Lithuanian state is unviable, deputy believes

Lithuania is governed by Washington, and ... . Klishevich, the United States finances Lithuania for it to fulfil certain ... actually no such state as Lithuania today. It is part of ... needs subsidies. "What did Lithuania and other states (especially in ... do what they want with Lithuania now – either throwing it at ...

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Expert explains why Lithuanian and Latvian authorities dislike their citizens’ visits to Belarus

... -free regime for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, these states turned ...

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Medvedev: Moscow’s response to transit ban to Kaliningrad able to cut off oxygen to Lithuania

... said that in response to Lithuania’s ban on the transit ... simply meagre by European standards. “Lithuanian politicians are currying favours, while ...

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Peskov: Russia is determined in situation with Kaliningrad’s transport blockade

... Kaliningrad’s blockade created by Lithuania, Russia is determined, but it ... other scenarios as well. Earlier, Lithuania notified Russia’s Kaliningrad Region ...

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Expert outlines future for Latvia and Lithuania within Union State

... rocked their military complex. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are aggressive countries ... also noted that Latvia and Lithuania are already losing their sovereignty ... , “I see the future of Lithuania and Latvia only as part ... their economies. When Latvia and Lithuania understand this, then they will ...

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Russia delivered ultimatum to Lithuania

Russia obliges the Lithuanian authorities to lift the restrictions ... goods through the territory of Lithuania to Russia’s Kaliningrad Region ... to the head of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in connection with ... of the Russian Federation via Lithuania is not fully restored in ... the actions of the Lithuanian authorities, which violate Lithuania's international legal ...

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Russian State Duma may recognise withdrawal of several countries from USSR illegal

... Independence of the Republic of Lithuania. His explanatory note to the ... have begun with Lithuania – which is clear: Lithuania is more dangerous for ... and the United States. Therefore, Lithuania is more important now, but ... . “There are several arguments for Lithuania to top this list. After ...

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Lithuanians grateful to Belarus for visa-free regime, expert explains

... at home – as stated by Lithuanian political expert Kristoferis Voishka in ... is a social state – unlike Lithuania, “In Belarus, the situation with ... is much better than in Lithuania. In our country, it is ... -free regime for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia is a very ... utilities continue to grow in Lithuania, and the situation is difficult ...

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Ban on exports of goods to Lithuania and Latvia lifted until December 31st in Vitebsk Region

... on exports of products to Lithuania and Latvia – following decision No ... from Belarus to Latvia and Lithuania until December 31 st , 2022 ...

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Poland and Lithuania follow the line that brings no profit to them, why

... sanctions imposed by Poland and Lithuania against Belarus have hit them ... kunigas’ heirs.” Mr. Shpakovsky believes Lithuania often takes too much upon ... China and Russia. “When small Lithuania seriously accepts strategic documents in ... nuclear power plant beneficial to Lithuania? Definitely, it was. Was ... was – since it provided the Lithuanian Railways and the Klaipeda Port ... who is in power in Lithuania now, “Lithuania’s conservative elite in ... among those who arrived in Lithuania after the USSR collapse. ...

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‘An alliance with Belarus is important for Lithuania

... interaction for the future — Lithuanian bloggers came to Belarus with ... face in an unequal battle. Lithuanian blogger Arturas Lukjancukas emphasised that ... a very difficult time. Lithuania lost its independence after joining ... not against Belarus, but against Lithuania, “It turns out that ... opinion was expressed by the Lithuanian blogger Arturas Lukjancukas during ... the example of a large Lithuanian agricultural enterprise, “60 percent ... railway communication through Belarus to Lithuania, then we will not ...

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Rising prices may result in confrontation in Lithuanian society, expert believes

... for food and utilities in Lithuania, caused by the West’ ... may lead to confrontation in Lithuanian society – as noted by ... According to the expert, the Lithuanian government – by supporting and ... related to the policy of Lithuania’s authorities and agreements ... explained. Mr. Voyshka believes the Lithuanian government has done everything to ... country's economy. “This [the Lithuanian authorities’ attitude] is especially true ... interests. Over time, confrontation in Lithuanian society will be enhancing,” he ...

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Lithuanian cargo carriers keen to preserve markets of Belarus and Russia

Lithuanian cargo carriers want to keep ... of the Head of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association (LINAVA ... Mr. Austinskas, cargo carriers from Lithuania should not stop liaising with ... Belarus and Russia. If Lithuanian companies leave these markets, Latvians ... fleet of heavy vehicles in Lithuania transport goods to Russia and ... been opened in Belarus for Lithuanian trucks. There, cargo carriers from ...

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Belarus’ Presidential decree extends visa-free travel for Lithuanians and Latvians until late 2022

... of Belarus for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia until the end ... propaganda carried out by the Lithuanian and Latvian authorities and the ... of Belarus for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia until the end ...

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Poland refused to extradite Putilo to Belarus, and Lithuania refused to extradite Tikhanovskaya

... Stepan Putilo to Belarus, and Lithuania has refused to extradite Svetlana ... . In turn, the Republic of Lithuania has refused to extradite Tikhanovskaya ...

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Over 27,000 foreigners visited Belarus since the start of visa-free regime

... , 16,948 are citizens of Lithuania, 3,101 are non-citizens ... , including 2,382 citizens of Lithuania, 1,170 citizens and 427 ...

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Lithuanian blogger: alliance with Belarus is important for Lithuania

... with Belarus is important for Lithuania, and if the current state ... affairs does not change, then Lithuania will have a very difficult ... head of the neighbourhood forum, Lithuanian blogger Kazimieras Juraitis during his ... the BELAZ enterprise in Zhodino “Lithuania lost its independence after joining ... the rise in prices in Lithuania, Kazimieras Juraitis noted that he ... has doubled in price in Lithuania. Our apartments are getting more ... from the Soviet Union.” The Lithuanian blogger also drew attention to ...

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Lithuanian jackal

... the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. As the Lithuanian historian Edvardas Gudavičius ... Commonwealth became difficult for both Lithuanian and Belarusian culture. The national ... with ‘Republic of Central Lithuania’. The Lithuanian government moved to Kaunas, ... for the entire interwar period. Lithuania protested, issued declarations. But the ... presented an ultimatum to the Lithuanian government: to establish diplomatic relations ... (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the northern border of Lithuania is the border ...

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Lithuania fulfilled EU conditions, and what results

Lithuania was very eager to join ... turn, what a focus does Lithuania have? It probably focuses on ... . That is, it seems not Lithuania, but Ukraine already – moreover, not ... being brought to us,” the Lithuanian guest added. Along with the ... to handle military hardware in Lithuania. Mr. Juraitis commented on the ... them will later stay [in Lithuania]? We can only guess: will ...

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Is provocation being prepared in Lithuania by May 9th?

Representatives of the Lithuanian civil society – who are currently ... no need to blame the Lithuanian people only, it is not ...

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