Gigin: we witness second occupation of Europe by US

NATO plans to increase the number of rapid reaction forces to 300,000 people. US President Joe Biden said that the Americans will increase their military presence throughout Europe, particularly, in Poland, the Baltic States and Romania. Russia was called the main threat, Sweden and Finland were officially invited to the alliance. During his talk with Alfa Radio , Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, explained what the decisions taken at the NATO summit show. ...

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Global Times: NATO ready to sacrifice Baltic States

The North Atlantic Alliance can sacrifice the interests of the Baltic States if they start to conflict with the Russian Federation – as noted by observers of China’s Global Times , Zhang Hui and Wan Hengyi, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have repeatedly urged the alliance’s leadership to update its strategy of defending the region and strengthening its defence capacity. But if their aggressive policy leads to an escalation of the conflict with Russia, ...


Youth enjoys more opportunities in Belarus than in the West

There are much more opportunities in political, public and other spheres for young people in Belarus than in the Western countries – as noted by the Chairman of the Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly, Yegor Makarevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Makarevich emphasised that young people rarely occupy managerial positions in the West. “The Western senile elite is a vivid indicator that there is no fresh breath of youth there. The same is true for the United States Senate, and the ...

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US intends to deploy additional forces in Europe for a long time

The NATO summit kicks off today, where the United States will announce the deployment of additional forces in Europe for the long term, stated President Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Mr. Sullivan, it refers to deploying additional forces on land, sea and air. Exact dates are not specified, the speaker said that a period ‘over the long term, beyond the duration of this crisis, however long it goes on’ is being considered ...

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Lavrov: the more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the longer the conflict will continue

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the US intention to supply NASAMS missile defence systems to Ukraine, saying that actions of the kind will prolong the Russia-Ukraine conflict, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Lavrov stressed that the conflict would not stop until the United States ceases supplying weapons to Ukraine. According to him, in times when the US authorities are not ready to stop providing military assistance to Kiev, civilians are suffering from ...

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Americans stealing gasoline at gas stations because of high fuel prices, media report

Reports of people stealing gasoline have started to emerge across the US, with stolen fuel being subsequently sold at discounted price – as reported by the US TV channel FOX News , RIA Novosti reports Photo: Fraudsters find buyers using social networks or a mobile application. Basically, thefts occur at private American gas stations. This scheme of selling fuel arose because of a significant increase in gasoline prices. “There is no Robin Hood in this. These are thieves. They ...

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US farmers face ruin due to anti-Russian sanctions, media report

American agriculture is going through tough times as government policies prioritise sanctions against Russia over US welfare – as noted by Kevin Stolkin, a columnist for The American Conservative, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In his article, Stolkin underlines that many fertilisers were subject to sanctions. Moreover, fuel prices continue to rise in the United States, which can cause American farms to go bankrupt. American Lorenda Overman, who has her own farm, said that in the ...

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Trump says Biden is pushing US to world war

US President Joe Biden can lead his country – that is experiencing the state of recession – to a world war, Donald Trump believes Photo: As reported by TASS , the former leader of the United States voiced ‘the lack of respect’ for the United States on the world stage, saying that the US is already in a recession. "Our country is in a lot of trouble. And we are in serious danger with what’s going on in Ukraine and with Russia. You could end up with a world war the way they ...

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Many Europeans want the leader like Belarus has, expert believes

Citizens of the West, unlike their governments, treat Belarus and its leadership positively, and many Europeans want their states to have a leader like Belarus has – as stated by the Chairman of the Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly, Yegor Makarevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Makarevich noted, “It is always necessary to differentiate the politics of Europe and the United States from that of their citizens. People do not treat Belarus and our leadership badly: on the contrary ...

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US HIMARS missile systems arrived to Ukraine

American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems have arrived to Ukraine – as informed by Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov, TASS reports Photo: “HIMARS systems have arrived in Ukraine. I am grateful to my colleague and friend [US Secretary of Defence] Lloyd Austin for these powerful weapons,” Mr. Reznikov tweeted. US President Joe Biden announced a new large package of military assistance to Ukraine on June 1 st . It includes American-made HIMARS and their ammunition. These ...

