Expert: referendum of 1995 became serious turning point in Belarus’ history

... talk with Alfa Radio , Aleksei Belyaev, the Dean of the BSU ... part in the campaign,” Mr. Belyaev noted, recalling how Belarusians had ... past," he said. Mr. Belyayev added that many countries ‘have ... Belarus' national interests," Mr. Belyaev said. The Russia-Belarus integration ... other for some part,” Mr. Belyaev explained. The expert added that ... their relevance and effectiveness. Mr. Belyaev also recalled that the referendum ...

Belyaev , opinion , Belarus

Belyaev: under no circumstances can the world be unipolar

... the Belarusian State University Aleksei Belyaev during his talk with Alfa ... the analyst. According to Aleksei Belyaev, the United States and especially ...

Belyaev , opinion , West , Russia , China , US , EU , unipolar

Belyaev on US visa sanctions: attempt to impose their standards and establish hegemony

... noted by political scientist Aleksei Belyaev during his talk with Alfa ... country,” underlined the expert. Aleksei Belyaev stressed that to some extent ...

Belyaev , Belarus , US , visa restrictions

Opinion: desire for peace rooted in Belarusians’ national consciousness

... noted by political expert Aleksei Belyaev in his talk with Alfa ... of Belarusians’ national consciousness,” Mr. Belyaev noted. “Some may say that ...

Belyaev , opinion , belarusians

Opinion: NATO, EU set course for world war

... -operation, and political expert Aleksei Belyaev explained how this move should ... consumables – need to act,” Mr. Belyaev said. According to the expert ... manufacturers, and so on,” Mr. Belyaev explained. “In the long term ...

nato , EU , opinion , Belyaev

Expert explains purpose of joint training centres of Belarusian and Russian military

... Alfa Radio , political expert Aleksei Belyayev commented on what the Belarusian ... do, and so on,” Mr. Belyayev explained. According to the expert ...

Belyaev , opinion , belarus , russia

Expert: by expanding, NATO is weakening itself with its own hands

Political analyst Aleksei Belyaev shares his opinion on the ... with its own hands,” Aleksei Belyaev sums up.

Opinion , expert , Belyaev , NATO , Europe

Expert explains why Latvia is building a fence on its border with Belarus

... noted by political expert Aleksei Belyayev, this will be an expensive ... is irritating [Latvian authorities],” Mr. Belyayev said in his talk with ... authoritarian fascist regime," Mr. Belyayev concluded.

Belyaev , latvia , fence , opinion

Belyaev explained what benefits Poland derives from Russian-Ukrainian conflict

... stated by political analyst Aleksei Belyaev during his talk with Alfa ... to itself.” According to Aleksei Belyaev, it is possible that Poland ...

Belyaev , Ukraine , West , weapons

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