France no longer receives Russian pipeline gas

No Russian gas is pumped to France at present. According to the gas transmission system operator GRTgaz, supplies stopped on June 15 th , Agence France-Presse reports. Photo: The source says GRTgaz announced the termination of pipeline supplies from June 15 th due to the discontinuation of physical flows between France and Germany. In recent days, Gazprom has significantly reduced gas supplies to Europe.

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German, French and Italian leaders’ promises are worthless

... ’. Moreover, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy offered Zelenskyy to ... of the leaders of Germany, France and Italy will bring nothing ...

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Macron says France is now on a ‘war economy’ footing

... geopolitical context. He added that France had entered into ‘a war ...

Macron , France , Ukraine

Xi Jinping urged vigilance against bloc confrontation

Chinese President Xi Jinping noted that it is necessary to be careful about the formation of bloc confrontation, adding that such actions pose a serious threat to global security, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Xi Jinping announced this on May 10 th during his conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron which tackled the situation in Ukraine. “We must be especially vigilant with regard to the formation of bloc confrontation,” the President of the People’s Republic of China ...

China , France

French MEP called on EU to stop arming Ukraine

... , ex-Minister of Transport of France Thierry Mariani, by helping to ...

France , Europe , Ukraine , USA

French president’s new photo angered Brits

... of the presidential elections in France took place on April 10 ...

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Protests in Italy and France amid inflation and price surge

Inflation and growing prices are increasing a degree of citizens’ discontent in many European countries, and – as reported by ONT – Italians and French came out to protest last weekend Photo: Italians accused the country’s Prime Minister of worsening the well-being of ordinary citizens, also protesting against an aggressive foreign policy. Demonstrators stated that the increased military spending, some of which had been directed to support Ukraine, is fuelling the conflict and ...

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French afraid of WWIII because of weapons supply to Ukraine

Le Figaro asked readers whether it is necessary to help Ukraine with weapons, in particular to supply tanks. Respondents' opinions split almost equally but commentators criticised the idea, saying it is very risky, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Yann believes the transfer of weapons to Kiev is an irresponsible idea. He recalled the years of Donbass bombing and shelling, “It [Ukraine’s government] has been bombing the cities in the east of the country for years – though their ...

france , Ukraine

The French called Biden a ‘catastrophe’ after his words about Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron called for restraint in both words and actions in dealing with the Ukraine conflict, after US President Joe Biden described his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as a ‘butcher’, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Le Figaro Photo: Readers supported the French leader by criticising Biden. The US President has recently allowed himself undiplomatic statements about Putin. During a visit to a Ukrainian refugee camp on the border between Poland ...

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Kiev’s recruitment of mercenaries in France causes alertness of French special services

... by the Ukrainian government in France causes the alertness of the ... Directorate for Internal Security of France and the Defence Intelligence and ... publication, about 70 volunteers from France are currently in Ukraine. Most ...

Ukraine , France

France predicts global famine due to situation in Ukraine

... from Russia and Ukraine," France’s Agriculture and Food Minister ...

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Expert explains reasons of France’s concern about Belarusian draft Constitution

... conveyed not the position of France but the whole collective West ... but Moscow and Beijing: they [France, the West] would not like ... status, Mr. Avdonin noted, “They [France, the West] have been implementing ... . Of course, just imagine, they [France, the West] have been investing ...

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Macron recognised Russia’s security concerns

... in Moscow, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, recognised Russia’s ...

russia , france

Russia, China, UK, USA, France speak of necessity to prevent nuclear war

... UK, China, the USA and France have delivered a statement on ...

nuclear weapon , russia , usa , uk , france , China

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry comments on French Ambassador departure

... of the appointed Ambassador of France, Nicolas De Lacoste, from Belarus ... as the appointed Ambassador of France and presented copies of his ... , the Ambassador of Belarus to France, Igor Fisenko, was recalled to ...

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Antique folios presented in Mir Castle

... The Modern Popular History of France of 1864-1865, with 1 ... to King Charles IX of France. The Archbishop's handwritten notes ...

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