Belarusian border guards recorded 15 deaths of migrants in 2023

... women and children among the migrants who want to get to ...

State Border Committee , migrants

Media: 10,000 migrants cross US border daily

... of US President Donald Trump, migrants consider they can now cross ... the border unhindered. "They [migrants] are misinformed. They believe that ... shelter, said. One of the migrants, in turn, stressed that no ... ; According to the new rule, migrants arriving in the United States ...

usa , migrants

Opinion: EU illegal migration may increase by 50% in 2023 compared to last year

... towards tens of thousands of migrants in the Old World is ... means that the risks for migrants to die due to unfavourable ...

eu , migrants , petrovsky , opinion

Italy declares state of emergency as migrant numbers surge

... cope with a surge in migrants arriving on the country’s ... early 2023, some 31,000 migrants, either rescued by Italian military ... years. The biggest number of migrants arriving so far this year ...

Italy , migrants

State Border Committee: number of illegal migration organisers in Poland is growing, Ukrainians and Georgians dominate

The number of illegal migration organisers is growing in Poland, and Ukrainians and Georgians dominate, Belarus’ State Border Committee reports in its Telegram channel Since early 2023, Polish border guards have detained 122 people who were engaged in transporting foreigners across the border with Belarus and Lithuania. In 2022, there were 546 so-called couriers, including 231 Ukrainians, 61 Georgians and 51 Poles. In 2021, there were 355 of them. At the same time, the Polish Border Guard ...

State Border Committee , poland , migrants

UNICEF: 25,000+ people died trying to cross the Mediterranean since 2014

... the main landing points for migrants trying to enter Europe by ... February 26th, a ship carrying migrants from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan ...

UNICEF , migrants

European fences at the border led to adaptation of migration route and increase in the number of smugglers

European border barriers did not stop the migratory route – as is evidenced by statistics from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the State Border Committee of Belarus reports in its Telegram channel According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, the number of refugees detained at the Lithuanian border during 2022 has not changed, despite the barrier. Latvia informed about the increase in the facts of detention of refugees by 40 percent. On the Polish-Belarusian border, the number of identified ...

State Border Committee , Poland , Latvia , Lithuania , migrants

Record number of migrants arrived in UK across English Channel in 2022

... , a record 45.7 thousand migrants arrived in the UK by ... informed, a record number of migrants arrived in Britain across the ... than 13.5 thousand illegal migrants crossed the English Channel to ... 7m Pounds a day on migrants’ accommodation in hotels.

uk , migrants

Expert explains why Europe is forcing refugees and migrants out to Poland

... begun to actively send illegal migrants back to Poland. These are ... pursuing such a policy towards migrants and refugees, “We understand that ... apply a soft policy towards migrants. By hook or by crook ... get rid of refugees and migrants by sending them to Poland ... anything good for refugees and migrants. Moreover, here is another important ... of the Slavic world – primarily, migrants from the post-Soviet space ... are no enemies. Refugees and migrants are their enemies now.”

eu , poland , migrants , refugees

UK plans to accommodate migrants on disabled cruise ships

... considering the possibility of accommodating migrants on disabled cruise ships and ... Pounds a day to accommodate migrants in hotels. The United Kingdom ... ‘thousands of new beds’ for migrants – using both old resources and ...

uk , migrants

UN Special Rapporteur thanked Belarusian authorities for their openness

... on the Human Rights of Migrants, Felipe Gonzalez Morales, thanked the ... centre at the disposal of migrants, which helped to save them ...

un , migrants

Texas governor blames Biden over migrants found dead

... that more than 40 illegal migrants, whose bodies were found in ... found dead inside truck carrying migrants in Texas. These deaths are ... to US media, 46 illegal migrants were found dead inside an ...

US , Biden , migrants

Results of refugees’ stay at Bruzgi summed up

... gained in providing assistance to migrants in the logistics centre on ... amount of work related to migrants. If we talk about what ... about four months of the migrants’ stay at the border, more ...

Red Cross , migrants , refugees

From bad to worse

The authorities of the EU countries are not able to protect Ukrainian refugees from criminal threats. Children bear the biggest brunt. The number of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war to different countries of the world has exceeded 3 million. Belarus continues to accept the unfortunate people, providing them with all kinds of assistance and support. In addition to the desire to help, there is an obvious criminal aspect to disadvantaged people in other states. Large criminal structures and ...

Ukraine , refugees , migrants , crisis

Situation with illegal migrants is under control

"The situation with illegal migrants is under full control. I ... “There are attempts to force migrants out from the EU into ...

migrants , kubrakov

State Border Committee comments on Poland’s fakes

... the Polish Police, is sending migrants to the Belarusian border. “We ... Polish side to take all migrants from the border line. The ...

border , poland , migrants

Illegally pushed back at the border

... pushback of a group of migrants camped out on its border ... on Poland to provide the migrants with shelter, food and water ... related to the detention of migrants in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland ... compared the current situation with migrants in Lithuania to that in ...


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