Expert explains why Lithuanian and Latvian authorities dislike their citizens’ visits to Belarus

... for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, these states turned to propagandistic ...

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Latvia allocates funds to demolish monuments, but saves on petrol for ambulances

In Latvia, the government has collected more ... allocated for refuelling cars in Latvia. “This is not the first ... people’s malicious freezing,” the Latvia businessman noted. A similar situation ...

latvia , medicine , ambulance

Expert outlines future for Latvia and Lithuania within Union State

... military complex. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are aggressive countries that assert ... .” Mr. Gaidukevich also noted that Latvia and Lithuania are already losing ... the future of Lithuania and Latvia only as part of the ... and boost their economies. When Latvia and Lithuania understand this, then ...

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Russian State Duma may recognise withdrawal of several countries from USSR illegal

... the recognition of independence of Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine in the ... taken in relation to Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine in the future ...

russia , ussr , lithuania , latvia , ukraine , estonia

Belarus’ State Border Committee: Latvian security forces give psychotropics to refugees

... been given to them by Latvia’s military. As reported, the ...

refugees , state border committee , latvia

Ban on exports of goods to Lithuania and Latvia lifted until December 31st in Vitebsk Region

... of products to Lithuania and Latvia – following decision No. 288 of ... their exports from Belarus to Latvia and Lithuania until December 31 ...

latvia , lithuania , export , Vitebsk Region

Belarus’ Presidential decree extends visa-free travel for Lithuanians and Latvians until late 2022

... for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia until the end of 2022 ... for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia until the end of 2022 ...

belarus , latvia , lithuania , foreign ministry

Over 27,000 foreigners visited Belarus since the start of visa-free regime

... ,101 are non-citizens of Latvia, and 7,436 are citizens ... of Latvia – as reported in the Telegram ... and 427 non-citizens of Latvia. More information about visa-free ...

State Border Committee , Lithuania , Latvia , border

Latvian authorities will fail to ruin the memory, Belarus’ MEP believes

... Army Soldiers – Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from Nazi Invaders ...

latvia , memory , opinion

Firewood prices doubled in Latvia

... Latvian LTV channel, firewood in Latvia has almost doubled in price ... export of raw wood from Latvia might be one of the ...


Expert explains why Latvia banned May 9th celebrations

... commented on the reasons for Latvia’s ban of May 9 ...

latvia , opinion

Military exercise with NATO participation launched in Latvia

... units is being launched in Latvia to finish on May 27 ... and Estonia has arrived in Latvia for this purpose. Fighting performances ...

latvia , nato , belarus' defence ministry

Latvian authorities try to belittle significance of Victory, expert asserts

... Estonia’s decision to support Latvia in this move and ban ... this.” According to Mr. Belokonev, Latvia and Estonia, as well as ... is changing now, including values. [Latvia’s authorities] are trying in ... . Meanwhile, a few years ago, Latvia was the friendliest country among ...

Great Patriotic War , latvia , estonia , opinion

Baltic States do everything to destroy historical memory

... everything to destroy historical memory Latvia’s Parliament has banned events ... showed that many people in Latvia honour the memory. The Latvian ...

latvia , history , Dzermant

Latvian transit may cease to exist, entrepreneurs assert

Against the background of Russia's special operation in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the European Union, Latvian transit has approached a red line. Representatives of the cargo transportation industry shared their views with . Photo: Entrepreneurs called what is happening now a catastrophe, adding that these are the last weeks they are working. A similar situation is developing on the railway. “What is coming now in terms of transportation is a disaster,” ...

latvia , sanctions , cargo transportation

Latvia recorded fastest increase in food prices over past decade

Over the past year, Latvia has recorded the sharpest jump ... were last time registered in Latvia back in 2011. As noted ... the Macroeconomic Statistics Department of Latvia’s Central Statistical Bureau, food ...

latvia , prices , food

Saber Strike international military training launches in Latvia

... States European Command starts in Latvia today, TASS reports Photo: www ... According to Latvia’s Defence Ministry, about 400 ... forces – will be held in Latvia. As reported, about 2,800 ... troops and national guards from Latvia, the US and ten other ...

latvia , training

Belarus, Latvia discuss arms control issues

... Armed Forces of Belarus and Latvia on arms control issues is ... taking place in Latvia from February 15 th -17 ... the agreement between Belarus and Latvia on additional confidence and security ...

defence ministry , belarus , latvia

Helicopter from Latvian territory violated Belarus’ airspace

... to later return back to Latvia – as informed by the State ...

state border committee , latvia , border

More provocations with airspace violation are likely

... Urbana border checkpoint, returned to Latvia. As Alfa Radio host, Polina ...

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