Latvian Defence Ministry considers transfer of Stinger missiles and drones to Ukraine

Latvia is considering the possibility of ...

Latvia , Ukraine , Lithuania

Since early 2023, 13,000+ foreigners visited Belarus without visas

... and 462 non-citizens of Latvia, as well as 1,329 ... and 89,956 citizens of Latvia, as well as 23,039 ...

State Border Committee , EU , Latvia , Lithuania , Poland , visa-free

Latvia actively joined crimes of Poland and Lithuania on Belarusian border

... foreigner on the border with Latvia which was located a few ... , the State Border Guard of Latvia informed that an Afghan citizen ... far from the border with Latvia, a Belarusian border patrol found ... reality, as the actions of Latvia no longer correspond to the ... refugees on the border with Latvia. “Despite the declared humanism on ...

Border , Latvia , Belarus , refugees

Another dead refugee found on the border with Latvia

... week, on the border with Latvia, the Belarusian border patrol found ... far from the border with Latvia, a Belarusian border patrol found ...

State Border Committee , border , refugees , Belarus , Latvia

European fences at the border led to adaptation of migration route and increase in the number of smugglers

... statistics from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the State Border Committee of ... not changed, despite the barrier. Latvia informed about the increase in ...

State Border Committee , Poland , Latvia , Lithuania , migrants

Lithuanian citizen: it’s very good that it will be possible to travel easily to your country all next year

... is in force with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Belarus , Lithuania , Latvia , Poland , visa-free regime , foreigners

Lukashenko supported proposal to extend visa-free regime for residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland for 2023

... -free entry regime for Lithuania, Latvia and Poland for 2023 – as ... for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, as well as persons with ... of a non-citizen of Latvia, from July 1st, 2022 – for ... account for over 70 percent, Latvia – about 20 percent, and Poland ... -free regime. Citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland will continue to ...

Lukashenko , visa-free regime , Belarus , Lithuania , Latvia , Poland

Refugee told about his brother’s death in Latvia after being beaten by security forces

... officers. On the border with Latvia Belarusian border guards found the ... refugee on the border with Latvia. The man explained that he ... said that he was in Latvia with his brother. However, he ... Amnesty International published a report – Latvia: Return Home or Never Leave ...

State Border Committee , Latvia , border , refugees , death

Latvian authorities expect an increase in refugees because of aggravation of the situation in Iran

... organisation published a report, entitled Latvia: Return Home or Never Leave ...

Latvia , Belarus , refugees , State Border Committee , border

Lukashenko congratulates Latvian people on Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

... , has congratulated the people of Latvia on the Day of Proclamation ... of the Republic of Latvia – as reported in the Belarusian ... to our brothers from neighbouring Latvia on the occasion of Independence ... Belarus and the Republic of Latvia will be restored. “We will ... State wished the people of Latvia a peaceful sky, solidarity and ...

Lukashenko , Latvia , congratulation

Head of Latvian delegation of veterans: Belarus-Latvia friendship should never stop

Representatives of Latvia’s Republican Society of Veterans ... camp prisoners, ordinary citizens of Latvia with an active civic position ... peoples should not stop. In Latvia, ordinary people normally treat their ... . Alisa Galileeva, a citizen of Latvia but a native of Belarusian ... fascist Salaspils concentration camp in Latvia during a punitive operation against ...

latvia , veterans

Latvian Daugavpils Mayor called Crimea Russian

The Mayor of Latvian Daugavpils, Andrejs Elksnins, called Crimea Russian and refused to name the Russian Federation an aggressor in his talk with Delfi Radio. The politician noted that he had repeatedly voiced his view that the peninsula’s territory belongs to Russia, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: “Crimea is part of the Russian Federation,” Mr. Elksnins said. In turn, the radio presenter noted that most countries had not recognised the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. “It ...

latvia , crimea , russia

Opinion: Latvian authorities can only swear and demolish monuments

... talk with Alfa Radio In Latvia, a part of the Friendship ... European Union does not view Latvia seriously, since it is a ...

gaidukevich , opinion , latvia

Latvia wants to change operating conditions of Russian oil pipelines

... passing through the territory of Latvia will be reviewed,” Baltnews reported ... of the Russian Federation and Latvia on joint operation of oil ... passing through the territory of Latvia dated June 2nd, 1993 may ...

latvia , russia , oil

Inflation in Latvia hits record high in 26 years

... for goods and services in Latvia jumped by an average of ... The Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia named the main cause of ...

Latvia , Eurozone , inflation

US deploying two HIMARS systems in Latvia as part of exercises

... two HIMARS MLRS systems in Latvia as part of the NAMEJS ...

usa , latvia

Expert explains why Latvia is building a fence on its border with Belarus

... idea for a long time. “Latvia has begun to construct a ... Radio. According to the expert, Latvia has been cherishing the idea ... for a Belarusian newspaper about Latvia’s desire to build a ...

Belyaev , latvia , fence , opinion

Fear used to manage people in Latvia, expert asserts

... inspections with police functions in Latvia was voiced against the background ... Radio Earlier, a deputy of Latvia’s Seimas, Aleksandrs Kiršteins ... economic and social situation in Latvia. Such pressure is a model ...

latvia , avdonin , opinion

Baltic States agreed to restrict entry of Russians

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have reached an ... Russian citizens – as announced by Latvia’s Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics ...

russia , latvia , lithuania , estonia

Over 222,000 foreigners visited Belarus since the start of visa-free regime

... 17,254 non-citizens of Latvia have arrived in Belarus without ...

belarus , lithuania , latvia , poland , visa-free

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