Posted: 29.05.2024 16:11:00

France training ‘super-secret’ intelligence officers in Estonia, and they could be useful in Ukraine

French Armed Forces are preparing a new intelligence unit to support offensive operations, and it could be useful in Ukraine, TASS reports with reference to the RTL Radio


A sergeant of the French detachment said that the unit would try to get close to the enemy's positions. “We will then have two ways in terms of intelligence: either to deploy our drone or use a good old-fashioned method, which is our eyes. We can see little bit of the surrounding area. This is very similar to what we see in Ukraine and the great plains of the East – so it is very interesting for us," he explained.

It is noted that the fighters of this unit, thanks to camouflage, ‘can hide in the bushes for hours’, as well as use drones to observe the enemy.

As reported, this ‘experimental unit of super-secret soldiers’ is designed ‘to identify enemy strongholds and co-ordinate the actions of assault groups that will be engaged into the capturing of the enemy’.

France is taking part in the NATO exercises in Estonia, which involve 14 thousand troops.