Trump blamed Biden for thousands illegal immigrants' crimes in US

... President Donald Trump believes that migrants who arrived in the country ...

US , Trump , Biden , migrants

Asylum seekers in EU reached 7-year high in 2023

... that stopping the flow of migrants into the EU is extremely ...

EU , migrants , border

Media: Frontex stated it’s impossible to stop migration

... guard said that stopping illegal migrants completely was not realistic. Last ...

migrants , eu , border

Musk disapproved of Biden administration's migration policy

... the red carpet’ for illegal migrants instead of securing the borders ... the red carpet!” [for illegal migrants], Musk said on his social ...


Trump said he would arrange largest deportation in US history if elected President

... are currently millions of illegal migrants in the United States, which ...

trump , Biden , usa , migrants

Hungarian FM: Brussels not able to fight illegal migration on its own

... . "The EU is pushing migrants to come to us, not ... difference between refugees and economic migrants seeking to enter the European ...

Hungary , refugees , migrants , eu , Szijjarto

NYT former correspondent: illegal immigration to US creates problems for ordinary Americans

... that the number of illegal migrants who entered the United States ... , 2023, the number of illegal migrants exceeded 785 thousand people, which ...

usa , migrants

Musk’s gloomy forecast regarding illegal migrants in US: they would be soon settled in Americans’ homes

... soon begin to settle illegal migrants directly into the homes of ... and Florida began to send migrants – who illegally crossed the border ...

us , musk , migrants

Political scientist accuses US Democrats of trying to maintain power with the help of migrants

... , with the largest number of migrants coming from Venezuela, and the ... power indefinitely. Today’s illegal migrants will mostly become citizens. Many ... difficulties because of migrants. “Democrats cannot accept more migrants from Latin America ... significant part of Latin American migrants,” noted the political scientist.

US , Democrats , republicans , migrants , politics

Hungary and Slovakia reject any EU migrant quotas

... quotas for the distribution of migrants in EU member stated, TASS ...

Hungary , Slovakia , migrants , EU

Australia keen to halve intake of migrants and tighten rules for issuing student visas

... reduction in the influx of migrants into the country over the ...

Australia , migrants , students

In 2023, irregular border crossing into EU reached its highest level since 2016

Over eleven months of 2023, the number of irregular border crossings reached its highest level since 2016, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com According to data published on the website of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), over eleven months of 2023, the number of irregular border crossings totalled 355,300 – 17 percent up against the previous year. The number of arrivals in November jumped over 500 percent compared to the same month of last year to nearly 4 700. he ...

EU , migrants

UK to tighten visa conditions to reduce net migration

... to reduce the number of migrants arriving legally and increase the ... month. Moreover, most of the migrants no longer come from the ...

UK , migrants , visas

Belskaya: Belarus provides all necessary support to forced migrants and refugees from Ukraine

... safety and dignity of all migrants, in accordance with international law ... to territory or forcibly expelling migrants. Manifestations of racism and xenophobia ... against migrants must be completely unacceptable. Belarus ... a significant number of forced migrants and refugees from Ukraine, providing ... at reducing bureaucratic barriers to migrants’ access to the national labour ... shortages and attracting qualified labour migrants to specific sectors of the ...

Belskaya , Belarus , UN , IOM , refugees , migrants

Albania to host no more than 3,000 migrants under deal with Italy

... a non-EU country accepting migrants on behalf of the EU ... that the total number of migrants staying simultaneously on the territory ... at reducing the number of migrants arriving by sea in Italy ...

Italy , Albania , migrants

Slovak PM: additional forces will be sent to border with Hungary because of illegal immigrants

... . In Slovakia, the situation with migrants worsened significantly in September. The ...

slovakia , hungary , migrants

State Border Committee: a refugee in serious condition found on border with Latvia, she later died

... replenish the ‘border cemetery’ of migrants with new bodies: border guards ...

state border committee , migrants , latvia

Scholz announced plans of German authorities to deport illegal migrants on large scale

To reduce illegal migration, the German authorities can deport those who do not have the right to stay in Germany – as stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com Mr. Scholz believes it is possible to limit illegal migration with the help of comprehensive measures, “And I have not ever mentioned one important measure: we must finally deport on a large scale those who have no right to stay in Germany.” The German Chancellor recalled that the country had already ...

Scholz , germany , migrants

MP: weapons pumped into Ukraine may entail decade-long problems for Europe

... for this), then millions of migrants will end up in Europe ... current mission is to accept migrants, fulfil the whims of the ...

gaidukevich , europe , migrants , weapons , opinion

Shved at meeting with Defence Ministry’s leadership spoke about crimes against civilian refugees at border

... treaties – systematically illegally deport foreign migrants trying to travel to EU ... and Lithuanian border guards beat migrants, torture with electric shockers and ...

Prosecutor General’s Office , Belarus , Shved , migrants

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