Posted: 22.04.2024 09:24:00

Nigerians urge US military to leave the country

Several hundred people took part in a rally in Niger's Agadez, near which an American military base is located, demanding that the US military leave the country, RIA Novosti reports


The Aïr Info Agadez portal posted a video featuring the protest action.

Previously, the media reported that the military in Niger had stopped the military agreement with the United States, allowing the American military to be located on the territory of the African country. The reasons for that decision were not specified. Then the media reported that the United States informed Niger that it would soon withdraw a thousand of its military from the country.

"We, the people of Agadez and the whole of Niger, are convinced that the presence of any foreign military base on our territory cannot be favourable for our security and represents a form of neo-colonialism," a rally participant proclaimed.

The photos feature the flags of Niger, neighbouring Mali. The protesters came to the rally with various posters. In particular, one of them said that the US base needs to be withdrawn, since it ‘has no sense’ for Niger. Another read: ‘This is Agadez, not Washington, US army go home’.