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Poles start to understand the result of US presence on their territory, expert says

... purposes, and we aim to use them in agriculture. However, if ...

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US plans to transfer intelligence information to Ukraine for MLRS strikes

The United States intends to transfer intelligence information to Ukraine for launching strikes using multiple rocket systems (MLRS), which the West supplies to Kiev – as announced by US Under-Secretary of Defence for Policy, Colin Kahl, TASS reports Photo: Mr. Kahl assured that ‘Ukrainians will be provided with what they need to strike at targets on Ukrainian territory, which they will choose’. He also recalled that, in late May, Washington announced the allocation to Kiev of ...

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Russian Defence Ministry said US recognised Pentagon’s connection with biolabs in Ukraine

The United States recognised the connection between the Pentagon and biolaboratories in Ukraine and the former USSR – as stated by the Head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, RIA Novosti reports Photo: He drew attention to the fact that on June 9 th , an official statement about the biological activities of the United States in the post-Soviet space was posted on the Pentagon website. “In it, the US ...

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Peskov announces condition for normalisation of Russia-US relations

As stated by the press secretary of Russia’s President, Dmitry Peskov, Washington needs to renounce hegemonism in order for Russian-American relations to normalise, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Mr. Peskov, a change in Washington's foreign policy is the only way that can lead to normalisation of its relations with Moscow. "The only solution is to renounce the policy of hegemonism in world affairs and to understand that Russia does not want, cannot and is not ...

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US lacks strong ally in the Middle East, expert says

The United States is now trying to find partners and support in its confrontation with Russia, but it will not find any in the Middle East – as explained by the Director of the Centre for European Integration, political scientist Yuri Shevtsov, in his talk with Alfa Radio According to the expert, the United States lost two major wars in the Middle East: in Iraq and Afghanistan. After many years of the extensive military contingents’ presence there, the country failed to achieve the designated ...

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US declares inevitable defeat of Ukraine

Ukraine will inevitably suffer defeat as a result of Russia’s special military operation – as noted by retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis in 19FortyFive publication, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Lieutenant General stressed that, from a military point of view, Kiev has no rational way to win. Moreover, he added that the West's strategy of imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation and supplying Ukraine with weapons had failed. Ms. Davis said that it would ...

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Americans surprised with Russia's strategy, media reports

... question arises whether Russia will use such an opportunity. The publication ...

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China delays inevitable aggravation of relations with the West, expert asserts

As noted by the Director of the Centre for European Integration, political scientist Yuri Shevtsov, the West is now trying to impose a conflict on China, just as it once imposed a Ukrainian conflict on Russia Several days ago, the Chinese delegation left the hall at Asia’s Shangri-La Dialogue summit during Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech. In his addressee, the Ukrainian leader spoke of the risk of famine in Asia and Africa due to the cessation of grain supplies from Ukraine. “It is worth noting ...

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Belarus’ Emergencies Minister about US biolabs in Ukraine

Belarus has a stable state system for responding to emergencies – as stated by Belarus’ Minister of Emergency Situations Vadim Sinyavsky during his talk with ONT TV channel Photo: video screenshot The Head of the Emergencies Ministry noted that many countries and politicians have repeatedly turned to the US government with a request to explain the existence of biolabs on the territory of Ukraine. “Russia addressed the United States with an official statement. They asked for clarification about ...

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Bloomberg names US serious mistake

A refusal of some states to criticise Russia's actions in Ukraine turned into a failure and a serious mistake of the United States and its allies, Bloomberg says Photo: According to the publication, many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America refused to criticise the hostilities in Ukraine, and this became a serious mistake of the West. It reads that the Global South’s ‘unnerving tolerance’ of Russia's actions is ‘a failure on the part of the United States and its friends ...

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