Posted: 01.03.2024 11:07:49

Trump blamed Biden for thousands illegal immigrants' crimes in US

Former US President Donald Trump believes that migrants who arrived in the country committed thousands of crimes in 2023, and his opponent in the election race and the current head of state, Joe Biden, is guilty of them, RIA Novosti reports


“Last year, almost half of all arrested illegal criminals were accused of 33 thousand assaults, 3 thousand robberies, 6.9 thousand burglaries and 7.5 thousand weapons offences. These are all migrant crimes, including 4.3 thousand sex crimes, 600 kidnappings and 1.7 thousand homicides,” Republican Trump stated during his speech in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas.  

Then Donald Trump added that a new kind of crime had appeared in the United States, so-called, ‘Biden migrant crimes’. 

“They come from prisons, from mental institutions; this is a Biden invasion over the past three years. He is corrupt, the worst president and probably the most incompetent. He allows thousands and thousands of people to come here from China, Yemen, the Congo, Syria and other countries, many of which are not very friendly towards us. There are whole columns of men at the age when they can take part in combat, you look at them and see warriors,” Donald Trump added.

Trump predicts that the number of illegal immigrants could reach 15–18m by the end of the current term of Biden's presidency.

“People arrive, thinking they will receive medical care. But they [US authorities] don't take care of our soldiers, our veterans, but they take care of illegal immigrants,” the politician was outraged.

Earlier, Trump promised to deport a huge number of illegals if he won the presidential race.

Trump and Biden visited the southern border of the United States on February 29th. It is known that the distance between the politicians was about 500 kilometres.