Posted: 16.11.2023 11:37:00

Nightmare over for Belarusians rescued from Gaza

The first shots of the Belarusians rescued from the Gaza Strip are available, the Pul Pervogo Telegram channel has posted the relevant video

Belarus’ citizens and their family members were met at the border with the Gaza Strip by the State Security Committee employees, following the instructions of the President of Belarus on the evacuation of refugees. "As the Head of State said, bread is the most expensive product, but people are the greatest value. Stay strong, this nightmare is already over," they addressed the rescued citizens in the video.

As the Foreign Ministry reported earlier, the Belarusian side – in contact with colleagues from Israel and Egypt, as well as with the assistance of Russia and Qatar – has carried out work on organising the evacuation of Belarusian citizens and their family members from the Gaza Strip. 43 people passed through the Rafah border crossing into the territory of Egypt.

Photos: screenshot of Pul Pervogo channel