US said majority of Ukrainian refugees would like to return home

... Barker said the majority of refugees who fled Ukraine after the ... with a group of Ukrainian refugees, who said they all wanted ... 93 percent of all Ukrainian refugees currently in Romania plan to ...

US , Ukraine , refugees , Romania , Europe

Up to 50,000 refugees likely to come to the Netherlands by 2025

... limit of 78.5 thousand refugees has been set for 2025 ... that the pressure on the refugee reception system remains significant and ... these figures do not include refugees from Ukraine who continue to ... to a total number of refugees from this country living in ...

netherlands , refugees , Ukraine

Moldova extended measures to support refugees from Ukraine until March 2025

... extended measures to support Ukrainian refugees, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... .com Measures to support refugees from Ukraine have been extended ... statement. It is clarified that refugees participating in the programme are ... that over 116 thousand Ukrainian refugees now live in this country ...

moldova , Ukraine , refugees

Finnish Ministry of the Interior proposes to reduce payments to refugees who fled the country to save money

... to cut social benefits for refugees who have left the country ... with Russia were missing in refugee reception centres. According to the ...

Finland , refugees

Belarus’ Investigative Committee on refugee who died on border from Latvian security forces’ actions: victim of inhumanity

The lives of the Middle East representatives are worth nothing to armed Latvian mercenaries, with the country’s particularly cynical migration policy resulting in a murder and violence against migrants – as reported by the Investigative Committe e of Belarus On February 29th, a beaten foreigner was found by Belarusian border guards in the Braslav District. “The victim was taken to a healthcare facility, where he was provided with medical aid. During the interrogation, the 52-year-old Syrian ...

Belarus , refugees , border , Investigative Committee

State Border Committee: Latvian security forces ousted another corpse of a refugee on Belarus’ territory

... Belarusian border patrol found three refugees in the Verkhnedvinsk District near ... , and the doctors confirmed the refugee’s death. The two others ... Latvian security forces took the refugees with the body to the ... two years, no deaths of refugees were registered in the Latvian ...

refugees , border , Belarus , latvia

Latvian security forces beat up Syrian refugee and pushed him to Belarus

... , Belarusian border guards found a refugee from Syria in an emaciated ... back. After that, the helpless refugee was taken to the border ... indifference to the suffering of refugees by European security forces have ... 44 foreigners since 2021: 22 refugees on the border with Poland ...

Latvia , refugees , State Border Committee

Azarov: 90% of Ukrainians won’t return to country under current regime

Ukrainians who left the country are unlikely to return to their homeland if Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s regime remains – as noted by Ukraine’s ex-PM Mykola Azarov, TASS reports photo: Azarov believes that more than half of the citizens who fled the country won’t return, because they found work, housing in another country and moved their family there. “Of those who are considering returning, about half or some other percentage will return only if there is normal government and ...

Ukraine , refugees , Azarov

Media: Netherlands almost run out of places for Ukrainian refugees

Shelters for refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands ... 2024 alone. The number of refugees continues to grow, but there ... be guaranteed.” The problem of refugee resettlement is also recognised at ...

Netherlands , Ukraine , refugees

Scholz urged German employers to hire more Ukrainian refugees

... be more active in employing refugees from Ukraine, since many Ukrainians ... that about 80 percent of refugees from Ukraine are more or ... qualified. Over a million Ukrainian refugees currently live in Germany.

Germany , Ukraine , refugees

Norway tightens admission and stay conditions for Ukrainian refugees

... Information about changes for Ukrainian refugees is reported on the website ... are now over 73,000 refugees in Norway.

Norway , Ukraine , refugees

More than half of 38 accommodation centres for Ukrainian refugees to be closed in Moldova

... temporary accommodation centres for Ukrainian refugees by the end of the ... that this would allow Ukrainian refugees to adapt to the country ... faster. In 2022, 130 refugee accommodation centres were opened in ...

moldova , Ukraine , refugees

Third of Dutch municipalities haven’t accepted a single refugee in last 12 years

... have not accommodated a single refugee in more than a decade ... asylum seekers have accepted Ukrainian refugees. One of them is the ... to force municipalities to host refugees. According to the authorities, the ... country while their applications for refugee status are being considered.

Netherlands , refugees

Ankara denied information about plans to send African refugees from Italy to Turkiye

... with Rome to send African refugees from Italy to Turkiye. As ... allegations that Italy will send refugees from Africa to Turkiye became ...

turkiye , italy , refugees

Russian Federation Council representative: dark times coming for Ukrainian refugees in Europe

Refugees from Ukraine who live in ... times are coming for Ukrainian refugees in Europe’, “They have become ... longer fashionable to help Ukrainian refugees. "Everything will further develop ... restricting the rights of Ukrainian refugees. They will be mercilessly exploited ...

Ukraine , refugees , europe

Hungarian FM: Brussels not able to fight illegal migration on its own

... be a clear difference between refugees and economic migrants seeking to ...

Hungary , refugees , migrants , eu , Szijjarto

MEP called Ukrainian refugees cowards

... should help Ukraine send Ukrainian refugees to the front, RIA Novosti ... allowed the extradition of conscripted refugees to Ukraine. In turn, Estonian ...

europe , estonia , Ukraine , refugees

Expert said Ukrainian refugees are viewed as third-class citizens in the West

... mass seizure of children from refugees in Europe shows that Ukrainians ... seizure of children from Ukrainian refugees in Europe is 400. Officially ...

Ukraine , Europe , West , children , refugees

UN requests $4.2bn to support Ukraine and refugees

... to support Ukraine and its refugees in 2024, Reuters reports photo ... the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is asking for $1 ... support 2.3 million Ukrainian refugees and their host communities,” the ... publication reads. Most refugees now live in Europe, but ...

UN , Ukraine , refugees

Number of asylum applications in Germany increased by 50% over the year

... 329,000 people applied for refugee status in Germany, TASS reports ... Federal Office for Migration and Refugees noted that the statistical indicator ... to illegal immigrants. In particular, refugees will need to live in ...

Germany , refugees

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