France to start operating new uranium mine in Niger

The French company Orano is preparing to start operating the largest uranium mine in Niger, TASS reports with reference to Agence France-Presse Photo: It is reported that the subsidiary of Orano, Imouraren SA, has moved to a new stage in the development of the Imouraren field. According to AFP, the operation of the mine will begin in 2028.

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Niger announced plans to train oil and gas specialists

... Science of the Republic of Niger, attended the opening ceremony along ... in crude oil production in Niger from 20 thousand to 110 ...

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Niger plans to revoke Canadian company’s uranium mining license

... government of the Republic of Niger is going to revoke the ... a mining license in 2015, Niger is still awaiting the promised ... with Article 39 of the Niger Mining Code, the country can ...

Niger , Canada , uranium , Africa

Nigerians urge US military to leave the country

... part in a rally in Niger's Agadez, near which an ... reported that the military in Niger had stopped the military agreement ... that the United States informed Niger that it would soon withdraw ... Agadez and the whole of Niger, are convinced that the presence ... photos feature the flags of Niger, neighbouring Mali. The protesters came ... it ‘has no sense’ for Niger. Another read: ‘This is Agadez ...

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Media: Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso quit ECOWAS

... constitutional rule, the leaders of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso announced ... to return to constitutional order. Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso called ...

Africa , Niger , Mali , Burkina Faso , ECOWAS

Media: Niger cancelled its military partnership with EU

Niger has cancelled its military co- ... that, on December 4 th , Niger’s Defence Minister, General Salifou ... that military co-operation between Niger and the EU was in ... Service – it aimed to strengthen Niger's internal security sector and ... end of July 2023, in Niger, a group of military from ... for imposing unilateral sanctions against Niger.

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Belarusian Steel Works agreed supply of metallurgical products with partners from Nigeria

During the visit of a Nigerian delegation to the Belarusian plant, agreements were concluded on the supply of metallurgical products of Belarusian Steel Works and BMK Holding, the company’s press service reports Photo: “The visit of such distinguished guests from friendly countries, from the far arc markets confirms that there are no borders between people wishing to work for the benefit of their states,” Valery Zhigunov, the Head of the Marketing Department, said. He added ...

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Markov: Africa has always been source of enrichment for the West

... 6th, negotiations began between the Niger authorities and the French army ... , which came to power in Niger as a result of the ...

Markov , Africa , West , France , Niger

France already discussing withdrawal of some of its troops from Niger

... has begun negotiations with the Niger military on the possibility of ... activities’ after the coup in Niger. Meanwhile, information on the number ... of soldiers who can leave Niger and the timetable for their ... .5 thousand French soldiers in Niger. Earlier, French Foreign Minister Catherine ... said that French troops in Niger could not fulfil their tasks ... of training Niger's military personnel, as well ...

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Blinken stated the need to maintain pressure on rebels in Niger

... pressure on the rebels in Niger – as informed by the spokesperson ... States regarding the crisis in Niger.

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Opinion: France has neither military-political authority nor economic power

... widely covering the situation in Niger. France, for example, supports the ... who staged a coup in Niger, while the United States adheres ... Ms. Nuland's visit to Niger. The Dean of the Faculty ... ’ of the United States, then Niger is its one. Meanwhile, enemies ...

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Political expert doubted Victoria Nuland’s ability to show Niger on map

... of the Basic Law of Niger – as stated by political expert ... Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, to Niger. In his talk with Alfa ... who had seized power in Nigeria unconstitutional. “My God, it also ... of the Basic Law of Niger. We remember perfectly well how ... that Victoria Nuland will show Niger on the map and name ... . The situation is different in Niger. Not protesters, but military took ...

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Former US Navy Admiral: situation in Niger could lead to full-scale war in Africa

The conflict in Niger may become a prerequisite for ... be returned to power in Niger. Otherwise, as noted by ECOWAS ... intervention in the situation in Niger has already been developed. " ... X (former Twitter social network). Niger's rebels said an unnamed ... was suspending financial assistance to Niger, as well as imposing a ... between the community countries and Niger were suspended. On August 6th ... gathered in the capital of Niger, Niamey, to express their support ...

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