance ... an element of intimidation of China through ‘a show strike’ against ... ’ Beijing. The reason is simple: China is the main financial, economic ... and Xi Jinping, noting that China and Russia pose the greatest ... that the United States views China as ‘the most serious long ... armed clash with Russia and China to preserve their world dominance ...

usa , nato , russia , china , opinion

China's first solar-tidal photovoltaic power plant connected to grid

... intelligent photovoltaic power plant in China – that uses both solar and ... to the electric grid recognises China's new achievements in the ...

china , electricity

China identifies four Russian countermeasures in response to NATO expansion

The People’s Republic of China has named at least four ... the People’s University of China, described each of them. The ...

China , Russia , NATO

China urges to stop fuelling conflict in Ukraine

... for the situation in Ukraine, China insists that the United States ...

china , usa , Ukraine

Belarus’ largest woodworking enterprises present their products in China

... Embassy of Belarus in China, together with China Timber & Wood Products Distribution ... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China Yury Senko – as reported by ... Belarusian diplomatic mission Photo: More than ... woodworking products between Belarus and China. It is reported that nine ...

Belarus , China , woodworking

Chinese Foreign Ministry accused NATO Secretary General of making baseless accusations and smear attacks on China

... modernisation of military equipment in China. "China adheres to a peaceful ... doctrine is defensive in nature. China maintains its nuclear force at ...

china , nato

Blinken: US and China will have to deal with each other

The United States and China will have to deal with ... US will engage constructively with China – as announced by US Secretary ... that the US government considers China an integral part of the ... . He underlined the fact that China can influence the ability of ... a new Cold War with China.

USA , China

Chinese troops conduct military exercises near Taiwan to ‘warn USA’

... Taiwan in the event of China’s invasion, Biden confirmed that ...

USA , China

Jinping urges to respect human rights worldwide

... path of human rights development,” China Central Television quoted Xi Jinping ... as saying. The President of China emphasised that moving aside from ... . Xi Jinping also noted that China is ready to conduct an ... of human rights is ‘a common cause for humanity and thus ... UN Charter, advocate humanity’s common values, and steer global human ...

china , un , human rights

Russia, China flew joint patrols over Japanese and East China seas

... People's Liberation Army of China conducted joint air patrols in ... of Japan and the East China Sea. "As part of ...

russia , China

China responded harshly to Biden's readiness to fight for Taiwan

... the People's Republic of China, and the country will take ... .com According to Mr. Wenbin, China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm ... to abide by the one-Chine principle and the stipulations in ... the three China-US joint communiques, honour its ... an inalienable part of China’s territory, and China will take ‘firm ... interests’. The diplomat added that China will not tolerate interference in ...

china , biden

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