Nightmare over for Belarusians rescued from Gaza

The first shots of the Belarusians rescued from the Gaza Strip ...

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Shores of history

... tells about the struggle of Belarusians for the reunification of their ... dedicated to the struggle of Belarusians against Polish oppression took place ... forces for Poland, and the Belarusians had to either become Polonised ... , suppress the original culture of Belarusians, and replace their religion and ... government suppresses any attempts by Belarusians to preserve their identity. The ...

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Khrenin: Belarusians want to work peacefully on their land, and they will never allow anyone to talk to them from position of strength

... [May 1 st ], and we – Belarusians – emphasise by this holiday that ...

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Poll: Belarus’ priorities are traditional values

... the results. “The mood of Belarusians in relation to 2023 was ... slightly different: what wishes did Belarusians have for 2023? Health (24 ... for absolutely all categories of Belarusians, in cities and villages. In ... trends of 2022. As before, Belarusians’ priorities are traditional values – such ...

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Opinion: desire for peace rooted in Belarusians’ national consciousness

... their land is natural for Belarusians – as noted by political expert ... expert noted that some criticise Belarusians for that, but citizens of ... peace is a feature of Belarusians’ national consciousness,” Mr. Belyaev noted ... . “Some may say that Belarusians are too tolerant, and this ... reprisals is a good feature. Belarusians need to cultivate and preserve ...

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Belarusians abroad call for return of direct flights to Minsk in social networks

... , but also for thousands of Belarusians around the world: please help ... !" the lady noted. Many Belarusians agree in the comments under ...

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About 80 percent of Belarusians are satisfied with their lives

... Federation, the vast majority of Belarusians answered ‘Good’. Director of the ... President?’ 76.3 percent of Belarusians answered ‘In general, I trust ... electricity. Hence the answers of Belarusians to the question about satisfaction ... army?’ 72.3 percent of Belarusians answered ‘In general, I trust ... general, 72.3 percent of Belarusians now trust the army. In ... general, 67.5 percent of Belarusians trust law enforcement agencies, 19 ...


Belarusians are very responsive to others’ grief

... -Poland border, he noted that Belarusians had provided much assistance, especially ... in the central office. Ordinary Belarusians, public associations and enterprises can ...

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