Posted: 28.12.2022 11:58:00

Belarusians abroad call for return of direct flights to Minsk in social networks

Belarusians from all over Europe have started posting posts on social networks with the hashtags: #reconnectwithBelarus, #directflightstoBelarus. They ask to revive direct flights to Minsk in order to meet with relatives and friends without additional artificial difficulties due to restrictions.

Messages to Santa Claus are posted mainly on Facebook and Instagram. On the New Year’s Eve, people from Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Finland and Estonia are asking to return direct flights to go to their native country for the holidays.

"Dear Santa Claus, a girl Lena from faraway Finland is writing to you. I have only one wish for you, but it is important not only for me, but also for thousands of Belarusians around the world: please help us return direct flights to our native Belarus! I miss and dream of seeing my family: hugging mom and dad, and also not going broke. Help me believe in a miracle again," Yelena Pasovets posted on her Facebook page.

Tatiana Nizhnik, who now lives in Tallinn, made a post that, on the eve of Christmas and New Year, people look forward and sincerely wish to receive a vital gift: an opportunity to visit Belarus freely during the holidays.

"We have missed direct flights to Minsk so much. We have not been able to travel to our native country for so long because of the restrictions imposed on air traffic. Visiting our native places has become impossibly difficult, and ticket prices are simply cosmic. Meanwhile, I would like to go there for Christmas and New Year! Our wish is simple, maybe naive somewhere, as it should be on the eve of Christmas holidays, but it is very kind and important, reflecting all our love for the historical homeland: return direct flights to Minsk! Give us an opportunity to meet with my family and friends in Belarus!" the lady noted.

Many Belarusians agree in the comments under such posts. “We hope that someday we will celebrate Christmas together," one of them posted, and the other added, “I have the same thoughts and desires. Let it come true!"