Expert said EU is displacing refugees, including because of its economic problems

... Belarus was made by the Lithuanian security forces. During his talk ...

Avdonin , Lithuania , refugees

Lithuania hiding facts of refugees’ deaths at the border

Volunteers of the Lithuanian humanitarian organisation Sienos Grupe report ... , despite the fact that the Lithuanian military does not allow activists ... . At the same time, the Lithuanian side hides the facts of ... no dead bodies on the Lithuanian side,” the State Border Committee ...

EU , Lithuania , Belarus , border refugees

European laws force refugees to use the services of smugglers

... Border Committee of Belarus, the Lithuanian Border Service also records a ...

Belarus , Poland , Lithuania , State Border Committee , border , refugees

Latvian Defence Ministry considers transfer of Stinger missiles and drones to Ukraine

... of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian defence ministries will hold a ... HIMARS MLRS. According to the Lithuanian military department, the ministers will ...

Latvia , Ukraine , Lithuania

Since early 2023, 13,000+ foreigners visited Belarus without visas

... , including 9,966 citizens of Lithuania, 1,822 citizens and 462 ... , including 258,229 citizens of Lithuania, 27,341 non-citizens and ...

State Border Committee , EU , Latvia , Lithuania , Poland , visa-free

State Border Committee: volunteers convinced that Lithuania is covering up the facts of refugees’ death at the border

Volunteers are sure that Lithuania is hiding the facts of ... According to the border agency, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland have been ... Grupe, supports refugees on the Lithuanian side. Volunteers said today [January ... was found dead in the Lithuanian forest a few months ago ... body is still in a Lithuanian morgue. At the same time ... of the migration crisis, the Lithuanian side has never officially reported ... . A couple of days ago, Lithuania granted the right to its ...

State Border Committee , refugees , lithuania

Lithuania to send air defence and anti-aircraft complexes to Ukraine

... Kiev regime – as stated by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda, RIA Novosti ... the presidents of Poland and Lithuania, Andrzej Duda and Gitanas Nauseda ...

lithuania , Ukraine

Expert said EU is pushing out refugees, including because of its economic problems

... Belarus was made by the Lithuanian security forces. During his talk ...

Avdonin , Lithuania , refugees

European fences at the border led to adaptation of migration route and increase in the number of smugglers

... evidenced by statistics from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the State Border ... of refugees detained at the Lithuanian border during 2022 has not ... detained foreigners on the Polish-Lithuanian border has doubled, and the ... refugee carriers in Poland and Lithuania almost tripled.

State Border Committee , Poland , Latvia , Lithuania , migrants

State Border Committee: ‘deportation’ of refugees failed at Lithuanian border

... ‘deportation’ of refugees on the Lithuanian border occurred on January 8th ... foreigners to the barriers, the Lithuanian military arrived at the site ... that the statements of the Lithuanian border service about the distribution ... . The footage shows that the Lithuanian military does not give food ... discovered on the border with Lithuania, whose body was moved through ...

State Border Committee , Belarus , Lithuania , border , refugee

Lithuania forced to dispose of 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine

Lithuania had to dispose of about ... so many people reside in Lithuania: just 2.840m. Therefore, the ...

lithuania , vaccine , coronavirus

Opinion: Lithuanian politicians trying to make supporters of the Nazis out of their people

... Mr. Gigin noted that Lithuanian politicians are betraying their people ... the Hitler regime, “They [Lithuanian authorities] demolish monuments, but they ... is obvious, because their [Lithuanian] politicians are the heirs of ... In those years, you [Lithuanian politicians] were not neutral, you ... deciding not to create a Lithuanian state. Therefore, by demolishing ... the Teutonic tradition of destroying Lithuanian statehood. You are betraying ... well that there were Lithuanian anti-fascists and underground ...

gigin , opinion , lithuania , ussr , monuments

Lithuanian citizen: it’s very good that it will be possible to travel easily to your country all next year

... , which is in force with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Belarus , Lithuania , Latvia , Poland , visa-free regime , foreigners

After construction of fences, the number of refugee carriers in Poland and Lithuania almost tripled

... refugees were detected on the Lithuanian side, in ten months of ... , almost 140 – on the Polish-Lithuanian border (in 2021 – 52 people ...

Poland , Lithuania , Belarus , State Border Committee , refugees

Lukashenko supported proposal to extend visa-free regime for residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland for 2023

... visa-free entry regime for Lithuania, Latvia and Poland for 2023 ... was introduced for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, as well as ... citizens visited Belarus (citizens of Lithuania account for over 70 percent ... visa-free regime. Citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland will continue ...

Lukashenko , visa-free regime , Belarus , Lithuania , Latvia , Poland

Nauseda shared concerns about attempts to weaken EU sanctions against Russia

... last European summit in 2022, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said he ...

nauseda , lithuania , eu , russia , sanctions

Lithuania plans to double the number of trained Ukrainian military

In 2023, Lithuania will double the number of ... According to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry, about 500 Ukrainian ... courses in 18 areas in Lithuania. This month, training will be ...

lithuania , Ukraine

Crimes of Polish and Lithuanian border guards will not go unnoticed

... be killed by frost. Their Lithuanian colleagues acted in a similar ... committed on the Polish and Lithuanian borders was launched in Belarus ... state authorities of Poland and Lithuania and representatives of various services ... , the Crimes of Poland and Lithuania against Refugees: Facts and Evidence ... able to hide. “Polish and Lithuanian border guards continue to kill ... the crimes of Polish and Lithuanian border guards should be translated ... illegal actions from the public, Lithuania constantly extends the ban on ...

refugees , Belarus , lithuania , poland , border

Interior Ministry: extremist formation being prepared in Poland, Lithuania to destabilise situation in Belarus

... , chorągwi, in Poland and Lithuania, the Interior Ministry reports in ...

interior ministry , Poland , Lithuania , extremists

State Border Committee: Lithuanian security forces threatened to throw refugees into cold river and used stun guns

... case of cynicism of Lithuanian border guards was registered on ... of refugees on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. As reported by the ... channel , the foreigners said that Lithuanian security forces had brought them ... abused on the territory of Lithuania, and stun guns had ... in relation to them. Moreover, Lithuanian security forces forced refugees to ... river. “Like their Polish colleagues, Lithuanian security forces continue to cynically ... illegal actions from the public, Lithuania constantly extends the ban on ...

State Border Committee , refugees , lithuania

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