Media: Macron overestimates France's ability to ensure Europeэs security with nuclear deterrence

... is mistaken in believing that France’s ‘nuclear umbrella’ can protect ... French leader, against this background, France can play a vital role ... . As the expert noted, France currently does not have tactical ...

France , Russia , nuclear weapons , Macron

Xi Jinping: Beijing to support peace conference recognised by Moscow and Kiev

China will support a peace conference on the Ukrainian crisis if the event is approved by Russia and Ukraine – as stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, TASS reports photo: “We urge all parties to resume dialogue, gradually strengthening mutual trust, and support the organisation – at the appropriate time and with the approval of both Russia and Ukraine – of an international peace conference with equal participation of all parties and fair discussion of all peace plans,” Xi ...

China , France , Russia , Ukraine , peace conference

Macron said Europe facing triple existential risk

French President Emmanuel Macron said that modern Europe is facing a triple existential threat, and a new paradigm is needed to confront it, TASS reports photo: Emmanuel Macron noted that the triple existential threat to Europe looks like this: ‘a military and security risk; an economic risk for our prosperity; an existential risk of internal incoherence and disruption to the functioning of our democracies’. According to Mr. Macron, ‘a new geopolitical, economic and societal ...

France , Europe , Macron

Expert on Macron's statement about use of French nuclear weapons for Europe’s defence

... for the strategic protection of France and its interests. In case ... an attack on the country, France can use its nuclear weapons ... , for example, Estonia and Russia, France will have to get involved ... . At the same time, can France with its 250-290 nuclear ...

france , Macron , europe , Belyaev , opinion

Poll: over 50% of the French surveyed questioned Macron's influence on decisions in the European Union

... percent of the French consider France's membership in the EU ...

Macron , france , european union , poll

Rally held in Paris against sending aid to Ukraine and for France’s withdrawal from NATO

... stop funding for Ukraine and France’s withdrawal from NATO. The ... Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, announced that France had begun training 2,000 ...

France , Ukraine , Russia , NATO , protests

France's air traffic control strike led to flight suspensions across Europe

... reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM France's DGAC civil aviation authority ... . “Air traffic control strikes in France frequently impact travel in Europe ... , limiting not only flights into France but also across the country ...

France , strike , flights

Zelenskyy agreed with Macron's idea to send French troops to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke positively about the idea of French President Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In an interview with the United News telethon, Volodymyr Zelenskyy made the relevant statement, commenting on the French leader’s words about the possible sending of military instructors and mechanics to Ukraine, as well as the idea of deploying foreign troops on the border with Belarus to release the reserves of the ...

Ukraine , zelenskyy , france , Macron

French politician urged not to succumb to NATO military propaganda

The leader of the French Patriots party and a candidate in the elections to the European Parliament, Florian Philippot, wrote on his X account that the situation for Ukraine and President Zelenskyy is becoming increasingly tense, commenting on the statement of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Syrsky, about the strengthening of the situation on the eastern front, RIA Novosti reports photo: The French politician noted that NATO has stepped up ...

Russia , Ukraine , NATO , France

Paris authorities to ensure unprecedented level of security at 2024 Olympics

... Head of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, Valerie Pecresse, in ... the terrorist threat level in France to the highest one, Ms ...

Paris , france , Olympic Games

Media: French mayor arrested after 70kg+ drugs found at her home

... (Yonne department), located in eastern France, Jamilah Habsaoui, was taken into ...

France , drugs , arrest

Russia’s State Duma deputy: let Macron personally lead French military in Ukraine

Russian State Duma deputy from Crimea Mikhail Sheremet suggested that French President Emmanuel Macron personally lead the French military in Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports photo: “Macron has an opportunity to act like a man. If he is so impatient to send the French sons to certain death, then let him set an example and personally lead the French occupation corps. He has a chance to briefly play the role of Napoleon, while our troops will remind the French how campaigns and ...

Russia , Ukraine , France , troops , Macron

French politician: NATO interferes in France’s politics and diverts attention to Russia

By interfering in France’s political affairs, NATO deliberately ... whole Western world, not just France, is focusing on the Russian ... Washington’s hostile actions towards France. “First of all, I know ... that this does not concern France, and then pointed out the ...

France , Ukraine , West , NATO , Russia

Macron said he would support Brazil in creating nuclear submarines

... are being built, said that France will stand alongside Brazil in ... Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that France would ‘open a chapter for ... nuclear weapons. He stressed that ‘France will be at Brazil’s ...

France , Brazil , submarines

State Duma deputy named countries whose mercenaries fight on AFU side in special military operation zone

... Naryshkin, has recently stated that France is preparing a military contingent ... NATO allies and citizens of France – said that all his words ... , Mr. Macron again said that France ‘had no limits and no ...

russia , Ukraine , special military operation , france

Ex-US intelligence officer: if arriving to Ukraine, French army will commit suicide since Russia will eliminate it

The French army will be heavily attacked by the Russian Armed Forces if it tries to deploy in Ukraine – as stated by a former American intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, in his talk with the Through the eyes of YouTube channel, RIA Novosti reports Photo: “If this happens [French intervention], then they will actually commit suicide, because this will be their end. Russia will eliminate them. It will not attack Romania and Poland, but will destroy the French military already in ...

france , macron , usa , special military operation , russia , Ukraine

France raises terror alert to highest level

... in the Moscow Region – as France’s PM Gabriel Attal noted ... Elysee by the President of France. Given the Islamic State’s ... the highest level: attack emergency.” France’s terror alert system has ... of a terrorist attack in France or abroad, or when its ...

France , terrorism , alert

Expert: French army is not combat-ready

... and an international expert from France, said that the French army ... for it. According to him, France has ‘nonregular units of special ...

france , russia , Ukraine , Macron

French children asked Macron to promise that there would be no war

... war’, and he responded that France ‘is doing everything for this ... to Ukraine. He added that France will do everything so that ... . Macron once again said that France ‘had no limits and no ... and the political forces of France. The leaders of all political ... in supporting Ukraine. They think France should not participate in the ...

france , russia , Ukraine , Macron , special military operation

Expert: Macron intentionally made scandalous statement about deployment of troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron was well aware of the consequences his statement about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine would produce – as stated by political expert Vladimir Kornilov in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel Photo: Emmanuel Macron's statement that Kiev's allies discuss the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, but no consensus has yet been reached is now actively discussed in the Western media. As noted by the expert, the French leader has ...

Macron , france , farmers

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