UN to cut refugee rations due to food crisis

... size of food rations for refugees – as reported by TASS with ... .com It is informed that refugee rations are planned to be ... to cut food rations for refugees who rely on us for ... . Based on the UN estimates, refugees from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan ...

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UNHCR: number of people forced to flee wars and violence increased by 8% in 2021

... United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), TASS reports Photo: www ... , there were 27.1 million refugees in the world, 4.6 ... and Germany hosted the most refugees in 2021.

UNHCR , refugees

Poles will no longer be paid for supporting Ukrainian refugees

... compensation to citizens who hosted refugees from Ukraine, thus encouraging Ukrainians ... is intended to encourage Ukrainian refugees to be more independent.

Poland , Ukraine , refugees

Ukrainian Ambassador criticised Germany for lack of hospitality towards Ukrainians

... Melnyk stressed that many Ukrainian refugees prefer not to stay in ...

Ukraine , Germany , refugees

Belarus’ State Border Committee: Latvian security forces give psychotropics to refugees

... forces give psychotropic substances to refugees On June 7 th , Belarusian ... border security zone. The Afghani refugees said that Latvian security forces ... substance – Tramadol – were found. The refugees claimed the drug had been ... believes giving psychotropic substances to refugees can become a dangerous trend ...

refugees , state border committee , latvia

About 60% of refugees have already returned to Ukraine

About 4.8 million Ukrainian refugees (about 60 percent) who left ... statistics, about 80 percent of refugees return home after the end ...

Ukraine , refugees

Kiva: migrants from Ukraine and Eastern countries will start a war in Europe

... Kiva noted that alongside Ukrainian refugees, members of the organised crime ...

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Results of refugees’ stay at Bruzgi summed up

Summing up and analysing the experience gained in providing assistance to migrants in the logistics centre on the Belarusian-Polish border was the main goal of the round table discussion, held in Grodno “The most important thing is not only to identify our strong sides: how well we worked and what we did, but also to pay attention to the weaknesses,” noted the Secretary General of the Belarus Red Cross, Dmitry Shevtsov, describing the tasks facing the participants of the event. “And they ...

Red Cross , migrants , refugees

Poles afraid of hunger and appearance of homeless people due to influx of Ukrainian refugees

Poland has accepted millions of refugees from Ukraine, but there are ... deal with the resettlement of refugees while the Open Dialogue itself ... of Poland, who sheltered Ukrainian refugees, are already turning to them ... , the Open Dialogue noted that refugees are held in temporary camps ...

Poland , Ukraine , refugees

Red Cross and Belarus’ Foreign Ministry help Lebanese-Syrian refugees reunite

... . A family of Lebanese-Syrian refugees Otkhman has been separated for ...

refugees , foreign ministry , belarus , germany

Germany needs thousands of Ukrainian refugees, why

... tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. The sums – published by the ... is to use migrants and refugees to replace its very rapidly ... because – if there are no refugees and migrants in Germany – then ...

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Belarus’ Investigative Committee rendered humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine

... have collected humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine Vitaly Utkin / Photo ... will be sent to Ukrainian refugees in the near future. Investigators ... association, “They joined in helping refugees together with all Belarusian people ...

Investigative Committee , refugees , Ukraine

Lithuania continues to bring refugees to Belarusian border

... not stop trying to bring refugees to the border and drive ... of transportation and displacement of refugees from the territory of Lithuania ... , it has become known of refugees’ inhuman or degrading treatment in ... practice to transport and throw refugees out to the territory of ...

lithuania , refugees , border

Lithuanian border guards forced out four refugees to Belarusian territory

... practice of bringing and pushing refugees to the territory of Belarus ... again organised the transportation of refugees from the depths of their ...

Lithuania , refugees , border

Belarus is not indifferent to people’s fates

... Markelov shared his view on refugees from Ukraine – saying that Belarus ...

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From bad to worse

... not able to protect Ukrainian refugees from criminal threats. Children ... this week that young, defenceless refugee women, often with small ... noticed criminal elements near the refugee reception centres, wishing to ... averting the danger threatening the refugees. When individuals offer to ... , because the status of refugees with non-Ukrainian citizenship in ... to refrain from discriminating against refugees from Ukraine. Just walk ... an idyllic attitude towards Ukrainian refugees, a phase of disappointment ...

Ukraine , refugees , migrants , crisis

409 refugees from the Middle East stay at Bruzgi logistics hub

... the assistance provided to the refugees who are accommodated in the ...

Red Cross , Shevtsov , refugees

Belarus’ trade unions provide necessary aid to Ukrainian refugees

... trade unions for about 80 refugees from Ukraine on the premises ... see that many of the refugees who have arrived have acute ... also being studied to accommodate refugees at some other facilities which ...

Ukraine , refugees

Refugees get assistance

... venue for Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. Refugees from Ukraine reached the sanatorium ... register all comers. Among the refugees, there are many old people ... by the Ukrainian authorities, or refugees from the Middle East heading ... increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine and the penetration ...

Belarus , Ukraine , military conflict , refugees , aid

Germany asked Poland to stop sending trains with Ukrainian refugees

... to stop sending trains with refugees from Ukraine – as stated by ... and continue to accept Ukrainian refugees. Based on the latest information ...

Ukraine , refugees , germany

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