Posted: 17.04.2024 16:58:00

Lithuania started buying grain from Russia again

In February, Lithuania resumed purchases of Russian grain after a six-month break, this follows from RIA Novosti's analysis of European Statistical Office data

Lithuania suspended regular grain imports in May 2023, and the last delivery took place in July. The first supply since that break was in February: 12.2 thousand tonnes worth 1.95m Euros were imported.

Latvia has also increased imports: at the end of winter, it bought 58.8 thousand tonnes of grain from Russia and paid 10m Euros (in the previous month, 52.6 thousand tonnes worth 8.7m Euros were supplied to this Baltic state).

In general, the EU countries purchased 92.6 thousand tonnes of Russian grain worth 16.9 million Euros in February.

In March, Latvia banned imports of these products from Russia, and the EU released a proposal to introduce protective duties on them.